Murderous carnivorous me

This only happened some few hours before;

The bandit leered from under his curved horned helmet. A miasma of unholy stench could almost be seen emanating from his unwashed body. In his arms, swinging lazily under expert control, was a huge broadsword. Every bit as ugly as its master.

"You are unarmed, boy. And alone. Tis a most wonderful opportunity to strip you clean of any valuables. And then mebbe we let you go unharmed, boy," Mr Smelly said, walking unconcerned towards me with the huge, huge meatcleaver of his.

"Oh come on Bobo, just get over with the kid." The bandit had a woman partner, who stayed further back, near the rock crops of this fantastic scenery. Unlike Bobo, who was heavily armoured like a rhino, the woman only wore leathers, with a cruel bow ready in her hands, a dagger at her hips, and quivers ready.

She may stood further aback to avoid smelling her fragrant partner, but I knew better, she was ready to support Mr Bobo with her arrows if the victim got creative....

"So what shall it be, boy? Put down everything you own and as I am feeling rather charitable today, we shall let you go. We are feeling charitable today, eh Agnes?" the big boorish man nodded to his partner over his shoulder.

"Yeah, whatever Bobo," Agnes put her right leg upon a rock as she un-notched her readied arrow and put it back into the quiver. Easy target, me.

I unhitched my backpack from behind, but I refused to let it drop to the ground. Bobo the Smelly Bandit was not impressed with with this silent bravery. Agnes shifted her legs and waited with arms crossed further behind the advancing bandit.

"Now lookit here boy... We can do this the hard way if you want."

I dropped the bag.

"Good boy. Now...."

And Mr Bobo was slammed backwards by a double dose of fire and lightning from my outstreched hands.

"I am not your BOY, Bobo!" as a larger gout of flame erupted from my left palm. And for good measure a deadly slew of sparks from my right electrified the bandit's armor. He lit up like a Christmas tree.

It only took seconds to turn the bandit into a pile of ashes and molten steel.

Agnes screamed and turned to run.

"Battle mage. NO!"

A petrification spell hit her hard on the back, lifted her well of the ground for a couple of feet, before crashing among the bushes."

I dragged the late Bobo's broadsword to where Agnes lay unmoving. Her eyes were wide with horror, pleading me for mercy.

"I bet you that I don't feel so charitable today, eh Agnes?"

I swung the black sword towards her neck.

---------------------------------------- end.

So you may guess that I spent a lot of time with my games, and you are right. Games are being horrificly more real these days, to the chagrin of many parents and responsible adults. But heck, I thank the people who made dreams come true to many guys out there. It's an outlet, you see?

Or you prefer me out there with a machete, cutting people for money (after school)? :P

Anyway, just got back from Tesco, and bought myself a few kilograms of beef. I have my freezer stocked full with meat. I love my veges, but cannot suppress the T-Rex inside of me.

I love meat. Yum.

p.s. - Sorry for neglecting to visit your blogs dear friends. I promise to remedy this soon.
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