Mushy Wednesday

I miss you from where I am
At this table where I work
I miss you from where I was
In this chaotic mind, where darkness lurk

I missed you calling me love
And I missed you replying, yes darling
I missed you above all else
Missing you, the heart sadly sings

I missed you missing me missing you
Though it may sounds a bit mushy
My love for you, and all those trappings too
Is the best thing that ever happened to me

But why must i miss you still?
When i can see you on a daily basis?
Hurm.... I cannot fathom the why...
Because we know the love does exist

Missing you missing me missing you ;)

Pictures - 14 February :)

These are my clay pots (I have three but one is still at my mom's). The new Korean clay pot is on the right. I twisted some green wire to create a handle for the Chinese pot because it was hard to pick up the lid when hot. Both are quite heavy.
View from above. The fish motif is so popular on clay pots. That or vegetables. Each clay pot should be soaked in water for 24 hours before first use. These are the biggest clay pots available, for porridge or slow cooking.
  My books. And action figures @ robots. I haven't bought a book for ages. Yet thank God for the iPad, I'm downloading free books like crazy (only finished reading 5% of them). Downloading even more (frantically, as SOPA and PIPA had already made some sites disappear)
These are the school prefects under me. We took this picture after the assembly this morning :)
We will have more new prefects at the end of March.

Claypot of Desire

Hello people.... I am just back from school, still sweaty, hot and undesirably smelly.

I stopped by a supermarket next to the school to buy some meat (I just got to try some beef stew recipes I saw on tv) and yes, I haven't had lunch at all and it is now only 7.56 pm!

Anyway, I got a kilogram of beef and walked through the kitchen and utensil section... well, because I just love looking at bowls and shiny saucepans, it might be kind of weird, but that's what I do everytime at a store.

And my eyes fell onto a group of claypots displayed under a wreath of post Chinese New Year buntings. I love claypots! To make soup or porridge, those are my choice. The food taste better too, compared to the ones cooked in steel containers. Anyway, I already have two good claypots, but it never hurt to look. Right?

So I held a few, even opened a few boxes to see them better (naturally no one else was interested in them as me). All came in brown boxes, which were common to this type of product of China. But then, there was a few bigger boxes in grey and of course my questing fingers had them deflowered!

Whoa! Totally different make and quality. Shinier too! As I turned one over, 'product of Korea' was painted at the bottom. I decided to buy one, as these Korean claypots might be extinct in a couple of weeks when the rest of the population found out. No harm in buying a third claypot, eh?

So I went to the cashier.... She scanned the beef but the there seemed to be a problem with the claypot registrar. I had to stand next to the counter, waiting for another girl to take my pot and check it with the powers-above at the back of the store. RM 18.90 was the price tagged and to me, it was worth the wait for a wonderful piece of crockery. So I waited, and waited, and waited to the discomfort of the girl cashier I stood next to.

At last after 15 minutes the girl returned with the claypot box, and was genuinely surprised at me, still waiting (I could have gone, because I already paid for my beef). When the cashier ringed the corrected register, it popped RM 8.90.

"Is that right? It was now less by RM 10!" I couldn't believe this because it was even cheaper than the Chinese claypots of lesser quality.

The cashier shrugged and told me I was very lucky to wait for the item.

And after paying, I quickly exited the building before they chose to change their mind about the price ;)

I'll try to post the pic of the pot soon.

What's your favourite item in the kitchen?
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