I am a Teacher and Hear Me Roar.

I am a teacher, and even though I am not perfect, or even thoroughly dedicated, I am still one.

That's why I HATE it when people just say anything without checking the facts, and pretend they know everything.

It irkes me the most when I am actually talking to them, not just see their stupid remarks on FB etc. Its like having nails scrathing the blackboard of my soul.

And when I tell them off, I don't do it rudely, just without expression because I do try to contain my anger, the expression on their faces is like I just murdered the entire village, plus the lifestocks.

Being sensible and right is hard.

Sorry for this but I am royally vexed at someone :(

To the Seaside With Friends

Living in a small diverse state has many advantages for me. I can go anywhere from the mall to the mountains in a short period of travelling time. Heck, we can go shopping at Parksons and then be at the foot of the highest peak in less than two hours! But this post is not about malls or mountains... 
 I love the beach. But I stopped swimming in the sea for a very very long time, mainly because I hate the heat and the sand. (So why the heck you are there in the first place?!)
I go there to unwind with friend(s). We just sit under the trees, take in the scenery and enjoying the sea breeze. Oh, and do some people watching too.
Above is a friend who insist me take his picture with the small banner-thingy soccer fans bring to the matches (I am SO not into football). 'Pahang' is his home state, some 200 km away from here.  

What else we do by the beach? Mostly we talk, while NURSING to our own smartphones. (I hate this, sometimes I asked them to put down their phones and look at ME).
What we talk about? Anything. from local crime to why-is-he-wearing-such-an-ugly-pair-of-shorts-to-the-beach?
In this photo, it was about 6.45 pm, and the sun set at 7.05 pm (info from my smart phone). There were still people swimming and doing activities by the beach. The place was not sparkling clean, but ok. If I come to the beach in the afternoon, I can witness some municipal workers cleaning up the beach, and they do this daily, methinks. 

The sun is setting...  and behind clouds. There were still people. And my friends were cranky because they were hungry. We only stay at the beach for an hour, and rarely more than that. Usually after, we may seek food at the nearest restaurants. Some of the best dishes I know are from these eating places by the sea. But this is NOT a food blog :)

I had something minor done to my kitchen and will blog about it soon. I was unable to cook for a few days because of this, it made me miss my own cooking, ha!


The Case of The New Bookcase and Missing Books

This bookcase is actually a combination of four cheap plywood cabinets I glued together with some strong adhesive. That was 3-4 years ago. 
I've read all of these books and put my action figures / robots / Transformers above them for display. Too cheap to buy a glass case :P 
 Recently I bought this ultra light 5x3 from the supermarket and built it up myself. The materials are only plastic fasteners, steel rods and canvas. It took me more than an hour to finish, although I could ask for help from my two friends who were only watching with much amusement.
I moved the books from the old bookcase to the new one the next morning. I put my favourite books by the late author Sir Terry Pratchett on the highest shelves; and the rest of the fantasy stuff according to their respective authors; Salvatore, Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Eddings etc.
And I realized I LOST FOUR BOOKS!
They are the first three of the Chronicles of Narnia; 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe', 'Prince Caspian' and 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' by C. S. Lewis. The fourth book is the third volume of The Dragonlance Tales 'Love and War.'
This come as a surprise for me because those books were buried deep BEHIND the rest and who would took them? My friends and immediate family do not read English fantasy books for fun.

p.s. - I did some thinking.... who would inherit my books one day? None of my relatives enjoy what I do and I am not someone who easily donate my stuff elsewhere. I might ask to have all my worldly stuff burned in my will someday.... 

Time Wasted and Wasting People

Yesterday a friend wanted me to drive him to town for some errands. He wanted me to pick him up at 4.00 pm, and graciously I said OK.

And then at almost 4.00 pm, he texted me and said if I can come much later, say 4.20 pm because he had to meet some people who owed him money. And again I said, OK.

Came 4.20 and I was already at the designated spot, he texted me again to wait until he arrived because the people who promised to meet him didn't show up yet.

This time I didn't say OK, and you can say I was royally pissed.

I hate waiting for people. Because all my life, very few people waited for me.
Because I am ALWAYS on time.
Classy people are rarely late, and as I literally have CLASS(es) (as a teacher), I am not known to be late. That's why I secretly look down upon tardiness, no matter who you are. That hundred ringgit worth of watch on your wrist is not only a fashion statement, it also tells time.

Once a long long time ago, a dear friend made me appreciate my very own personal time. He had me waiting for him 5 hours, while he was sleeping away the afternoon, and I only knew about this when his mother picked up the phone and told me his son had just woke up, and was still lazing around the house, when he called me much earlier saying he was already halfway to see me.

It really broke my heart.... (and this guy never see me again)

After that, I made it a personal agenda to tell my friends and (fewer) new friends how I HATE waiting. You make me wait, better have a very valid reason WITH proof. And I lost some friends this way.... but hell, its much better this way. You don't respect me, and I don't have to keep you as a friend.

p.s. - I was not angry with my earlier friend as he KNOWS my wrath is akin to Smaug, the Dragon. I told him to waste his friends, saying if they owed money from you, you have actual power over them, not the other way around. (Lessons over money lending soon....)

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