Before You Guys Think I Am Dead :P

As the tough guys would say; Suck it up and join the battle! We need no wuss.
I am no wuss, but being extravagant is always a good way to be the target yourself. Anyway, my sulkiness is ancient history (last week). I have a replacement for my broken vessel of love, but UNFORTUNATELY I cannot tell any of you here. God knows how many of my students are reading this :P

Two days ago, as I was driving to the cinema.... an accident occurred scant 50 metres in front of me. An old Indian man was ploughing / pushing his ancient black bicycle across the street when a small white compact car sped by and fully hit the back tyre of the man's bicycle!!
The aftermath was hillarious :O  Many would expect the poor man to be flung on the road, his bicycle became twisted metal. No, nothing happened to the man, nor his bicycle! But the front bumper of the car was RIPPED wide open and fell on the road!!! HA HA HA HA HA!
I laughed out aloud because the driver of the car galled me; he sped off, escaping the crime scene. Maybe he thought he had caused harm to the old man, but how wrong a criminal mind can be. Serves you good for being reckless on the road and stupid to boot.
As for the old Indian man, he didn't look shaken, only a bit annoyed and continued his way across the street. His bike was not even dented a bit.
Now that's quality ancient stuff :) I wish I can take a picture of the bike. It's one of the old black bicycles manufactured predating Independence. Very rare now on the streets.

On a lighter mode, let me show you a piece of polar bear fur I have in my possession.
    It's so bloody fluffy! The polar bear must be so fat and furry! Die polar bears, DIE!!
It's a kind of a mini rug, on my bed. The fur so luxurious to touch. Must have a bigger one soon...

Hold your horses boys! Before you (animal lovers) disown me for being a fur freak, I am just JOKING. It's not even real fur. It is actually wool spun to create a very furry rug. I love polar bears, ok :) I used to have a huge polar bear as a child a long time ago. I bought the rug from IKEA 3 weeks ago. :angel 
Shopping therapy is a good thing.

For the Best I Ever Had

You are beautiful
your love, phenomenal
We spun our dreams
in the promises, eternal

You complete me
like no one ever do
Though so much tears were shed
our love had always went through

Your smiles light me up
being with you, divine
I just cannot express enough
how blessed, this heart of mine

But so suddenly you went away
with reasons, you said best for us two
Great sorrow is within me
It aches so bad, without you

When you left me, you took my happiness and a great part of me.

I will always love you, Bu....

Help Me, I am Falling Into The Void!!

My blogger Void....

I was reading my previous entries this evening and realized that I am losing it... I used to write really often, was FIERY :fire about everything, and felt good about it.

Every month, there should be an average of 20 entries.... but the number has shrunk to even less than half of that. Aiye.... what has happened? :~  Did I get lazier than ever? (IF that is even possible).

I so envy the nice people who blogs every few days... Interesting and close knitted social life must you people have. My life IS interesting, but I just cannot put everything here in cyberspace. Some issues are too sensitive, some too horrifying to hear and maybe even a few that can bore your brain mass to liquid death. :xo

Ahh..... well, playing it safe for now. I am starting to feel that I am falling into the spiral already.

I know HOW to bounce back. But that would take some investment, and even moving out of my mom's house :P

Anyway, here's enjoying your posts my blogger friends! :party

p.s. - I wanna sulk somewhere for now.

I'm Bloody Beautiful and There's Nothing You Can Do About It

Teaching percent : 67 %
Viciousness level : Minimum [feeling nice. An overall wonderful day :) ]

This morning, we had a photography session for the school magazine. I had forgotten all about it, even though we were told about it last Friday. Fortunately I was presentable, with my maroon shirt, black tie and Dockers trousers. But I stood out still....

You see; I was wearing a white belt with a red stripe. Male teachers are supposed to wear dark coloured belts, of leather or whatever.

I tried to be inconspicuous, but a colleague handed me a digital camera and asked to take all the pictures with him! Meaning; I was out right at the front of EVERYBODY. I saw tongues wagged and even the Principal gave me a puzzled look. Bugger.

Later that morning, as I hung out with a colleague, she said;
"You looked very gay today."
"And why is that?"
"The way you dress these days, and what's with the white belt?"
"Does a belt makes somebody gay? I do look good now than way before right?"
"I admit, you look much better now. You used to be quite scruffy."
"Scruffy.... right...."  
These women... I know they have heard of metrosexual men, but decided not to acknowledge it.

And I even pretended to be 'stupid' much much later in the staff room by asking some female teachers about make-ups and face foundations. They did answer my questions, while giving me queer glances which I was really used to - being a weird person from the start. They even told me examples of cosmetics they are using.... oh the things you must hear in the name of curiosity.
"Do you wear make up now?" one of them asked.
"No, and still I have flawless skin than most people here."
A conceited reply, yes. But it is the unchallenged truth. Narcissistic me 8)

Anyway Technobabe still finds it hard to believe I wear construction boots to school :) And here's my two pairs of boots. I usually wear the black pair (aptly named Black Hammer) while the brown leather (Men's Club) was neglected by me for almost half a year. But I wore them to school today! FYI, Black Hammer was one of my wedding dowry from almost 3 years ago.

Reasons for wearing them? Indestructible. Once I literally kicked through a wooden door with Black Hammer (in a fit of rage, in class, something to remember eh?). Sometimes, unlucky students were kicked too. Secondly, they hear me coming clearly - even from afar. I walk like a tank, a student once said. :fire

Constructing Space Rails is akin to Assembling Gundams....

I was walking with my bff when I saw a toy display at the mall - steel ball bearings zooming on elevated rails and never ending (unless the battery goes flat). SPACE RAILS!! - it said at the box. I had my eyes on the same kind of toy two weeks ago at 'Toys R Us' but the item in front of me was 40 % cheaper. Mainly because it was a copy manufactured in China.... but who cares. I WANT ONE!

So after reaching home, around 11.30 pm, we opened the box and started the construction.... The plastic pieces were numerous and the manual, even though was translated into English - was badly so, and not giving much help. It took us until 1.25 am when I shook the damn manual in disgust and threw it away.

Let's do this our own way! 

And we did, and finished the rails at approximately 3.30 in the morning. :) We drove to the nearest 7-11 but they didn't have the battery size we needed. Bugger....

And MUCH later at 9.00 am, we bought the battery at another grocery shop, installed it and watched the ball bearings zoomed around. It's a rather nice set up. :party

I think I'll get a new Gundam robot soon.... it's so calming to build your own toy :angel


I wish to bring this to school for my students to see, because a lot of Physics is implied in setting up the rail. But I decided not to, oh selfish me. They'd think it as only a toy.

Humdrum Day.....

So what I have achieved today....

  1. Woke up, bathed, clothed, accessorize and drove of to school in 30 minutes. But I had to turn back scant 100 metres later because I forgot my PlayStation Portable... :o
  2. Met a student from my class who skipped school, tortured him there and then at the assembly square and then sent the bugger to the VP of Student Affairs.
  3. Doing my rounds.... insolently stepping into classes and severely pinching students without neck ties on their chests. I don't bring my cane nowadays.... that was the image of an orthodox teacher.
  4. Receiving info from informers... went to class 2C and rounded up two boys who smoked and skipped school. Sent them to the VP. He (the VP) must hated me for giving him a lot of trouble. :v
  5. Attended my 1st class for the day (1E) and as I was feeling happy, I told them the answers to next week's Science exam. I stole the questions from the internet for use. 
  6. While waiting for the second class for the day, I played my PSP to kill time in the lab. Gosh, I love role playing games... 
  7. Taught electro-motive force to my Physics students. Two of the boys were INCREDIBLY dense, playing around in front of me. I'd like to rip their hearts out but one of them is the son of my colleague. This is sad. And 15 minutes before ending the class, we talked about how to move drugs through airports and escaping detection by the police. See, I like to make my class interesting :)
  8. Left school 30 minutes earlier. Bought some fish for lunch. I love fish!
  9. Had steamed fish for lunch. Decided to make fish soup tomorrow afternoon.
  10. Slept like a satisfied boa-constrictor in the guest room after lunch.
  11. Woke up very late. The house was so quiet and dark.
  12. Internet. Internet. PSP. TV.
  13. Here's typing this....

Moving On Up

A guy I used to go out with (we used to be FRIENDS, ok?!) visited my bff last week, when he was stuck at home because of fever. I was somewhere else in the state, minding my own business and my friend was prudent enough not to tell about the visit until it was over.  

The guy and me were not speaking to each other for a very long time since a year ago. We just drifted apart, for some reasons privy to me and him.

So when my friend told me about it....
"Why he came to see you? He never liked you anyway."
"I don't know. He just called up and then said he's coming to see me."
"I see...."
"We only went out for a meal at a restaurant near my house."
"You are not angry?"
"Hell, no. Why must I? No reason to be so."
"He did ask about you. And I only told him the things he need to hear." <-- Good boy! :o
"Oh, ok."
"He got more money now after joining in some direct selling business...."

I lose interest after that. I am lazy to make more money through business and I don't like hearing about ex-friends with more money than I do. I should get more money through many means (some might be so evil, I will not state here) but fortunately I am also known as a very lazy guy.

The world and its inhabitants are safe from my aggressive business deals at least - for now. :v 

p.s. - Interestingly, the guy met my friend to ask about me. Hurmm...

Hello There People, I am Back!!

It is good to be back and thanks for your kind words in the previous post. :)  I am well, and feel a lot better after spending some quality time with my friends and pets these few days :party  :mj

Me and one of the very few best friends I have. I visit the beach now and then, just because I love a windy place to go people watching :) Don't let the purple shirt misguide you, he is actually a very nice guy. I always persuade him to throw away the offending piece of clothing but he refused - it attracts attention, he says :v
The Stars of the show - my mega ferrets!! Big, cuddly and ferociously searching for affection. Now I am able to bring BOTH ferrets to the beach when I finally got another harness, second hand it was. Kaos and Disco has very different temperament each, but still they attract huge amount of onlookers. If the kiddies got to close, we just let the harness slack so my ferrets can chase them away :P The sight of my ferrets baring their teeth and running towards them always make children run - but for ferrets owners, that is NOT aggressive behavior, the ferrets are actually SMILING and wanna play with you! [sadly, the lack of knowledge builds great walls against understanding]
This is an experimental shot taken with my digital camera. I call this pic 'Turn Left, Turn Right', after a romantic movie with the same tittle. My friend Firdaus has a snapshot camera, and he took some nice Lomography pictures with it. I was a model in some of them :) and gosh, I do LOOK GOOD! ha ha ha! :k I will try to scan some of his pics soon with his permission here.
And this last picture I took at our school's field is for you readers to think about.... Two workers were diligently cutting grass using petrol-consuming machines in the afternoon heat. And they took forever!! [FYI, they finished it in 2 days]. Where I was studying in 1990's, our school got THREE HUGE fields (not counting the netball courts) and only one gardener to do the job. So he rode a motorized lawn mower and finish the job in less than 2 hours! (Really, I was watching him, as I was sitting idly by the fields one afternoon a long long time ago).
The moral of the story; Bad economics at work here. The job can be done faster, cheaper and with fewer manpower with a bit of investment. But why it cannot be done? Because for the sake of HUMANITY. Let's give some luckless people jobs, the poor poor sods.
I call this an IMMENSE waste of time, energy and money. And also an insult to the thinking mind.
Do please tell if you disagree. :angel  

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