A Year of Not Blogging at All...

My Asus notebook computer died on me a year and a half after purchase... I was unable to do my teaching reports, so I borrowed a friend's netbook computer.

But said netbook computer was painfully slow. And it took 5 hours of my time to delete, clean everything and streamline the files.... yet it only improved marginally and that was not good enough for me.

So yesterday I went out to buy a new computer.... Just to do work with because I already have my iPad and phone for fun and the internet. To make the story short, I bought a netbook instead of a laptop computer. I already knew that netbooks are not as powerful as laptops, but what the heck, I was feeling cheap. And it was PINK too. Oh yes, I have no problem sporting pink to the masses :)

And now, I think it is proper to start blogging again. My new computer is rather light, (and PINK!) so I may take it around places soon. My iPad is next to useless for blogging and my smartphone is darn to small to properly blog on with.

I should blog a lot more and do less Facebooking.... urm.....


Testing testing....
Is my blog still useful?

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