I Made Her Cry and Am Proud About It.

Once upon a time there was an elder lady in my school who taught Arts and language. She had a very high opinion of herself and was very insensitive to the feelings of other teachers around her.

She refused to see her faults, and thought that everyone else adored her and her antics. Her colleagues, most of them younger, had to endure her - meaning trying not to create friction by ignoring and never talked back in front of her face. She was the Head of the Language Department after all, and the lack of retaliation made her believe that she was invincible.

Last month, she made a huge mistake. She woke up some of the worst traits in me - psywar artist and ruthless avenger. It all started when she hit a fellow teacher, in my name.

It happened like this; She was angry at me and a few teachers for not completing the attendance list for our extra classes. A few teachers were there, in the staffroom, carefully ignoring her rants, and continued their various work at the common table. 
Maybe she got angry being ignored, or maybe she had a momentary lapse of judgment... she picked up a rolled up newspaper and hit a teacher next to her in the face, hard! The teacher was surprised, more than hurt and she cried there and then. As for the vicious offender, she just stood looking and didn't say sorry at all. Yes, that kind of b****.

I was duly noted of the incidence later by a few friends. It angered me so much; partly because she hit a friend while being angry at me but mostly, I hate her inconsiderate gut. I was miserable for 2 months for a couple of years ago because of her and it is high time to pay her back.

So I turned to Facebook for war - the Truth will hurt. I wrote two very scathing status updates for the entire world to see, aiming at her behavior and criticizing her power hungry and in arrogant disposition. I even used some bad language to point the matter, but that's more of a personal view. (the FB status updates were in Malay, and I wouldn't want to ruin your day by translating them). 

As I expected, she saw the Facebook updates (a few remaining minions alerted her) and was raving like crazy because of it. She accused EVERYBODY who commented on my updates as traitors and backstabbers. She cried in her office, cried on many not-really-sympathetic shoulders (who had to endure her) and cried everywhere. She was miserable... and we don't even care. She even met me at last, telling me that she will never forget this as long as she lives. Good, I want it that way.

And last Tuesday, we had a farewell ceremony at school, for this very woman was promoted and will transfer to a new school. During her farewell speech, she RANTED and ACCUSED many people again, for all to hear - teachers and students (who knows nothing of this). The ceremony, her ceremony was greatly marred by her own hands. The star of the show, me, was noticeably absent at the assembly, because I do not wish to see her face and prefer to lounge in the Physics lab instead. While listening, I was laughing hysterically and I guessed correctly that the rest of the teachers had no sympathy at all for her for this extraordinary feat of hers. She did mention my name personally in her speech, for being someone she will never forget  :P

She is no longer in school now. And the school was much quieter, oh and yes, happier! Some students did ask the teachers about what happened during the ceremony, but most teachers preferred not to talk about it. But not me, I tell my students what really happen because they should learn that one day they might meet people like that.

Yes, Facebook can be a weapon too  :)
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