Blast it! I am OVERWEIGHT!

I did some math this evening and found out my BMI (body mass index) was 26.6. Meaning I am beyond 25, the optimum number, and also MEANING that I am fat! 
My weight for the time being is 72 kg and I should reduce it to 65 to get out of the overweight realm.
But this will prove to be very hard.... I love to eat, not excessively of course.
And nowadays, I go out almost every night to see my friends and the main activity we indulge would be eating...
I hate exercising.... I hate heavy lifting.
Oh the dilemma.

I'll try to cut my food intake from this day on.
I'll try to go out for drinks ONLY, and no food.
I'll try to eat at home first before going out or be tempted to eat a lot more outside.
I'll try to eat less high calories food (goodbye oxtail soup, pizza, chicken wings etc)
I'll put the dreaded weight on my ankles tomorrow for the extra workout during walking (used to wear them everywhere but decided they were a fuss to take off) 
I'll try to take less sugar.
I'll try to get my new love to join me in this crazy adventure. 

The key word here is 'I'll try'  :D

Wish me luck, you lucky and skinny buggers!

FYI - Once, a long long time ago, I was 85 kg. :angel

Revenge of the Idiots

I've just returned from school, where we had a short course on health management. But I am not going to talk about the things we did in the school gym, which were many and so festive, it seemed like a small fun fair, complete with blaring pop music (Yes, we teachers do know how to have fun in the absence of students).

It all started when a fellow teacher noticed some scratch marks on the side door of her friend's new car. In big scrawny letters, somebody scratched 'babi' on both doors on the left side of the blue Suzuki Swift. ('Babi' means pig) The female teacher who owns the car didn't realized this, until she was notified by the friend who saw the scratches as she parked next to her this morning at school.

Vandalism... I never vandalize anything when I was in school (though I've stolen great many items from the library, laboratory, and even from the lockers). Vandalism is the lowest form of debauchery for me, destroying public and personal belongings who never did you harm. A cowardly act.

The victimized teacher wasn't a bad lady, she is among those who really cares about students in school. Maybe she caned a few students these couple of weeks, but with valid reasons, unlike me who ENJOYS inflicting pain without much excuse. As friends, we teachers feel sorry for her and if we ever got the culprit... he has much to pay. 

Why must we hurt those who try to improve our lives? If you go to school without books EVERYDAY, was it wrong for the teacher to scold you? If you behave unbelievably naughty in class, did you think the teacher enjoy screaming at you? If you dressed shabbily in school uniform, was it proper for the teacher just to let you be? Clueless, impolite and arrogant, I sum these up about the youths today.

I BLAME the parents. Most never care much, as long as their children arrived safe and back school. They were blinded by work and rarely ask their children about school, totally trusting the evil midgets.

I believe some of my blog readers are parents, and from your own blogs, your children are behaving well and successful. I congratulate you on a hard job done well. Education begins at home, I read this and believe it so. Please don't leave everything up to the teachers in school. We are humans too (or in my case draconian :D)

The moral of this story; ALWAYS park your car INSIDE the house compound, especially at night. 

My 1st Baby Post (not mine!)

Look at my youngest nephew! He's brand new, only a month old and already had the yellow fever for the first two weeks after birth. His name is.... name is.... wait up will you.... (rushing to find Mom @ Grandma)

Oh ok, his name is Dzhia Aidan Muhamad, the 1st two names are totally not common, my sister's notion to make her children stand out of the crowd. Dzhia is a girl's name, I think.

Anyway, he is not old enough for me to carry around. So I did my best with all of babies his age - poking his belly with my finger and rocking his cot to make him stay awake. Uncle Ramzu is bad. Very bad. But I never try to do any evil influence over little babies :D

Let the cuteness overwhelm you!

I Refused To Do The Eid Blog Entry Because I Am Ill

Yes, I was and am still sick. There is this constant storm inside my head and I am coughing like a choo-choo train non stop these past few weeks. (please, say nothing about medicine or cough syrups)

So my Eid was irreplaceably ruined, but I felt nothing much. Visitors and relatives came and went. Lots of food and drinks were consumed, ya da ya da. That's what the Eid is for; a great time to meet relatives, forgive and forget, the mushy stuff, and most of the times the kids got some money out of everybody.

And I spent the entire time in my room, sleeping - it's hard to keep the storm at bay.   

Anyway, it's the 6th day of the Eid, school had started yesterday and only 49% of the students showed up. It's rather ok with me as nobody was in teaching / studying mood right after the Eid and I spent my time in class talking about the gruesome murders of the cosmetic millionaire and her three buddies a few days before the Eid. She and three other men were beaten to death, burned and then the ashes and bones thrown into a nearby river to destroy the evidence. It's all about greed and a lot of money here.... Tell me if you want to know more.

Anyway I had a couple of salmon blocks for lunch today. I bought from Tesco and before putting them into the oven, I smeared some mustard with honey and herbs and wrapped them up in aluminium foil. I prefer to to this with fish as the product will be the equivalent of a steamed dish. 20 minutes later in 180 degrees Celcius, with some Chinese fish soy sauce - it was a delight. I will do this more often :D

I went to visit my aunt, my mom's youngest sister a couple of hours ago. She is ill and currently cannot continue her work in the hospital as a staff nurse. We chatted a bit but most of the time we talked about a certain relative she wouldn't want to meet, even during the Eid. When an older relative decided to disown someone, she must have been a very very bad girl. In fact, she is and I also wouldn't want the same girl to visit my mom, her older aunt. But the damage was done, the disgraceful young female attended my house when I was out and about. Enough about that already...

On my way back, I stopped at a dvd shop and bought a dvd. 'Bathory'.... oi, wasn't Elizabeth Bathory the evil  noblewoman who drank and bathed in blood of virgins way back in old Europe? As I was pondering this, I hear a loud honking from the street behind me. A car was going AGAINST the one way traffic and was clearly rude about it. I heard the driver cussing and swearing at the rest of the drivers who tried to make way for him. I said it aloud in the middle of the dvd shop; "Stupid and arrogant. I wish you are dead."

The rest of patrons glanced at me and continued browsing.

I wish people would care a lot more....

I am looking forward to see a lot of blood in bathtubs tonight :v Or is it bathtubs of blood? :angel  

Me and My Blings :)

I love shiny stuff. Even as a kid, I loved to keep flashy cards and shiny wrappers, put them into a shoe-box for later observation. Pack rat? Hoarding dragon? I'll go for the second title :)

Once upon a time, I bought a platinum plated choker and wore it everyday. I never took it off. My late father, who was a real old-school guy was visibly unhappy with this as he believed that necklaces were for girls, not boys. But I continued wearing the shiny ornament, watching his discomfort, and and thanking people who complimented on my choker's 'shiny-ness'.

But one day, my father asked me to sit in front of him and asked me to take the choker off. I was waiting for the moment for a very long time, wondering when he was going to stop this evil son of his. I took it off without a fuss and put the choker in a box.

The thing rusted within a week. I am not superstitious, as I believe the oils from my skin had maintained the metal from corrosion.

After my father death, I began to wear an assortment of metals and crystals. I love stainless steel ornaments as they are easy to clean and will never rust. I am wearing a steel choker now (to my mom's chagrin), the more expensive one of course.

Silver does not go well with my skin as it tarnish in a few hours upon contact. I am the living example that the connection of silver and evil creatures is no exaggeration. :D

No gold because muslim men are forbidden to wear gold ornaments. I don't like the colour yellow anyway.

I have my favourite metal choker. And I think I had enough crystal bangles and rings for now. But I can never know if what flashy item will catch my eyes next.  :)


Do I Make You Happy?

Do I make you happy?
Yes you do.
Why you look angry? Are You angry?
I always look like this. And I told you if I am angry, I'd tell.
Let's go elsewhere, it's boring here.
But I like it here.
Ok..... but I'm bored.
Here's my hand, now massage it.
Oww! It hurts. Careful, will you.
? But I AM doing this properly. You are the one with the tighten nerves.
Oh ok, go on.
What shall we do tomorrow?
Don't know. No plans.
Let's make up some.
Ok, what you wanna do?
I want to go to the beach. We can have dinner there.
We will see.
It's ok if you are busy.
Do I make you happy?
Shut up, you talk too much. :D

Viva The Storm Riders

The comic series was created in 1989, but I only got to read the first translated issue in 1993. I fell in love with the characters and never failed to get every single issue (this week no. 561) which is published every two weeks.
The series are mostly about these two warriors; Nie Feng (Whispering Wind) and his brother-in-arm Bu Jing Yun (Striding Cloud). 
Nie Feng is the goodie-two-shoe of the two. But unfortunately he had inherited madness from his late daddy. So once in a while he went crazy and murdered a lot of people. Shows that sometimes a good guy also needs to blow some steam...
And this is one iconic pose EVERY Storm Riders fan recognize. This was when Striding Cloud went emo after winning the 'Ultimate Sword' from the Grave of Swords Clan.
  And here's the Mighty Trio. Nie Feng, Cloud Strider and their recent teacher Wu Ming (No Name).
Here's a shot from an older issue. Wu Ming is creating a swords hurricane to decimate the bad guy in the middle. Now this is the stuff of fantasy :)

I've read a lot of action comics, but I always turn back to the Storm Riders. If you notice the pictures above, they are all hand-drawn by the same guy (Ma Win Shing) and WATER COLOURED! Now that's what I call dedication, even after years and hundreds of issues later.

Take that Marvel!!

Want Equals Need (Usually in My Case)

I was walking with my friend around the huge bus terminal, Melaka Central when I told him that I wanted to buy a new back pack.
"Do you really need one?" He had seen my backpack at the backseat of my car. It was still in pristine condition, although I had it for almost 5 years. I am a very careful person when it comes to personal belongings (except my car, I do not know why this was an exception).
"I want one," enough said.

We went into some shops and stalls for the perfect back-pack. I got my eyes on a couple of black shoulder bags, but I already have two leather ones (also in very good condition). My want for a new back pack was eroded as the hour plodded by, until we reach our last stop - a sports outlet.

Usually I avoid going into one, as I don't do sports and they normally have none of the things that I like - PSP games, construction boots, toys etc. But this one do sell bags and I saw some interesting patterns on those bags - which were too hip for someone old like me :brow

And I fell in love with a white back pack on display....
"Eh, don't you normally buy stuff in dark or black colour?" my friend interjected when I expressed my desire.
"That's the point. I have so many black stuff, it's so gloomy to be me. Now the inner me wants something in contrast for a start."
"Up to you, your money anyway." And I bought it. :O

I don't really need it. But I know if I didn't buy it then, I'd return back a few days later to get it.

And then my friend returned back to his hometown by express bus, some 500 km to the south for the coming Eid celebration (next Friday). I will blog about it soon enough :h
   Lookie at my Eid's new bag! This is actually a bag for badminton players, but the voices in me head told me to get it! (help me)

p.s The letterings are in bright red. My phone camera makes them dull.
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