Melaka; City and State 1

Go get an atlas, GoogleEarth whatever. Seek out the Straits of Malacca... It is between the Peninsular of Malaysia and the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Wow, Malacca should be a huge influence to have its name all over the waterway. But unfortunately that was hundreds of years ago. It is now only a small state by the West coast of the Peninsular. *sigh*

Oh ok, I don't do historical talk much. In fact I hate History in school because it was such a boring subject (a thousand apologies to my History teachers, where ever you are). I found this picture in my camera, which a friend snapped last October. It is a place I visited at least once a month. The Dataran Pahlawan Mall (literally means Warrior's Square Mall).

See the row of short and brown shopping outlets? They are actually lower than the street level, by half, I think. And get this, ABOVE the mall, there used to be a football field. The field is still retained because it is the first place the Date of the Malaysian Independence (31st August 1957) was first declared. 

The Malaccan Municipal had cobbled streets all over the major tourists spots. I think it's rather pretty, and you cannot DRIVE FAST ENOUGH on such uneven surface :)

Look at that unsightly huge, concrete and steel needle on the left of the background. That's Taming Sari Tower. The red doughnut thingy around it can go up and down, bringing hundreds of people to watch the city from above. It's one of the new major attraction here, other than the Eye on Malacca (a smaller version of the London's Eye). I've never been on both.

Oh lookie! See the Golden Arches? That's the second 24 hours McDonald's we have here. My friends and I occupy the place whenever it is not too crowded.

Hate the burgers. But love the fries and apple pies. Yummy. 


My Very Own Carpet Sharks :)

Look at my pair of ferrets. Be jealous / happy / disgusted / warm-inside / bewildered (chose your appropriate feeling, depending on your disposition).

The ferret on the left is Disco. And the smaller, yet older ferret is Kaos. Kaos is almost a year old, and Disco is younger by three months. Disco is a lot bigger because he's a glutton!

Both are males and neutered. I prefer my ferrets huge. Females (also called jills or sprites) are so small, yet cute. But I love bigger ferrets (males) as their bulky bodies make them look like cats.

Major chick (and kiddies) magnets :)


Bad Seed and Illegitimate Child

My mom eldest (and now only living) brother and his wife visited us a few hours ago. They made themselves comfortable in the living hall, and as a dutiful son, I had to make an appearance and involve myself in ' the family talk'.

It seemed that the son and daughter of my mom's late younger sister was at 'it' again. Their father died a couple of years ago and my aunt cared for the girl, while the boy stayed with his half-sister.

FYI, this particular female cousin of mine had delivered a baby out of wedlock 6 months ago. (Baby was given away to a family far far away, the address even torn apart). And her brother is a suspected drug addict.

My uncle and aunt told us that the girl was going wild yet again, like she never regretted her bad deeds before. My aunt said she was tired of her lies and one day she'll throw the girl out of the house for good. I applauded her decision, and added that she must thrash the girl properly soon. I just hate ingrates. Especially orphans.

The last time I met my evil male cousin was two years ago, when he stayed with us for a month. At the same time, I also had my adopted son (one ex-student of mine) living with us, and both of them were of the same age. It greatly stressed me to see them together because I did not wish this particular cousin to poison my son trusting mind.

I slapped my son twice to remind him that some of the things my cousin implanted in his head were rather bad for the soul. (I should know, I am bad to the bone too. But I do not wish to see someone I love fall because of it).

My late aunt (the evil duo's mother) was one of the nicest women I ever met. Polite, soft spoken, shy and tidy. Unfortunately her children were the exact opposite. I blame their late father. He was not known as a good man and had many despicable tendencies which I will not mention here.

To me, my cousins are a lost cause. They will not heed advice and will continue their nefarious lives as they see fit.

So I told my mom, aunt and uncle that opinion - cut them loose when they make trouble again. We do not need such people in the family.

And then I continue to the kitchen and make french fries - yummy!

p.s. - I even had a wager with my youngest brother that the b*tch shall be pregnant yet again, come 2010, of course out of wedlock (again).


Family Moments

This is a picture of my mother and her two grandchildren, during my cousin's wedding function sometime ago. The boy with the sunglasses is my nephew Dzarif and the girl in the middle is his older sister, Dzara.

My youngest brother put on the sunglasses and Dzarif was really enjoying the attention from relatives.

Please note that the boy is slightly fairer than his sister. Even their mother, my sister is a bit darker than the rest of the siblings. Viva genetics!


It's Raining Water. What do you expect?

So much water... So cold.. I love it.

Today, it rains all day long. Everything is wet and the weather is cold. I LIKE IT!

I attended two wedding ceremonies this afternoon (in the rain). There were huge puddles of dirty water everywhere and of course, it never stop raining. I walked in the heavy drizzle without an umbrella, with my miserable and very wet cousin in tow.

I love rainy days, so I do not see the sense of umbrellas. Unless it's very hot in the afternoon sun.

And I NEVER got a fever even after a full drench. I always wonder why people got sick easily.


p.s. - In the end of 1980s and the early of 1990s, Sesame Street (the children tv series) had a short song about rain. It's called 'It's A Rainy Day.' I love that song still.


I Am So Sorry I Woke You Up - NOT!!

Am I too loud for you? Go ride a bicycle then!!

To celebrate the months of not touching a game console, I played one of my fav Playstation 3 games - Burnout Paradise. It's all about racing, stunt, destruction and crazy driving around the virtual Paradise City. Oh and with the soundtracks of alternative, hip-hop, techno whatever.

And of course I must plug in to my new home theater set...

The sound of screeching rubber, twisted metal grinding against asphalt and wholesale destruction was so real, very much like you are sitting on the tracks of a racing derby :)

My handicapped younger brother showed his sour face to me after my gaming session, he couldn't get any sleep. My youngest sister (the one with the HUGE radio) also commented how loud it was (that's a first from her). My mom complained that I have set up a cineplex in the middle of the house. I have not met the next door neighbours, they might want to add more.

I am just so happy my hobby TOUCHED people's life. (Evil laugh)   

UPDATE - I suddenly remembered my years living in the teacher quarters next to school years ago... I played my Playstation 2 every evening then, with the volume cranked high. The new principal asked around WHO was driving loudly with a lot of accidents near school.  Priceless :)


Life in Hi-Definition

My tv, home theater set and Playstation 3 (ignore the bookcase and assorted toys)

I bought a 32 inch Toshiba Regza flatscreen tv (RM 1 900) a year ago, so I could play my Playstation 3 with its highest graphic ability. Love the tv, very much the same par as all the LGs and Samsungs in the market. Sonys are so damn overpriced, even with the same specs.

My Playstation 3 malfunctioned a few months ago, that made me abandon gaming for a long while. I still have my dvds to entertain me (using my old Playstation 2 as the player).

And yesterday, the Philips Home Theater Set (RM 1 088) I ordered arrived in heavy rain, via a lorry. It took me 45 minutes to carefully study the manual and connecting the thing to my tv. I DO NOT watch my tv for the programmes. My tv set is in my little room, in the middle of the house, purely for gaming or movie dvds. (We have three other tv sets, the one in the living room has cable, another in the kitchen for my mom and the third, unused in the guest room).

Anyway, the sound system was phenomenal, literally quaking the metal grills on our windows. Fortunately, my younger sister who has a BIGGER (the thing is thrice the size of all my speakers combined) and more powerful hi-fi next room was not always around to retaliate. 

Erm.... I had derailed far from my original tale in mind.

I just found out that the hi-def cable supplied with the home theater set can also be used by my Playstation 3. I plugged the cable to the abandoned machine and.... ta dah, I can play again! The video output component on my game console was busted, and the hi-def cable remedied the problem. I think I'm back in the GAME, baby!! (Too bad my birthday had just passed, or I'll ask for new PS3 games instead).

Oh what fun it is to kill thousands everyday. Ho ho ho! 

Will you look at this JVC monstrosity in my younger sis room?! (It is BIGGER than it looks, mind). Girls should be forbidden by law to have bigger speakers than their brothers.


I Was Tagged by The Alien et !!


Erm... The Eternal Thinker @ et, awarded moi with these three awards. Mucho gracias.... And with those come two sets of questions.

Oh, Ok, I am running out of new ideas for my entries anyway.... 

The first tag : Tell 7 things about you, unknown to others

#1 I prefer duck, rather than chicken (for food, not pets, ok?)  

#2 I have a very sharp switchblade in my car glove compartment. Used mainly to puncture tyres and make scratches upon people's (who really deserve) cars. Ask me if you are interested to know who and why. 

#3 I am older (my birthday was last week) but I feel the same as always.  

#4 I love to sleep. I need at least 10 hours of sleeping daily.

#5 I love rainy days and very cold weather. The colder it gets, the happier I am.

#6 I have witnessed supernatural phenomenon before - but people just wont believe me.

#7 I have 14 watches. :)

Here's the second tag....

1.What is your current obsession?
Squeezing money and gifts from friends

2. What are you wearing today?
My boxers.

3. What’s for dinner?
Duck in coconut milk, rice and assorted veges.

4. What’s the last thing you bought?
Dvds. 'Pondorum' and 'the Perfect Getaway'. Both sucks.

5. What are you listening to right now?
Nothing. The sound of the fan whirring.

6. What do you think about the person who tagged you?
et. He's weird. I think he's part alien. Very creative though.

7. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?
Somewhere in the vast realms of my mind. It's more beautiful in there.  

8. What are your must-have pieces for summer? Do we have summer here?

9. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?

10. Which language do you want to learn?

11. What’s your favourite quote?
"I warned you about it."" I told you so."" Who? Me?"

12. Who do you want to meet right now?
Dr Mahathir Mohammad

13. What is your favourite colour?

14. What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own closet?
My jeans.

15. What are you going to do after this?

16. What inspires you?
My Bu :)

17. Give us three styling tips that always work for you:
Pretend you like it, Pretend you know it, And Make it happen.

18. Coffee or tea?
Tea person me.

19. What do you do when you are feeling low or terribly depressed?

20. Favorite Season?
We don't do seasons here.... but winter if you must.

21. If I come to your house now, what would u cook for me?
Depends on what I have in store, dude. :)

22. What is the right way to avoid people who purposefully hurt you?
Avoid them, forget their existence.  

23. What are you afraid of the most?
Failures and ............

24. What is the first thing you do once you've booted u'r system?
I pretend not to understand this question.

25. Black Cat or White Dog?
Black cat.

26. Where do you put ur private stuffs? Iron safe.

Rules for those who are tagged:
Respond and rework – answer these questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own, and add one more question to the list. Tag more people.

* * *
These awards and the tags NOW goes to...
- Aizan

- TechnoBabe

- Spencer L Casey

- Rock Chef

- Firhamzah

Happy Tagging! :)


I Karaoke-d Today. There.

I promised myself to NEVER acquaint myself with a karaoke machine. Karaoke had ruined many hours of sleep when I was stationed in the rural area - first reason. Second reason? People SLAUGHTERED perfectly good songs with their abysmal voices! Once I witnessed a girl with a stupendously bad voice singing Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" at a bar. It was both an EDUCATION and excruciating TORTURE. Never before I have heard the English language pronounced that bad and people were actually listening to that very very horrible karaoke session - with mouths agape, some with drinks halfway to the mouth the entire time and better still, a few left the place in a hurry!  

Anyway, my friend Apis, who was accompanying me this afternoon, has a beautiful voice and I decided to bring him to a Kbox Karaoke place to hear him sing. We selected five songs and he sang the first three wonderfully :)

But I cannot help myself to join the singing of the two later songs - because they were old songs that reminded me of my schooling years, 15 years ago. I do not have a voice like an angel, but we did rock the place. :) Truth be told, I enjoyed myself immensely.

p.s. - Apis had never heard of the Carpenters.... Young people today... 


Belated Birthday Party and Cold Cold Heart

We celebrated my birthday at Nani's house this afternoon. I arrived quite late and we started a fry-up; chicken nuggets, mini sausages and french fries. My cousin Pozi arrived later, bringing a large dish of baked curry-flavoured macaroni and some caramel cakes. He's VERY GOOD in cooking.

Aizan, a fellow blogger, bought a chocolate-cheese birthday cake for me. Well, this is the third birthday cake I got this week... well, I hope they keep on giving more :) I didn't wish for anything when cutting the cake because most of my wishes are rather private.

Anyway, the food was GOOD and the company was FUN too. We talked, we laughed, making vicious jabs at each other, stuff ourselves silly and there are a lot of leftovers. Nani and Aizan were joking when they said they want to bring the nuggets and fries while watching a movie later this evening. I thought the idea was fantastic anyway. Wish I got a larger handbag :)

Anyway, 4 hours later, as I was driving towards my aunt's house, I got into an accident. A motorbike hit the front right side of my car as I was turning right. Obviously the rider was too fast or didn't see my car's signal blinkers. He literally flew over the front hood, his motorbike made 2 somersaults before crashing by the road side.

Inhumanely, I was calm, only a bit irritated by this. I knew it was not my fault the stupid bugger hit me. I parked my car by the roadside, exited it, and calmly walked to the prone body by the roadside. I took him by the hand, and hauled him into a sitting position;

"Are you ok?"

The boy was still dizzy and fell on his back again. I shrugged and collected his stuff, which fell all over the place. Meanwhile, a car stopped and two Indian guys went to inspect the motorcycle (which was so weird, why they didn't even look at the boy first?) After stuffing the items into his bike basket, I talked to the boy again.

"Are you ok?" He said yes.

"Where do you live? Where are you from?" He is from Rembia (5 minutes away from my home) and just arrived from the capital city.

"Do you want me to call your parents?" No, he will call his mother himself. His father had passed away. And he is sorry because of the accident. But I can call the police if I want.

Apparently he realized it was indeed HIS fault.   

I just waved it all away and told the boy that I have things to attend to. Good luck and be careful next time. The size of the dent on my Kia is about a palm length. If it was a lesser car, the damage would be worse (viva Korean manufacturing quality!) Oh well. I left the crime scene.

I didn't feel bad for the boy. Emotionless. Just making sure he lives so I don't have to make a police report. How would you react?


Today is My 31st Birthday *sniff*

I was born on a Sunday evening, 31 years ago in the Malacca General Hospital. To be exact, I was born at 5.32 pm. And also a Sagittarian and (Chinese zodiac) an Earth Horse. For the internal balance of the soul, I am 65 % evil and one of the unknown accomplished actors the world have ever witnessed. There.

So I went to school this morning to look after some students who are sitting for their SPM exam, Physics papers today. I laughed at them, and told them it's rather too late - when they ask me for help. (see what I mean for evil teacher?) I told them it's my birthday today and just left. I will not see these children again next year, so let's move on with life shall we?

I fetch a friend from his house and then went window shopping in the city. Somebody promised me a metal choker for my birthday, but I want to see the item myself. 

NOTE TO ALL EVIL MINIONS; We, of negative persuasion, cannot wear silver. Silver easily tarnishes against our skin / scale / slime / ectoplasm etc. This is rather true in my case. I have many silver bangles when I first put them on, gleaming like pure souls... but after a couple of hours in contact with me, lost their sheen, and looked rather like cheap accessories. So wear STEEL instead. It's cool and shiny too. And a lot stronger than silver if you are thinking about heavy wear at work / battles etc. :)

And them my mom called up and asked me to buy her an accumulator @ car battery. Wot? Her car cannot start and as a dutiful son, I bought one for her - those maintenance free battery. I even set up the damn heavy new battery with the help of my amiable friend, Adi.

But the car still wouldn't start.... oh Hell.

Called up a mechanic to sort the problem and another friend, Pozi visited at 6.10 pm. He asked me and  Adi to have dinner near the beach, which was mighty fine with me.

Some 20 minutes later; we had lamb steak, fried kway teau, kebabs, grilled stuffs-i-don't-know, lychee drinks and chicken. The food was good and the company was fun. :)

Tomorrow, I have another friend who wanted to take me out for treats. :)  :)

And my low-key belated birthday party will be celebrated this Saturday evening at another friend's house. They'd be so much fried food on the planned menu the Cholesterol Police should pay a visit. :)

I am older, a bit wiser, but mostly unchanged. A bicarbonate of History. :)


Driving License Long AWOL

I had my license much later than my younger sister, mainly because of the different make of cars they use in the on-the-road test. (I learned driving a Nissan, but got a Proton Waja on my test). So I failed my first on-the-road test and aced at it a couple of years later, when I really had to get a license, or be cursed-to-walk-forever by my parents.

Anyway... this is rather embarrassing... I just found out last week that I've been zooming around the country WITHOUT a driving license for so long! Oh don't get me wrong, I am LEGALLY accepted to drive by the Department of Transport, my name and stuff they got keyed in the database. The problem was, I ACCIDENTALLY took my license slip (a pink card telling when my license is due) as the real thing, and put the REAL license (with my address, pic etc) elsewhere.

And it does not help if I only renew my license once in three years...

So that's why the cop asked me where my license was, when I showed him the pink slip... 

But all is remedied now. I got my new license yesterday (complete with an ugly recent mugshot of me) and made for it to be renewed next year. I might forget to renew it in three years... 


Rambling of A Bored Mind

It's the rainy season and it rained heavily everyday, not that I am complaining. I LOVE rainy days. It's cool and most people stay indoors, so the crime rate would be rather low.

I wanna go out. But I stopped myself from having too much fun on people's expense. It's hard to be a bad person who wanna be nice.

I am bored. But nothing new to stimulate me at home. And I do not watch tv, thank you very much. So I sleep all day long. Hope I don't gain weight.

Got a nightmare yesterday... of me conducting my own birthday party. And it ended up disastrous. My 31st birthday is next Thursday. So I asked my cousin to think up the details for the party. He's the better cook anyway.

I missed someone so much... so I made blueberry pancakes (from a mix) to take my mind off and stuffed myself with the crispy bits (purposely left the pancakes longer than necessary on the stove). I love the crispy bits. Pancakes at midnight, who'd think of that? 


FACEBOOK is NOT Our Friend.

Just returned back from the city where I spent RM 800 + on bills alone. I swear, the more we accumulate wealth, the more we have to spend to maintain it. *sigh* I wish I can trade my really LARGE car and ENORMOUS bungalow for smaller and function-able  versions, which should waste less money. Pay the loans.... like good government servants, we are.

Anywho (love this Australian slang) I was not about to bore you non-civil workers about the monthly ritual of feeding the loan-sharks... This afternoon, as I was about my business, I had the pleasure to meet one of my friends from the university years (that was like 9-10 years ago). She and her husband were shopping, with a couple of kids tagging along.

"Is that really you, Ramzu?"

"Erm?" (unfortunately I forgot her name, never been close to anyone made me forget names VERY easily).

"You don't really change much. You look the same as years ago!" (is this a compliment or an insult?)

After changing some pleasantries with her and her husband, we parted with me still forgetting her name. 

So... do I look like I was a 31 years old 10 years ago? Or I only look marginally older now? Facebook is a bane of life. I don't really use it, but many exes (ex-friends, ex-students, ex-lovers, ex-playmates etc) FOUND me and of course I SHOULD have the decency to add them as 'friends'. From there on, I got to have a few peeks at their lives, via photos and videos.

Time has not been kind to them - facially. They look so much older (and fatter!). Oh don't aim that SUPERFICIAL gun at me yet, people! Sometimes I am glad when people ask what skin cream I used, or where I permed my hair - because I never did use any or had my hair done (except by a barber. Saloons and barbershops are worlds away) VANITY ALERT! VANITY ALERT! People change. But I suspect, I never changed much from my younger years...

Still so bitter. So suspicious of people. So jealous of the victorious. So far from many. So cold to the touch. So.. sometimes, inhuman.

Oh well. I am an enigma even onto myself. Have a latest look at me. VANITY ALERT! VANITY ALERT!

p.s - the pic had to be altered a bit because I was not wearing a shirt. 90% of the time at home, I am shirtless. SO? Except when there's company of course.


Final Part - How I Was Kicked Out of Campus and Almost Made National News

So it has come to the final part of this tragic true story. And as my favourite author, Terry Pratchett would say "Read On."

So, this ex-friend of mine was a lost and confused soul. People shunned him, and he lost his status among peer. He was angry and he knew who engineered his fall from grace...

One evening (9.35 pm to be exact) as I was walking on the third floor of my dormitory, I spied Fezal, who was approaching from the other side. Deftly I stepped into the tv room to avoid meeting my nemesis, but I was not quickly enough. And the silence was abruptly broken.

"I saw you, you BASTARD!!! I'll KILL you!!" and many many more expletives I wont share here. 

 He charged into the tv room and I was forced to confront a literally foaming-at-the-mouth person. 

"Oh you do not wish to fight me. You'll get into deep trouble, ex-friend of mine."

"F*ck off!!! I had enough of you ruining my life and now I will bash in your face with my own hands!!!" (Yep, I had a pretty face then. Still do, ha ha ha).

I reminded him thrice about the no fighting rule, and then he attacked! His fist flew and as I sidestepped, it broke the glass window behind me. Oh well, I was no coward, to hell with the no fighting rule - and we had a really good fist fight. With proper destruction of nearby amenities (tables, chairs, more glass windows). Fezal was fighting for a lost cause and my mountainous anger for his deception propelled my fists.

Believe it or not I timed the duration of our fight (I looked at my watch before his initial attack). It was a non-stop EIGHT MINUTES of brawling. EIGHT MINUTES is a VERY LONG time if you are caught in a fight. And to make matter worse, the gawpers / bystanders / witnesses just let us slug it out without interfering! Yes, they just WATCH the whole thing without lifting a finger to stop us.

Maybe they were stunned by the first real fight they had ever seen in uni. Or they pondered how to separate two titans from tearing up each other. Oh I don't know.      

At last we were FINALLY separated by a security guard, who bodily shoved us apart. My crazed competitor was still screaming for blood, as I casually walked away to the nearby washroom to look at the toll in the mirror. 

There was BLOOD all over me!!! I panicked a bit because I never expected to lose (heh heh) but after careful inspection, it proved that the blood wasn't mine. Our stupid, enraged bull headed of an ex-friend had hurt his fist from the broken window and smeared his filthy blood upon me. And no, I had no puffy face or bruises at all. Built like a tank, I was. Really.

The same security guard came moments later, asking me to accompany him to the campus meeting room - where the Principal (yes, the head of our campus is a Principal. The Dean rules the Faculty) and many other administrators were hastily called upon from the comfort of their homes. Yes, I was so worried. Who wouldn't? I was so into the proverbial Thai-spicy HOT SOUP.

After waiting like some 15 minutes outside (cold sweating), the security guard allowed me to enter the meeting room. The Principal was there, his secretaries and many older guys and women I never knew their prominence in the university. The Principal (a rather kindly old man, a heart surgeon in fact) asked me to sit and tell them what exactly happened.

I told them what happened from the first time I met Fezal that night (9.30 pm). I never told them what made our demented friend so angry though. I also stressed that I TRIED to avoid fighting by reminding him THRICE of the rule. I was calm. I was proper. I was wonderful.

"Ha. You are so much different from the earlier boy we dragged in. He was yelling and screaming his head off, wanting to sue you and everyone in this room. And such language he used," the Principal said. The other members of the Board were stone faced.

The Principal then asked me to go outside and wait for their decision in this matter. It took them less than five minutes, maybe getting rid off troublesome graduates were so easy for them. Of that crazy guy Fezal, there was no sign of him. Maybe they took him to the nearest mental ward. I didn't care.

"This is the first recorded fight in many many years. So, it is with much sadness that we decided to expel both of you from this university." I had expected this decision. And I had something to say that would make them think SEVERAL times and regretting it.

"Oh REALLY? (smiling) Then, tomorrow I'll go to some news agency and tell them what happened tonight. I will also tell them what REALLY happened to my friend, who was guided astray by one of you. And you all know WHO and WHAT I mean. Do not think that I will just roll up and die. I will drag this university down." I didn't scream. I just say it clearly. Determined and very angry.

The WHOLE Board turned their collective eyes to one person who sat on the furthest right. They knew WHO and WHAT I mentioned about (read previous entry for info). The fellow warden (a sissy doctor I will not say the name here) was now like a cat upon a tin roof. He was watching me with pure hate earlier, from the moment I stepped in. EVERYBODY knew what they did. I was THAT good.     

My reply caused a stir. 

"You really wanted to do that?" the undersecretary asked, his face a worried tableau (I hated him, pompous little man).

"Yes. I have nothing to lose anyway. You want to kick me out. I just want to point to the whole country that even in a respected establishment like this, there are still maggots and irresponsible people." (meaning him, the secretary, the lazy bum). No time to be subtle. My future was at stake.

They asked me to step out for the SECOND time.

And then they told me that me and Fezal cannot continue to stay at campus, but we are ALLOWED to continue our study. Meaning, I have to stay outside during my final year.

Damn. At least I negotiated past my own academic destruction.

So I stayed with my aunt, some 20 km away from the faculty, going to classes by train and bus. Our anti-hero Fezal led a more interesting life. His lover, the warden doctor rented an apartment and they lived together. The doctor was asked to leave the campus too, being a bloody embarrassment to the university. But after a few months of living together, he ditched my ex-friend.

The last time I heard of Fezal a long time ago, he was on depressant medications. His life in shambles. 

And he was the only one who didn't graduate in our class.

The end. :) Hell, yeah. This IS A TRUE STORY.

p.s. - my parents never knew about this. I just told them the dormitories were full and I had to live outside.


1st part - How I Was Kicked Out From Campus And Almost Made National News

Only a few people in Malaysia (or the world) are aware of this, so this is really fun to tell :) Once upon a time when I attended the university I had a best friend named Fezal (not real name). We were close since our freshmen year and soon after became best friends. I told him everything, and vice versa. Some of the secrets I told him were VERY sensitive and can make a lot of people angry (I was born evil. So what? I was not interested in small bits idea).

One evening, some guys from a different course came up to me and we had a fistfight. Yep, THREE guys barged into my room and attacked me! Oh I didn't came up with much as a scratch because I was built like a tank back then (I pumped iron in my free time). They fled when they couldn't do a lot to hurt me (skinny kids they were). But the incidence made me so angry and worried.

Somebody leaked out a terrible secret (regarding those three).

Of course my best friend was the LAST person I expected to be the traitor. I realized this error when another friend pointed that Fezal couldn't be such an angel and he liked to TALK a lot (mostly to impress the girls). I confronted my so-called BFF and he was quiet when I accused him for being a snitch. He admitted being so with his silence. And his world and mine had collided in a very messy way right after that moment...

And he never apologized... so sure that I couldn't do a thing to harm him.

NERVE WAR. I could not hurt that SOB physically so I psycho-ed him. (The three guys I had a slug fest with had good reason to do so). I also have my ex-BFF dark secrets so I decided to SHARE the delicious ones with EVERYBODY. I was relentless, I poisoned everyone's heart against this particular enemy. And I was winning... (Some of his secrets were so dark I cannot put them here. Children might read this entry, ok?).

And our poor Fezal began to feel the pressure. Students pointed at him and talked behind his back. He started to come late to lectures and sat at the back, because there was I wreathed by my ADMIRERS at the front, giving the latest juicy news about one particular person. Silvertongue, me. I was exceedingly bitter with the betrayal and I returned the favour a hundred fold. 

I was evil, and I liked it.

Fezal began to miss class frequently and his friends had all drifted away.... People avoided him like the plague!  His only companion was a fellow warden who had a shine on him. OH OKAY!!! I will tell you one of his darkest secrets! My ex-best friend had a sexual relationship with the said warden and they were living together. Happy now?

In the second (and final) part, I will tell you what happened to that poor unfortunate soul (snigger...) and how I was told to leave the campus. But if you are not interested, it's ok.   


Get A Backbone!! Aren't We Vertebrates?!!

I just had the unfortunate luck to accidentally watch a few minutes of local drama on the tv this evening. There was this scene when a freshman was viciously bullied by a couple of senior students. No body contact, just a lot of abusive and degrading word exchange. The bullied boy just cringed and made pitiful faces at his tormentors.

I just had to shout this aloud (in front of my mom, who loves that muck of a programme) "SPINELESS FOOL!!!"

I remembered my first year in the university. We also had a tough orientation, but as a surprisingly 'different-minded' individual, those senior buffoons just gave me a wide berth. Nope, I wasn't so highly brilliant they were afraid to mock, I was just, oh you can say, very hard to intimidate.

Once in a late evening, the seniors called all freshmen to attend a meeting in the common room. It ended up being a waste of sleeping time, the bloody fools just wanted an audience for them to talk and ramble about non-specific things. And I had my fill, stood up and just left the place, returned back to my room and sleep. My idiot peers stayed and endured the torture until 4.00 in the morning.

The next day, a few seniors confronted me in the cafeteria, asking why I left so early. I just look at their faces and then made sweeping glances to their feet and back to the faces. Thrice. I said I was not that stupid to receive advice from average students. I am my own man. I do not need your help.

One of them tried to lunge at me. I just smiled and told him that I am aware that the campus had no fighting cases reported for a very very long time. He would do well to remember that, and I added a proverb in Malay (translated); "Before kicking a dog, look out for its master". (Meaning, before harming someone, you must be aware of his parents / guardians).  

I was left well alone after that. Infamous. Some of my friends said I was a fool to shun help from the seniors as they can provide notes of coming lectures and exams. I had help from the seniors all right, without them knowing. I befriended the Chinese students instead (they never bully each other) and got tonnes of notes from my new best friends. Que sera sera.

My university years were indeed colourful. Next time I might tell you people how I got kicked out of campus and almost made national news! :)  


The Few Days Before the Hols

Very hectic these few days I just don't believe myself to work SO authentically busy! (Because most of the time, I'd just let everything burn and just slip away to have fun elsewhere). This must be a very bad dream.

Anyway, I finished most of the paperworks (am very good with last minute 'creative' work. Creative meaning, spin finished workloads out of thin air. Fiction, geddit?). Filing is a chore, and I never seem to get a grip on it though it is always in my New Year's resolution. Oh OK, 'Get a grip on the filing system in Year 2010'.

Entertaining the receding number of students is not really difficult as the bad seeds are already gone, celebrating early school holiday. I just let them do whatever they want - play board games, read comics / books, talk etc. I just need to stand, walk and knuckle a few heads if they got rowdy or too noisy.  

Oh, and somebody told everybody that I will become the new Prefect teacher next year. At last, the time of the Sith has come, my apprentice.... Ops, wrong script!!

They will not know what will hit them next year. (Evil grin, pause, and then evil laugh. With 'Imperial March' as the soundtrack).


Shape Your Own Future 'Cause I Don't Even Care

Sometimes, all these years, I encountered a few students I just hate to see in class. These are the students who ALWAYS refuse to do what they are told. Students who dressed not according to school regulation. Students with high opinion of themselves (a.k.a. deluded). And the bane of them all - STUPID AND RUDE. (I can tolerate stupid students, but the combination of these qualities always make my hands itch to rip their hearts out).

So whenever I teach, I will always refuse to have eye contact with these sub-humans. Oh bo hoo hoo, you had a tough life at home and you came from a broken family... But that does not give you the right to make people's life difficult. There is no reason for you to bother other students who are really interested to learn. You ignored every piece of advice and you expect me to respect you?! Which confused universe you came from that provides special help to a thankless piece-of-turd like you?

I am writing this, a voice of a million teachers / educators around the planet who had the pleasure to meet such individuals.

I shall never pray for your success. I don't even want your thanks. I have the other 98-99% students who really need my help. I am human after all.

And for those who think that this is a very unprofessional entry by a teacher, please give me some advice to deal with these unsavory youngsters (who would never listen to you, and also treated you like dirt).

p.s. - very bad day with bad bad bad students. And yes people, I met many teachers in the psychiatric ward when I was posted there in 2000. People can end up mad if the anger was bottled up. Beware my fellow teachers, beware. 


Guess What Would I Do.

This is a real situation which happen less than 20 minutes ago...

I was returning back from visiting my cousin at his house in the country. The road to his village was winding and very narrow, only enough for one car to drive on.

So, as I was driving back from his house, my (very big) car encountered another car driving on the opposite way at a very sharp bend on that very narrow road. This car's owner, a gentleman I supposed, reversed his vehicle to a wider path behind him so I could drive past.

"Crack!" his rear bumper hit a concrete fence and broke one of the posts. What do you think I did?

A.  Drive past him quickly. "Sayonara sucker!"

B.  Stop and discuss with him how to pay the damage (of his rear bumper).

C.  Smile apologetic at his loss and slowly drive away.

D. Giggle, laugh and point at the poor bugger (and the broken post).

E.  Phone my cousin to settle the problem.

Now predict what really happened next. People who know me should guess correctly my proper way of conduct in this situation.  


Rest In Peace Rosy

Rosy during a molt a few months ago

My female Chilean Rose Tarantula died yesterday. She was in the middle of a molt, and I do not know what went wrong, but she never finished emerging from her old carapace. :`(

A tarantula spider is a great pet. It never made any noise, and never ask for your attention. You can forget to feed it for almost a month and it still lives (we hope). It prefers to be left alone in her box / container / terrarium etc. Bloody difficult and expensive to get one...

I shall miss you Rosy, you were a wonderful pet (and show piece). And I will not get another arachnid to replace you. :(  [I'll get a snake instead]

p.s. - I took Rosy's body and unceremoniously tossed it into my mom's fish pond in front of the house. The huge catfishs fought each other just to take a bite.    


My Second Run As MC

This is rather stale news. I was the MC for the school's end of the year dinner last Monday. 

They wanted the ceremony to be 'a bit informal'.

I did my research on the proper text, wrote my own script by referring to some fantastic materials I found on the net. Fitted in some golden pantoems and traditional poems for taste.

I was defying the order. I try to be as formal as I can.

During the ceremony, with my almost chocolaty voice, I performed rather well (this is not simply self appreciation, ok? I have a few listeners who said I did great). Even though there were a few disruptions, the dinner was a success. Everybody was happy and got presents each.

But no..... some people are never satisfied in peaceful times. SOMEBODY must tell people behind me that I wasn't following the exact protocol. That SOMEBODY had never got the nerve to tell it to my face. 

That particular SOMEBODY rejected to be MC in the first place, and when the job was thrusted upon me,  I just say, "ok". So you can imagine how disgusted I was with that bitch's nerve.

I did well by preparing the text formal-style, if I followed the feather-brained bitch to be informal, I'd end up being a laughing stock.

p.s. - I just said "I don't care what you think and next year she can MC" loudly so that particular someone can hear in school.


The Future Is In Your Own Hands

Tomorrow is the end of the exam week... and then we have another two weeks before the school holidays (Yippeee!)

I didn't like exams when I was a student. But I NEVER sleep in any like this student of mine did. He started sleeping on the first 25 minutes of the Mathematics paper. 

Do not judge me harshly by saying I was an irresponsible teacher for allowing students to sleep during exam. I DID warn him not to. Twice.

So what if he ignores me (the student is rather impolite and have a high opinion of himself), he is not my son anyway. As a teacher, IT IS my job pointing to the right path. But if some individuals are so keen to destroy their own future, I just let them be.

Youngsters nowadays are so stuck up with themselves. Some think fate will rearrange itself to accommodate them. I'd LOVE to see when that happen...

Betta Wars!! - You Ask For It Tenchi!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eat your heart out and look at my bi-colour metallic betta, Tenchi.
Special effects? Nope. The fish is in pristine freshwater, in a very 'zen'-like environment.
Somebody gave me this aquarium. I am definitely happy with it because it looks so classy.

This entry was prompted by Mr Tenchi who said through text-message to look at his new betta. I hope he cries tears of blood looking at the above pictures... :B

People Are So Tardy!!!

I am rarely late - and that is one of my very few sterling qualities. I'd scream, shout and even threatened people if they got in my way to an appointment. (My mom and sisters, unfortunately are always treated such, because they took s much time to prepare for a journey, when I am the appointed driver).

Once upon a time, I would be in place 15 minutes, nay, sometimes half an hour early to any engagement. Be it meeting friends, a movie show or just a shopping expedition; if Mr Shadow asked you to be there at 4.00 o'clock, you'd better be there on time (even admirably, earlier) or your status in his eyes will be knocked several pegs downwards. I lost MANY friends like this. So what? A friend who treated someone else's time like trash (and got the gall not apologizing when late) is not a good friend anyway.

But now.... *sigh* I am not that stupid to be SO EARLY, because 90%, I'd end up looking like a fool waiting for latecomers. What happened to punctuality? Like the many meetings in my school, when the appointed time to begin is 2.15 pm, people are still streaming in even after 20 minutes. If the teachers cannot arrive on time, what will happen to the students under them? What's the use of the watches on your wrists? I'd say, take it off and throw it into the nearby drain.

It ate me inside, when my students are late to class at the laboratory. From behind the tinted glass, I saw them moving slowly, joking and playing, deliberately wasting my time (and the government's who paid my salary). I always wonder vehemently; What the FUCK is wrong with youngsters today? They are so unbelievably dense, I told them so many times to be on time, so many times to clean up their class, so many times to behave, so many times, gosh, the list can go on and on.

I was young once, but I was not THAT ignorant. I listened to my betters @ teachers.

Anyway, this entry is not about the extreme stupidity of today's youths. If there is a hell for tardy people, I hope it contains swinging sharp pendulums (to slash people underneath) , huge cogs (to crush appendages with) and sharp watch hands (to poke people's eyes).

p.s. - I am SO punctual I bought many watches (now 13) for my personal use. One day, I'll buy that grandfather clock. Pendulums are so cool!


Poem 3

Missing you already
Though we just said goodbye
To each other
On a wet Sunday afternoon

How I wish you are here
Sharing the times
In each others arms
A lover's embrace

Heaven is your smile
Adoration in your eyes
I hope to capture that moment
Till the end of time

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Rose buds are cute
And so are you...

"God Save The King!!"

Real Living Metal.

I bought another betta (again?). This one is silver and red. When he moves, the metallic iridescence is spectacular. In this picture, the betta is blowing some bubbles on the water surface. Bloody hard to take a proper picture of a fish...

My bettas are not show quality specimens. Thus they are not mind-bogglingly expensive. I choose my fish according to the colors I like. My ol friend, the esteemed Tenchi had a few pics of some expensive betta in his blog just to amuse me.

p.s. - My mom asked why I didn't get the females. I told her I am not going to start a betta farm (yet). She also said she haven't seen one for a long time, since the days she lived near the paddy fields.

Poem 2

Rabbity babbity ribbity bit
Lil' rabbit on my bed
Clearly where it sits
Soppy me and be sad

Babbity uppity skippity bat
The bunny's cute, it's true
I hope you are not mad
If it reminds me lots of you

Rabbity battery uppity pop
With black button eyes of two
Hope your love for me nonstop
Cause' I have feelings for you too

p.s. - somebody gave me a handmade rabbit made out of gloves. Yes, the person stitched up the doll personally for me. *sniff*

Hooray for the 200th Entry @ New Fishy Passion

My 200th entry at last! Hip hip hooray! And to celebrate this auspicious number, I went out and bought another betta @ fighting fish for my collection (already have two) and another glass aquarium (already have three glass aquariums and several plastics).

I love these fish. When in fighting mode, the male fish's fins opened up like sails! Colourful and beautiful in motion.
This red betta swims with a blue betta in the same plastic aquarium (with a divider between them). I amuse myself by putting a mirror next to him, and he'll puff up regally.
The new betta. Five times more expensive then the red above. Personally I do not know why he cost a lot more, but he is beautiful. So he got to live in the new glass aquarium alone.
My other goldies. Dwarf goldfishes together with hybrids. I love these small goldfishes! I stole the corals from my sister (who had stolen my Pikachu).

p.s. - eat your heart out Tuck Wai. :P


Driving for Harness

Went to KL yesterday evening at 5.10 pm and arrived in Subang Jaya at 6.50 pm... The Pets Wonderland outlet near my sister's house was closed for business permanently a month ago. (F**k!!!!) I was hoping to get a new harness for my ferret Kaos, as his harness is now used by Disco.

And we went to Kelana Jaya, met my older relatives who were going to the Holy City, hugged a few cousins. Then drove home (11.30 pm) and reached the front gate at 1.20 am.

A tiring day. And I was so disappointed with the closing of one of my fav shops...
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