Goodbye Streamyx. Hello Free Wireless.

My modem was damaged when struck by lightning yesterday afternoon during a freak storm. This damage was so familiar to me as the same thing happened twice already. I dialed-up 100 to lodge a report and the technician was SO sure the equipment wasn't faulty and asked me to diagnose the problem myself (using DOS commands etc etc).


My connection is still faulty and I decided to terminate my internet service this afternoon. Reasons? I got what I wanted already (hundreds of videos and five digits worth of pictures) and I am trying to cut cost (RM 77 permonth). 

But I can still get myself online at school, which is free. And some of my fav hang out spots in Malacca got wi-fi too. So no fear folks! The Mambang is never out of your life.  

Paying the Bills With Blood!

I went out today to pay my mobile phone bill and car loan at two different places. No shopping, not even browsing and the day cost me almost RM 900. Arghhh! So much money. Erm...

On a brighter note, I took Kiki to her first professional grooming and picked her up after watching the movie 'the Unborn' (which was rather dull, but with the most extensive use of CGI in a horror film I ever seen). The pet-groom showed me a very long welt where Kiki slashed him with her claws (good ol Kiki!) and charged me an extra RM 5 for the damage. Nevermind, at least my cat looks prettier than the ones he had in his shop.

Somebody wished to see my pic. My friend took this picture today at A&W after I had my hair cut. (They are selling fruit shakes now! But the taste was terrible!!!) 


Guilty Pleasure

I was trying to get my song-list to play randomly but heck, the Evil Bear of Destruction and Cuteness wont let me. 'Greensleeves' is nice enough but I got fed up with it after a while.

If I have to list ten of the most beautiful songs on the planet by male artists, 'Jesus to a Child' by George Michael will be in it. Heck, I don't really like the guy, with his nasty episodes in and out of the toilet (ha ha ha!) yet... he got a great voice and the song is beautiful to me.

It took a lot of courage for a man to admit crying when hearing such a soppy song, but YES, I did not once, but a few times a long long time ago when I was a love-lorn wreck. 

I am a heartless evil bastard now. No more tears. *sniff*

What song can make you cry for Argentina? 

Mauled by Kiki


This always happen whenever I take a nap with the door open. My cat Kiki would wish me to pet her and sometimes she wants to nuzzle my neck! This always end with me taking her back to her cage if I wanted any sleep at all.

p.s. - the whistling sound was made by the fan, which was directly pointed at me.


My Mom Goes To Mecca For Umrah Last Night

I drove my mom, my brother, my aunt and her son to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in record time from Alor Gajah, Malacca. My mom was so excited and was adamant that we arrived at the airport early, and as a dutiful son - the command must be obeyed.

My mom told me that the flight to Dhaka (yes, she is taking the longer router, via Bangladesh, thus the cheaper ticket rates) will be boarding at 2.00 am as we entered the terminal at 10.30. She was dead wrong, the flight to Dhaka was at 6.45 am, and 2.00 am was the time agreed for the jemaah umrah to arrive at the airport! Four hours of waiting!!!! I hate waiting. Mother can be so forgetful, but I cannot be angry long with her :)Above is the picture of a Lexus displayed in the terminal. I like this car so much. So shiny.... So if anyone of you have so much money, please get me this car as a present. :) Thanking you in advance.

The stores in the terminal weren't interesting enough and the f**king bookstore (the only kind of shop I can relate to) was closed! The merchandise were for travellers and nothing attracted the little kiddies in me. Foodwise... so bloody expensive (yes cheapskate me). So I walked to McDonald's (because KFC was closed) to have something to eat.

This very embarrassing incident happened to the cashier girl at McD... As I was queuing up at the only opened counter, I was actually fuming with the marked high price of the meals. So you can imagine my thunder-black face when finally face-to-face with her, after like 20 minutes of waiting in line, plus marinating over the highway-robbery of airports.

"Welcome to McDonald's, can I have your order sir?"

"I would like a chocolate shake and two large coffee (for my mom and aunt)"

"The shake kiosk is at the front sir." The girl smiled and pointed at the said place in front.

I slowly turned around... and then turned back facing her.

"But there is nobody there you STUPID girl!" (Yes I actually said this in English)

"Ah err.... ok ok I will go there now." Her face was now ashen.

"Forget about it!" And I stormed out of the building ops, McD furiously (with style).

My other relatives started to arrive at 2.30 am. Above is the pic of my mom (with the red head cover) with her sisters and sister-in-laws.

And this adorable boy is my nephew Dzarif, my sister's second child. His older sister, Dzara was sleeping at home like a log. He seems to prefer me carrying him around than others. :) :)

My sister decided to treat us for a meal and I told her what happened in McD. She was also born sarcastic,"Oooo, let's go and see her again." So we trooped to McD and I sat deliberately in plain sight from the counter. Immediately, another girl just popped up at the dessert kiosk, which was deserted earlier. Well, I was not in the mood for chocolate shake anymore. And the cashier girl had her face down the entire period we were there. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

And this is the pic of the terminal from outside at 3.30 bloody morning. I have a cigarrette in my hand, and surprise surprise, was smoking with it. I found out long ago that after smoking, I will have trouble sleeping. So less sleepy on the drive home, get it?

My mom and brother (I forgot to mention, yes, he went with my mom) checked in at 4.00 am. After another furious racing bout, I broke my own record by 15 minutes.

Selamat Mengerjakan Umrah, Mommy!


There Are Criminals In The Family

My mom and auntie were greatly upset. They just got news that two of my wayward cousins in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur got nabbed by the police for drug addiction.

My cousins are orphans, sons of my mom's late older sister. These worldly boys refused to return to the homestate, for reasons like 'wishing to stand on own's feet' and 'taking care of late parents' scant belongings'. But as a fellow evil person, I know the reason they stayed was just to avoid being monitored by their aunts and other relatives.

So they are now in jail. And my mom said that she is not interested to bail them out, or even visit. I remembered the many times she and her younger sister rained advices to the devil duo, and of course as I would expect, those kind words were just noises in the wind for them.

Well, we can bring the horses to the river, but we cannot make them drink. Ha! 



I didn't post any entry for sometime not because my life was boring lately. In fact it was the exact opposite. Yet I refrained to tell the world because evil business is not meant to be screamed out loud.

All I have to add more is this; taken from Clive Owen from the movie The International;

"In life you will meet many bridges. Some you cross and some you will burn. I am one you burn." 


Good Morning Malaysia

Feeling rather vicious about the insensitivity of several persons but decided to let it go and let it flow. It's not like they pay my wages anyway.

The five things I usually do in a glorious Saturday morning;

1. Wake up very late.

2. Watch cartoon o n tv.

3. Surf the internet a little bit. *sniff*

4. Find / make myself breakfast.

5. Go out and be at the mall earlier than most people.


I Spotted A Serial Killer (Seriously)

I was driving to town this evening when I saw this guy, on a motorbike in front of me at a traffic light.

His got BLOOD spray all over his shirt! I knew it was real because as an accomplished evil person, I trained myself to recognize life's own fluid. Oh you know, it'll be a professional embarrassment if we jumped to conclusions.

For example; I can smell Inky blood through the computer monitor and knew she faked it.

And I realised seconds later the logo at the back of his yellow shirt. It was of a chicken.... Well, I was right about the blood anyway.

Took the picture of the chicken slaughterer for further proof.

Who knows? One day he might thinking of upgrading to kill people, and I'll be there with evidence of his dastardly deed. :)


Let Me Entertain You Too.

I've just added 'Greensleeves', an old English tune (fantastic harp playing) and 'Quizas, Quizas, Quizas' by Nat King Cole for my Evil MP3 Bear of Destruction to play.

I have a wide variety to choose from, because I can hear almost anything. But I choose rather discriminately and the song might end up in my mobile phone for further use.

Actually I am feeling a bit poisonous today. Somebody made me ultra angry, yet I don't feel like bringing myself to his low standards for a face-off.

p.s. - yes, 'Quizas 3x' is the Spanish equivalent of 'Perhaps 3x' you all heard before. And 'Viva la Vida' happens to be my theme song (for now). I used to RULE the world.

Poison Ivy Me (Mwa ha ha ha)

This evening I tricked a friend to join me spraying herbicide to the infestation of vegetation around my new but not inhabited bungalow. I sprayed around the house 3 months ago using intensely concentrated poison and the growth of weed and grass were indeed not too serious for further treatment.

I bought a 16-litre backpack plastic sprayer for RM 80 earlier, and my mom was vocal about it saying that my aunt had one and why I just need to waste more money, ya da ya da ya da. It's a boys @ men thing mom; I'd like to spray MY own house with MY own sprayer using MY own herbicide. All bought with MY own money. But of course as a dutiful son, I'd never said that.

Anyway I was not wearing any protective gear while handling the herbicide (which I purposely overdosed for intense murder of the weed-things!!) and spraying. So there were indeed bits and drops of poison on my clothes and skin in the spraying process. As I was spraying, I told my friend that I felt like Poison Ivy, with poison on the body.

He added that Poison Ivy killed men with her poison, but I kill weed with mine. We had a round of laugh about that.


On Bribes.....

This afternoon my mom returned from her UMNO branch meeting feeling a bit unhappy. She was bewildered because our State Minister, Datuk Seri Ali Rustam was barred from contesting the UMNO deputy president post in the next party polls. He (or his people) was said to be involved in money politics.

Well.... I have no comment on that as I do not know the guy personally. But he did create a lot of opportunities and Malacca is indeed developing under him.

Political upheavals seem to be the latest trend in the country. Government and opposition parties are clamouring for publicity; condemning and accusing one another, clawing for power and the promises it brings...

Wake up you bastards!!! The country need stability now than ever. When you crazy fuckers are screaming who's wrong and right, people are losing their jobs and the price of goods is rising!

My mom said that this would never happen under Dr M. He was the cat, no TIGER who ruled the house and made the mice obey. But now... under a new (but will retire soon) cat, the mice and even RATS have came out and play.

We miss a strong leader... 

On kitty litter....

My mom always complain about the smell of the house whenever she returns from kampung. when I was away, she'd push the cats' cage (it was on wheels) outside the house and when I return, I'd push it back inside. Kiki and Keru do not mind the tug-of-war as long as they can have a change of scenery on a daily basis. :)

I used the clay type of cat litter before this and even though it is quite cheap, there are a few problems. My cat, Kiki, trails dust every time she escaped from the cage - to the entire house. The ammonia absorbency of the clay litter is not really good, so the bad smell can be detected still, even though I used the scented clay litter (jasmine). Erm....

So I changed the clay type litter to the more expensive silicone-crystal based. Let's hope the odour problem to be eliminated soon.

p.s. - as I was washing the litter tray... I wondered if dog owners have litter boxes in their house for in-door dogs.

A Slow and Hot Monday

Woke up at 11.30 am. Feeling dreadfully lightheaded because I was awaken at 5.30 am earlier because the main fuse was busted, ergo no electricity and this require an automatic response, on behalf of myself not going to get any sleep because of the fan not working - oh you get what I mean.

So I took care of the cats' litterbox, had a belated breakfast and hello, my mom arrived from kampung announcing she's attending her committee meeting this afternoon. Went back into my room and watch 'Underworld 2'.

Went out for a glass of water and mom said that my younger sister is hot property these days. Guys; young and even older are vying to get her hands for marriage. From what my mom told me; one engineer, one pilot-to-be, one real pilot, one army technician, one saloon owner and several low-lifes are queuing up.

My little sister is indeed a beautiful girl. She was engaged last year, but the knot was broken when her fiance began to show some disloyal qualities. That bastard git.

This is my entry for the day.   

I've Got Nothing Against Him But...

.... so bloody FUNNIEE!!!! Ha ha ha.


With Bells On!

I was bored this Sunday afternoon.... even the fantastic PS3 games have lost their attraction in this heat. Yes, so bloody hot, and I cannot sleep in such high temperature.

So I decided to do something fun and cute to amuse myself. I took of Kiki's collar (with bells) and put it onto Keru. Keru was a bit wild, so I minimally handled her, and never ever let her out of the cage. Kiki was so angry with the loss of her pretty collar and she mutedly hissed and pawed the confused Keru to get her thing back.

I took Kiki out of the cage, put on a brand new blue collar with a silver bell (so bloody expensive, she got another red one with a golden bell). She stopped making a fuss and is now sulking somewhere in the house.

This is a video of Araphone I Kakeru @ Keru with her new (or you can say used) collar. She is confused by the noise whenever she moves. (Sound is a bit muted)


p.s. - to make your cat tolerant of collars, put those on when they are still very young. And oh... Kiki and Keru are really silent cats. They never meowed. My mom's cats outside the house meowed, wowled, hissed and screamed on a constant basis.


It's A Week Holiday!

What shall I do with a week of free time?.....

Oh well. Just the simple things that I love to do then.

1. Stay at home sleeping (or restoring my evil qi by meditation).

2. Hanging out with some friends, maybe to the movies or just eating out.

3. Playing my PS3 games.

4. Blogging away, loyally commenting on people's blogs even though they rarely visit mine. (*sniff*)

5. Play with my cats.

p.s. - I am a real homebody. I hate to go far from my comfort zone. 


On Perfumes...

Used to have DKNY's Delicious (loved the apple fragrance) but it was stolen by a friend. Have Armani Code for men, but it smells so.... normal.

But I have many Body Shop's fragrances, used them since secondary school. Juba, Ananya, Oceanus, Heartfelt, White Musk, Strawberry etc.

I dabbed a few drops of Body Shop's Sandalwood essence before going to work this morning.

And I smelled like a tree the entire day.

p.s. - I love citrus / lemony fragrances the most. Unfortunately I cannot find the one that I want here. Used to have one, Dune by Cristian Dior, but gave it to somebody a long long time ago. *sniff*


Goku (The REAL One, in the comic). We wept for you!

I've told you guys that I am going to see Dragonball Evolution this week. I loved the manga, and bought every issue during my university years, clearly a great piece of fantasy-comic. I know the movie will suck bad, I just had to be sure.

Watched it at 5.30 pm.... It WAS THAT BAD. So bad if I was the original creator, I'd commit seppuku (ritual suicide by disemboweling ownself with a very very sharp knife). The hero was quite cute though. But he is not the Son Goku the world has ever known.

You have been warned.

p.s. - Watched the new Transformers 2 trailer. Megatron was indeed back and he's bigger than a building!! Die Optimus!!! DIE!!


Oops I Did It Again! Six times.

Today, the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) exam result is out for the schools. This year the passing percentage of students has risen to 94.2%, which is rather a good number than last year's. I met a few students who asked me to wish them well in their future endavours (like I will...).

But this entry is not about them. It's me, me and me all the way (as usual). For the 6th year in a row, I got 100% for Physics. Meaning, none of my students failed their Physics papers. Even the laziest bum in my class (the girl I cursed to fail the subject) actually passed rather well.

It's gloating time!!

The Things That Made Me Wanna Hold You by the Neck, And Introduce You to Mr Floor

1. Rude + stupid people.
2. Students who failed to pass up homework on time.
3. People who made me wait for them and never say sorry for tardiness.
4. Very very disappointing PS3 games. These games are so EXPENSIVE to waste money!
5. Liars. I despise liars.
6. People who borrow things and never return them.
7. Touching my things without permission.
8. Students who talk @ not giving attention in my class.
9. Liars. (again)
10. Sometimes, there IS such thing as 'hate at first sight'...

p.s. - I am bored. This entry has no intention of intimidating anyone, anywhere, anyhow. :)


The Things That Made Me Smile

1. My cat, Kiki whenever she pawed me for affection (so bloody cute).

2. Retro songs on the radio, especially if I used to listen to them when small.

3. 'Love letters' from various students asking for more marks, attention etc.

4. Reading hilarious answers in exercise books, papers by students.

5. Money. For retail therapy.

6. Dirty obscene jokes by older teachers in the staffroom.

7. Polite and obedient students.

8. Getting away with a crime.

9. Some blogs. Yes, YOU people do make me smile.

10. Garfield.


The New Malay Dilemma : PPSMI

I was reading the paper the other day and a few pages were filled with an ancient issue made anew. PPSMI - Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris (Science and Maths in English). As for me, a Science teacher, I do have two thoughts about this government policy.

I would be very happy if Science and Maths were reverted back, taught in the national language. Life would be much easier (for many) and students at least understand whatever they are reading. English is so difficult for bumiputras, being so densely soaked in the negative attitude of laziness and the fear of change. I would be very happy if this government policy is abolished; because it made MY job easier.

But my mind does not agree with my evil soul. PPSMI is indeed a radical way to MAKE sure that the younger generation are aware about the importance of English, not only for studying, but later in life. I almost wept to hear the abyssimal quality of English spoken in class, and the horrific pronounciation of words by people, young and old - everyday. Most students are very afraid to speak in English, because of ridiculation from the peers. Once, I was afraid too... but then strove very hard because of my first love - reading books.

"Reading is the key to success." A very wise word, which shone thousands of years - in any languages or religions. Yet, humans are so... stubborn!! We do know that reading can improve our knowledge and language, yet we are happier not to read. This is indeed a curse to our beloved country. A generation which does not read is akin to a multitude of stupid jackasses!

Two weeks ago I asked my students why these people from various NGOs and societies are so adamant about reverting the teaching back to Bahasa Melayu. One of them answered thus; "I think these old men just want to make a point, a place for them in the History textbook. They never cared if it was right or wrong. They are not students anymore." (He spoke this in BM)

I actually smiled hearing it. My very thought exactly. 


Game, Gamer, Gamest

I stayed at home the whole day, playing Killzone 2 on my PS3. The enemies are from another planet, red-eyed and breathed through gas-masks. And to make them more sinister, they were clothed very much like Nazis. So it is ok to kill a huge multitude of godless tyrant-worshipping aliens because they are not human. :)

This is the best first-person shooter now, for me. And we know that the good people of Game World have more in store for us.

Whenever a friend or student asked if I was ever tired or regretted spending so much money on games, I said no. Constant gaming is a stress relieving method for me, other than reading books or going to the cinema. I am evil by nature, so killing men with shotguns and blasting through doors by magic is a fantasy staple for us. Of course we cannot do the many many evil deeds in real life. So I always think that games are a savior for demented souls.

But I do not condone imitating game violence. It is rather sad, and very PATHETIC for those poor souls who got into trouble by trying to live up the violence. Erm... maybe guns do talk to the weilder in strange ways,  real or not.

Oh well, I have another game to play after Killzone 2, it's Demon's Souls from Sony, a medieval hack-n-slash-plus-magic, my kind of game. I love killing zombies in the weekend, but this have to wait until I kill all the evil Helghast first with my rifle. :) 


Movie Night

Went to watch Watchmen with a friend last night after a dinner of Thai beef soup (so bloody hot that made me had stomach-cramps later, but good nevertheless). The film was different, but very very good. It opened the possibilities that superheroes do have troubles in their lives, very much like us, mere humans. Peter Parker and his love and work difficulties? Pah, he stood like a small boy who loses his candy next to these comic heroes. 

Loved the character Rorschach very much, though he ended up dead in the end (boo!). Overall there are doses of everything in it; drama, jokes, special effects etc. Loved the fighting scenes, the choreography was really good. We can almost feel the pain when the bones break.

Oh well, I don't do complete summary of a movie because SOMEBODY said so. I am waiting with fullest anticipation for Wolverine : X-Men Origins, coming very soon. Oh oh OH OH!! And I saw the new Transformers movie poster!!!! It was wicked! Megatron is indeed alive!! Hope this time he ripped Optimus arms off.

Gonna watch Dragonball Evolution next week. I know the movie is a MUST SUCK. But I will watch it anyway because... somebody should (ha ha ha).


Yes I Am / Was Married.

SSQuo of Matter of Gray had finally hit me on the head with a large mallet, as I had my back to her, next to a cliff, with strong wind blowing. I intentionally put the hint in my previous entry, and yes, I am someone who will admit if the thing is truthful about me; I am / was married.

Do not ask me why the 'am / was'. Think.

Just say I am not really ready to talk about it, and I am a much happier person now than then. :)

p.s. - Don't be unhappy SSQuo. It is ok. I will not hunt you down for exposing the truth to the world. I just don't have enough uranium to fix my bomb for you... yet :)

Not My Fault People Abandon You!

My cousin in KL had her wedding ceremony last Sunday (thus the IKEA visit). This Saturday the second wedding ceremony will be held in Perak, zillions of miles away (for me).

In another note, I am EXTREMELY busy this few days, and also for the whole of next week. (But please take note that I ALWAYS have time to do entries and comment on people's). The earlier few months are always busy for most teachers. The school holidays is approaching (in a week), and there are many things to finish before we all can go have fun in the bloody sun.

Back to my cousin's wedding ceremony in Perak... My aunt called me this evening asking if I was free to join the ceremony. My mom and another aunt decided to go there by bus and she said I should not let my mom go by herself. The lack of drivers for the trip, as I am one of the best in the family, plus my car's rather big (ha ha ha). I told her that I have a PTA meeting this Saturday which I cannot skip and never told her that I don't like to drive long distance. Oh and anyway, my mom and auntie are ok with the bus. I feel like a very bad nephew.

My cousin's parents; my aunt and uncle are good people. They attended my sister's ceremony and mine without fail. But UNFORTUNATELY their daughter's lack of judgement makes life hard and hurtful for many relatives. The holidays is just a week away for GOODNESS SAKE! Can't you wait another week for the ceremony, so EVERYONE can attend?!

Because of some poor judgement from a hothead girl who CANNOT wait to be married, there are now great gaps between us and her family.

The parents are good people, unfortunately my cousin is not. So my mom, her brother, sister and a few relatives will attend for the sake of my aunt and uncle ONLY.

Be respectful to the elderly. They can disown you.


Stealing Cleanses Aizan Soul (ha ha ha)

I got this from Butterflygirl, a single mom from the USA. She haven't told me if I can use it yet, but as an evil person.... well you guys know me.


1. Where is your cell phone? table
2. Your significant other? searching
3. Your hair?  wavy
4. Your mother? short
5. Your father? dead
6. Your favorite thing? cat
7. Your dream last night? none
8. Your favorite drink? iced
9. Your dream/goal? rich
10. The room you’re in? bedroom
11. Your fear? needles
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?  Forbes
13. Where were you last night?  home
14. What you’re not? nice
15. Muffins? blueberry
16. One of your wish list items? BMW
17. Where you grew up? Malacca
18. The last thing you did? toilet
19. What are you wearing? underwear
20. Your TV? flatscreen
21. Your pet? fawning
22. Your computer? Acer
23. Your life? --
24. Your mood? complex
25. Missing someone? yes
26. Your car? Kia
27. Something you’re not wearing? trousers
28. Favorite store? Tesco
29. Summer? what?
30. Favorite color? black
31. Why did you laugh last? death 
32. Why did you cry last? forgot
33. Who will repost this? donno
34. A place I go over and over: beach
35. Someone who emails me: ex
36. Place I would rather be right now: China


Random Image

p.s. - only can be appreciated by LotR fans. :)


Teacher Gandalf

p.s. - This joke can only be appreciated by the LotR fans. :) 


La la la lah 7

I finished a few paperwork with unbelievable speed a couple of nights ago.

Today I was nearly retarded by the awesome noise from the two laboratories across the classroom building. The renovation would only be completed in April and I hate to have my classes in the classrooms. I prefer the lab, which I controlled with an iron fist.

Tomorrow there is a meeting, the beginning of a series of stupid get-togethers which would end very late in the afternoon. I hate meetings. Usually I'd bring a story book along, but I was banned from doing that 2 years ago. Now I can only do doodles on pieces of paper to kill time.

I need to find new readers for my blog. But most of my friends are too lazy to read blogs, even worse to start one of their own. To let my students read my blog would be a disaster. Hurm.   


My First Trip To IKEA

People would gush about how interesting the place is, even though it is so far away from Malacca. I was so close to IKEA last year but decided to turn a blind eye and marched straight to Ikano Power Centre, next to it.

Well, yesterday I was actually dragged into the famous store and I hated myself (and my friend) after the whirlwind visit. To make it simpler; I saw so many things I'd like to have, but I had so little money left after buying expensive supplies for my cats. :( To make it even worse... They are having a SALE for most items!

Well... hating myself on an empty stomach is not really rewarding, so we attended the foodcourt next to the bloody fascinating store. I had a chicken leg with ten meat balls and my friend got only a plate of spaghetti for his evil intention to seduce me via shopping. The place was so packed and people were actually waiting for others to finish their meals and get lost. Oh and did I meantion the food was reasonably priced and actually quite good? We had a great time anyway. Someday I'd go to Finland and burn the IKEA HQ there.



Kiki was a bit angry when I put the new cat in her cage. (She hissed like a kettle!) I told her to grow up because she's going to have a larger place to roam- my actual room. Kiki is already house trained and does not need to be locked up everynight. I love this cat. 

This is my new American un-curl cat (ha ha ha). A colourpoint with soft downy fur and red eyes. As you people are so lazy to read my blog (*snif*) I have to think up some fantastic names for this female feline of mine.

My first choice was 'Aditi', which was a lioness' name but unfortunately that name did not suit my new cat. She is very very VERY timid. A scaredy cat. Then I remembered a latin name of a particular mouse, 'Araphone' (I had her a year ago). And a Japanese nick name I call myself a long long time ago, Kakeru. So please welcome 'ARAPHONE I KAKERU @ KERU'!!! :)

p.s. - Keru is so timid... if I let her out, she'll go to the nearest corner and sulks. I think the previous owner didn't treat her quite well. Ok then, I'll try my best.

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