I Don't Feel Like Chicken Tonight.

 I went out with a friend today to accompany him on an errand. He wanted to have dinner at the near KFC, and was very adamant about it, even when I showed some resistance to the idea. It's not that I have anything against the food chain, I just don't feel like chicken tonight.
But I relented when he promised that he will find something less chicken-sy on the menu and he pays for the meal too.
(I took this pictures 20 minutes since he started to queue. I just hate lining up. No matter how good the food, I will not waste time like this, UNLESS somebody else does it for me)

We also went to some mobile phone stores to gawk at the products. Samsung and the Apple stores were the most busy, unsurprisingly (because their oh so in-your-face advertisement on most media). That makes people with fully capable mobile phones wanna buy a new Samsung or iPhone. 

Advertisement is an investment that pays. 

And onwards to some amateur photography...
 This is a row of shophouses in the middle of my hometown. The row was built in 1938, way before Independence. The second floor houses the occupants and the shop is downstairs obviously.
The District painted anew the row once every few years for aesthetics. 
The other half of the row.
The main row was empty because it was still very early in the morning.
What was I doing there? Looking for breakfast of course.
I rarely cook my breakfast.

The Teacher Has Kitties in His House, Yay!

By popular demand, I am including some pictures of my cats, currently residing together in the store cum catroom. I had several species of pets before this, yet cats seems to last way longer than the rest.
 Above is Artemis Kikuraides II or 'Kiki'. Yes, there WAS an Artemis Kikuraides before her, but he was male (Artemis is an ambiguous name). The first Artemis (a big, ginger tomcat) was killed by stray dogs several years ago....and I did exact my revenge by sling-shooting them with ball bearings.
I found Kiki a few months later, in a small petstore in the city. She was fluffy and very very affectionate (and still is!). You can see Kiki as a kitten in this video.  and also this video. Kiki is now almost 7 years old.
Kiki is a domestic long haired cat. Tricoloured, or calico. Her colouring is considered very lucky in the Orient, thus giving fuel to the rise of maneki nekos, the popular waving cats of Japan / China.  
Kiki is mild mannered, and always seek attention. She will come to me everytime I call her name.  
 This black cat is not really mine, even though I pay for her kibbles and litter. She belongs to my housemate, who suddenly thinks he need a pet cat.
This cat has no fancy name, and is called Tamtam (or for you English speaking people 'Tum-tum'). Her name simply describes her colour. Like we call a cat 'Blackie'. Tamtam is less than a year old, and is very very very very active. She also screams and yowl at unholy hours, making me scream back in reply to shut her up.  
Some people considered black cats to be unlucky.... but heck, I don't care. Although Tamtam is extra loud and hyper, I love her as well.
(This is the catroom, my housemate cleans it every week).
And this picture explains their behavior. See older Kiki lounging on the carpet watching her much much younger sister, Tamtam playing by herself.

The two pics above is of younger Kiki.She had a collar with bells then. Tamtam is almost impossible to take a decent picture of because she is constantly moving!

p.s. - I also had two females I gave away as presents to friends. I don't know why, but I always liked and got female cats....

The Bored Teacher Posted Some Pictures...

Did I tell you the monsoon season is here again? This is taken right at my doorstep. The monsoon rain is usually heavy and long lasting. Heck, sometimes it rained the entire day. This may cause floods somewhere, but my housing estate is right on top of a hill.
I love the cold. I love the rain!
(Oh, there was a landslide at the highway to the east, nobody died though)

This is my living room. Initially it was almost bare, only filled with the sofa and dining table set. But as the years gone by, I bought many stuff that I don't usually need, and the house is rather crowded with items. I have an entire room converted to be a store.
Notice the teddy bear. It was given to me.
(This was taken in the afternoon, a week ago)

 Another shot of my living room. See how messy the table is now, complete with a flypaper. (I just hate flies!) The opening to the left lead to the kitchen, and the right to two rooms, including my master bedroom. The door you see is the storeroom I mentioned. My cats are in there too.
(This was taken this very evening).

 One of the restaurants near my house I go to if I am in no mood to cook. Usually if the place is too crowded, I would leave, but I make an exception during the rain. I would order from the least crowded stall, something very easy to prepare, and then enjoy my meal while watching the other patrons waiting (sometimes) for an hour for their food.
Oh, and I never gi out alone dining at restaurants. Usually I am with friends or housemates.

 This is taken earlier this week, during an examination. The boy, which is unfortunately, a student of mine slept after 10 minutes into the exam. My students RARELY show this lack of moral in front of me, knowing how I enjoy to retaliate this. But this boy is something special. The kind who takes warning as suggestion, and a scolding as noises in the wind.
I woke him up and made him to sweep the entire class during the entire examination.
The class was spotless after two hours of solo cleaning :)

 And this was taken scant hours ago. I accompanied a friend who wanted to have his hair cut. This barber shop opens early and closes at 1030 pm. This is a boon for people who are busy working during the day (or too lazy to wake up early in the weekends), like me.

p.s. - I take all photos using my HTC Desire 816. If you find the pictures to be dark and gloomy, now you know my favourite theme :) Bright and sunshine are great to see with and enjoy from the dark side. I like to stay in the shadows (literally. Heck, I even teach in dark, poorly lit classrooms).

The Haze is Finally Gone. Yay! And Brutality Gets You Famous.

 This was the view from my school during the haze. The air was dirty and understandably unhealthy.
People stayed indoors and many events got cancelled for health reasons. 
Respiratory illnesses spiked in the entire region, and there were deaths cases, especially in the country of origin, Indonesia.
Imagine not being able to see 50 metres in front of you! 
 Now this is what I mean when we can see for miles in a clear day. The haze is no more! Thanks to the shifting winds, which blew the haze back to its originator. I just love blue skies!
The monsoon is here, here expecting a lot of wind and rain.
And floods too, yay!
(Both of the pictures were taken at the same time in the morning, before I attend my class)
 This was taken last Friday during a ceremony. The school is on top of a hill, yet we still have two hills which are higher next to the school. I sit at the front, but usually I walk around the students, and buildings, just because I can :)
And this was taken this morning, in a ceremony celebrating the many achievements of the hostel students and wardens. It took a lot of energy to control the boys, especially the older ones who think they know everything. But never mind that, most of them who were against me will be gone next year. And we shall build our empire anew!
I am the most brutal warden of the seven, heck, the scariest teacher in school. Yet, I am abnormally popular amongst students. Fascinating character attracts attention.
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