Bye Old Car, Hello New Car

This is my old Kia Rio 2003 1.3 L automatic transmission, which was built like a tank, seriously. I bought this car from a used car dealer because of the hassle of buying new cars in 2006. It was almost like a station wagon, very roomy at the back and could carry huge items with the back seats folded.

I loved this car. But a couple of years back, it almost blew up of overheating. It took two grand to repair the damage, but alas, my car lost 1/5 of its power later....
And this is my new car, a Proton Preve 1.6 L, also an automatic. Truthfully, I bought this car on a whim, applied for it and got it in less than 5 days. This is rather amazing because it might took a couple of months to get a new car in 2006!

I may miss the gray monster. The places we went and the memories we had.

Time to make new memories....


Older Me.

I am 34 this year... Still cannot believe it. Still thinking I am in my 20s....
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