It's Almost The Middle of August?!!

Wow. Time does fly very fast when you are older... Like wishing us to kick the bucket quicker so the younger people can take over. That's how I think anyway, though I prefer to live forever. From the movies; vampires, immortals who lived a very very long life were depicted to have very very boring lives too. They may travel, experiencing a lot, or just stuck inside caves for thousands of years... (I found travelling to be boring. That's why I don't like travelling far).
What the heck am I rambling about?

My pink netbook and my red wireless mouse. I can open my blog at school because we have a decent wifi in the staff room. Of course the wifi is filtered so we cannot open any other social media platform like Facebook or Instagram. Which is ok with me because my smartphone has a humongous amount of data to waste on FB and Youtube. I actually d prefer to read an actual book if I want to kill hours of my time. The smartphone isn't large enough to read comfortably. 
Why not get a tablet you say? I already have an IPad at home and I don't like to lug it around. 

This was taken on the last day of co-curriculum activity this year. The sun was shining bright and hot, and the students were required to sit in their respective clubs / societies to get their attendance. I do wished these people can move a lot faster. I am quite particular about time, and I have this tendency to look down upon tardy people.
But yesterday I heard somebody famous (and dead) quoted on tv; "Punctuality is the thief of time". 
I think its Oscar Wilde. Please rot in hell, that man.

And this is my car blocking the way to the front of the hostels before the rush.... Why? Because I just feel like it. By blocking the way, the parents had no other choice, and they will drop off their children faster, the goodbyes shorter because of the accumulating traffic behind.
(And the students never dared to ask me move my car at their parents behest)
A science teacher looks for easier ways in life.

It's exam time once again! And I am dreading to mark all that Science papers. All 88 copies, each 32 pages, by students of varied intelligence. Science and Maths... the two dreaded papers of lower secondary school. These papers are more difficult than most and to get As... it's a f**king miracle! (And that's coming from me who teaches Science!)


The Age of (the) Offended

Look at the picture above for a few moment s'il vous plait...
I just took the random picture above for a reason. This is about being offended at anything, anytime of the day, for no apparent good reasons.

I rarely listen to / watch talk programs on the radio or television. But yesterday, as I was driving to school, the two deejays on my favourite commute radio talked about how people got so easily annoyed at things, even the tiniest bit of stuff not even related to their well being. People are so judgmental and criticize like they are the foremost expert in everything in said topic.

My minor social experiment above, regarding the picture; Did you comment in your head about the children in the picture? Maybe the boy can smile a bit more? (Or the girl a bit less?) Why are they carrying big files? Surely the age of modernization we have smaller files or way better still, tablets for school? Hey, our Alice looks way prettier than the girl! My gosh, that boy looks way reddier than my Alex! Heck, what's with the white background? Why not display a scene in a classroom etc etc? and the comments goes on and on if we dwell a lot longer on the subject.

(BUT if you, o pure-hearted souls you did none of the above, good for you! I'd like to shake your hands and ask the secret to be a good non-judgmental human being).

Nowadays the social media is a favourite place to express our emotion (safe or not, that is not the discussion for now). You are having a nice meal, share it on Instagram! (where people may judge if it's really good or not). You just got dumped by your sh***y boyfriend (change your status to single in FB and wait for the judging masses to say boo-hoo-pity-you). You tweeted you are having the time of your life (and the judgy people may compare it to theirs). I just give some examples.

I will let this article hang because, heck, i am super offensive / offended / offending myself.
But hey! That what a teacher is for, we have THE RIGHT to judge and comment. This also goes to parents and bosses around the world. 

Heck, life will be boring if we don't talk about other people and complain!
C'est la vie :-)

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