School Is Back / Beware of Friends

School will open next Monday and I am somewhat happy because I got what I wanted; The Prefect teacher, a new class full of more intelligent students (they used to give me the lesser classes because I am a man, ergo, I can control the rowdier sort of children. Sexist!) and a promising batch of older students for Physics (last year's was a total disappointment).

And last year performance as a fear-causing entity in every essembly made the job 'Assembly Coordinator' officially mine this new year. Meaning, I can yell and reprimand students / teachers legally now (insert evil laugh here). Yes, I am the Sue Sylvester of my school.

Anyway, I am telling you guys to be careful with your friends, no matter how chummy you guys are. My younger brother had a new handphone last week, after he saw mine, and was showing it off to the entire house. The phone was really nice, way more expensive than mine and the latest in communication technology. And it was stolen from him three days after he purchased it.

One friend stole the gadget while he was meeting a bunch of his buddies at a petrol station nearby. He realized the theft later, but cannot do anything much because OF COURSE nobody admitted stealing the phone. He was in a very black mood these few days before departing to the university.

Too bad then. That was a VERY NICE handphone. :P

Anyway, here's wishing you guys a Happy New Year!

p.s. - I am sorry if my presence isn't felt in your blogs lately, but it is not entirely my fault. The broadband service I am using is rather performing poorly these few weeks. I want to change to a new service this January. Remember me, will you? :angel

Ghost In The Shell

Hello people..... sorry for the VERY long absence. I have a heavy paperload to finish, as the school will be opened in a couple of weeks time. I use the computer everyday, yet I have no idea what to write and my broadband service was playing merry hell with the connection.

Anyway, I want to tell you guys that I just bought a new phone, a Nokia-C3, yes, the Blackberry for poor people :P I didn't want to waste my money on a new phone.... really. But my LG KP-500 Cookie (LG keeps naming their handphones as foodstuff; Cookie, Ice-Cream, Chocolate....) failed on me last week. The touchscreen wouldn't work properly, it was so frustrating. I kept turning it on and off, taking out the battery and memory card, and even threw it to the wall a couple of times in anger.

But the eerie thing happened when I began to use my new handphone, the Nokia. Cookie was suddenly good for use, behaved as any obedient electronic gadget. It galled me greatly, as now I have two mobile phones AND I wasted money to buy the extra one I thought I needed.

That Cookie must've done this when I was thinking of getting myself an IPhone.... Dastardly done.

And my Pilips home theatre system was acting funny too. If I ever play a REALLY high-definition DVD, it would act up and stuttered right at 1:09:00 (one hour and nine minutes) of the movie. This would never happen to a regular DVD.....

That Pilips must've done this on purpose after hearing me boasting to some friends about my high-definition DVD  collection. Evil cd-player you!

.... I do believe that some inanimate things have a bit of a soul (thus 'Ghost In The Shell') If you said / think bad things to a machine, it might retaliate in some ways that severely damage your wallet. I was hating my car last year and it almost blew-up.

Oh.... and I lost THREE watches last month when I neglected to wear them. The watchman @ clocksmith said that he was unable to save them.... See what I mean.

So be good to the stuff you have. They want your care and attention too.

And below is a picture of a herd of goats I hate the most.....
These animals belong to my younger brother (the guy in red) and in this scene, these smelly creatures had escaped from their pen, and poured out into the street. My brother and mom keep these goats behind our late grandmother's house, some 10 km away from our home. So they have to shuttle twice a day back and forth to feed them.

As this is not my project, I have no interest to care for them. These goats are huge and smelly. For me, a good goat is already dead and stays on the plate :)

Gosh! It's the 10th of December already?!!

It has been a week already - seven days of utter laziness and unproductivity. I woke up very late in the morning, spend the few hours awake playing computer games, visited my mother until 3.00 pm and returning back to my friend's rent house to wait for his return from his part time job at a waterworld resort.

Yes, I am staying with a friend until the 20th December for now. His house and my mom's are not that far, scant 4 km apart. I stayed with him because his housemates can only return after the 20th, and he doesn't like to stay alone, especially at night.

Anywho, we got to cook our own meals - mainly because I am against eating out frequently, and got to talk to each other untill bored stiff and surprisingly, sleep early every night.

We watched Narnia; The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (3D) earlier this week and although I found it was decent, I was simply a bit annoyed because the film makers had strayed much from the original plot.

I've read all the Narnian books; from 'The Magician's Nephew' telling how Narnia was born till 'The Last Battle' where EVERYBODY died and go somewhere 'pleasant'.

So when somebody said "Eh, what happen? Is that the end of the story?" at the end of the film, there goes another ignorant who never bother to seek / read the books.

I look down on ye people from my high pedestal of fantasy; those thrill seekers who never bothered to read the entire Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia etc series - and yet dared to comment that the films were mediocre at best. If you don't read the books, don't you ever dare telling people how much you understand the flawed story you watched on the silverscreen.

Sorry. I was simply vexed by the prejudiced reviews regarding a few of the best fantasy books I ever read by some ignorant movie-goers who never set foot in a bookstore (I blame FaceBook for spreading this).

On a happier tone; happy Friday! :D

Happy 32nd Birthay To Me - Yay!

It's my birthday today and I spent the whole day sleeping and playing Age of Mythology - The Titans.

I've got nothing special planned, unlike the party I held last year.

No birthday cakes, no presents. Most birthday wishes I got were from Facebook, and all were replied promptly.

I got older, and I cannot say I am thrilled.

But I am thankful for my health and the few people who really care whatever I do in life.

I might want to go out this evening to get that potpourri for my car - as my own birthday present.

Oh ok, some of you might not buy all this lonely-oh-poor-me thing... because you ARE correct! The birthday party IS actually on the 16th December! I was born on the 3rd and my new significant other the 31st December. So we decided to celebrate at the middle of the month. :D

A Good Cook Is Not An Evil Person (have you heard of this?)

My friend was in the kitchen, and yours truly was busy defeating Indian and Chinese oppressors in Age of Empires III - the computer game (Japanese Samurai Rules!) in the hall, adjacent to the kitchen.

I was back-seat cooking (is there is such term?) as usual - giving orders from afar.

"Make sure you blend the fresh turmeric too."
"But I think the powdered turmeric would be just enough," he said.
"Do as I say, it will taste better - powdered and fresh."
"Put some tamarind inside the pot. Not so much though."
"But I never use tamarind in this dish. I am not using bird's eye chillies, just regular chillies, ok?"
"Just put that sour stuff in the pot, it will taste better, believe me. And good call with the chillies."
"I am putting the coconut milk inside the pot now..."
"Finish the entire carton, we will buy more soon. Don't forget a bit of salt."
"How long do you say we need to boil these crabs?"
"Eight to ten minutes. They are rather small after all." (three sea crabs, almost a kilogram)
"Oh ok. Hey look, they are turning red!"
"I thought you cooked crabs before?"
"Long time ago, and I was assisting my sister."
"Ok it's all ready. Come and let's eat. I have rice ready."
"Ok, wait up." (me reluctantly leaving the massacre of the traitorous East India Company. Paused the game.)
"So what do you think?"
"Hey, you forgot to cut the crabs in halves before putting them in the pot!"
"You never told me that."
"Oh ok, ok. No biggie." I took a bite from the crab innards after some difficulties taking off the top carapace.
"It tastes good, yes?"
"You are pulling my legs. I think I fail to cook it properly."
"Yes it does, try it yourself. You are not a bad cook."
"Thank you." :D
"With your cooking skills and my dominating presence, we can open up a restaurant after I retire."
Yes, that's what we did this long school holiday. Experimental cooking. 
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