I Was Given a BMW, But I Wanted a Ferrari.


Yes, two days ago a good friend presented me with a remote control BMW e354 car as a belated birthday present. It was blue and beautiful. A nice toy for a nice boy. (I already have three RC cars and two helicopters. RC planes are ridiculous). 

But somehow I feel inadequate...

So I went out this evening with a couple of cronies to do look for that elusive thing which can fit the hole in my heart. Oh, and we had asam pedas tenggiri for dinner next to Pasar Borong, Melaka. It was stupendous!

While walking around in Bintang, I found out that there are more shops selling PS3 games than I knew of. Good. Mwa ha ha ha ha! But the selection of games is abyssimal. I have more interesting games than the entire shopping mall combined! (Yay for being an ardent collector!)

And then there it was. On top of a stack of RC cars, it's a Ferrari. It's big, it's red and somehow the invisible force told me that this can fit that gaping hole (for now). So imperiously (people with money always feel like royalty) I asked the towkey to open the box and give it a spin. And it was so bloody fast! Three times faster than any RC cars I ever had. 

Shadowthorne is happy. Pip and Emma are also happy.

p.s - before some of you said that petrol RC cars is better than battery operated... yes, you are right, but I don't have the time for maintenance and I am also a green person. And I would be a damn idiot to spend so much money on a fuel RC when I have a damn big Kia to drive already.


Haiku Project 6

My hand is ailing

Even if you chide me

How can I play bowling? 

                                - oh I will devour you guys this Saturday -


10 (other) Things About Me

1.  Spent too much money on PS3 video games and toys. (I was compelled to buy them by an unknown force).

2.  Love cold rainy days and don't really mind getting wet. I never got sick even after a full drench from a storm and really wondered why some people got fever after a little drizzle.... (wimps)

3.  Love to collect boxes. Rarely threw any away. My room is almost like a small storage area.

4.  Still thinking of the next ultimate pet or toy to buy....

5.  Have a small safe under the bed filled with unthinkable items from evil past. Ha ha ha.

6.  Always clean up Kiki's litter box everyday, and feed her on time. But neglected the rabbit in the cage outside.

7.  Loves broccoli and garlic. Sometimes have raw onions sliced for any meal.

8.  Currently disappointed because there are no interesting titles of fantasy books on sale.

9.  Also VERY VERY VERY disappointed with the lack of fantasy films shown in the local cinemas.

10.  And no ideas to write anything witty because mind is clouded after a very very prolonged sleep. 


I Am In A Bad Mood And I Will Tell You Why

Yesterday I got two new contacts from a friendly site on the net. I like meeting new people now, as opposed of me before, having a closed-door policy very like Communist China once upon a time. And I like to be friends with people outside my line of work. In friends, I believe in the spectrum of variety.

So I text-messaged X and Y (we shall not tell their oh-so common names here) for introductions, a token practise other than the e-mails I already sent. I text-messaged with both of them, asking questions what a new friend should ask, ya da ya da ya da.... And it is a fault of mine to be always suspicious of new characters in my life. These people were not all they seemed to be.

X and Y had put into their advertisements wanting to find nice, trustworthy people as their new friends. But the words they have given to me hinted them to be the exact opposites. (It's a teacher's trait to sense falsehood in given sentences). I am not stupid. I was steeped deep in this dark hole @ Alam Perwira for so long and would recognize fellow postgraduates.

What vexes me is.... there are a lot of people out there seriously looking for friends or companions, but why must these sub-humans add themselves to the equation? The lies. The dishonesty. Very like the adminstration of the previous George W. Bush.

I will not blog for a few days at least. A murdering heart is hard to placate.   

Drive Drove Driven and Driving

I love driving, but today my vehicular endurance was sorely tested. From this morning till evening I drove a near total of 450 km. You might said,"Only 450 km and he made a fuss?" Heck, I hate driving in a city I am not familiar, following cars driven by relatives who did not care if I know the roads. (It was supposed to be a convoy). Dangerous. And my car was already dented by a drunkard in the same city (last year). Fortunately the clumsy son of a b**** had got it worse, his motorcycle split into two. Hoped he died.

I was tired and I hate tail-gating. The journey back was faster than average, the speedometer always around 125 km perhour. Thanks heaven I got back safely...

My cat Kiki is very happy with the catnip toy I bought her. At least that's a consolation. 


I Was A Walking Dictionary

After attending a wedding ceremony this afternoon, my mother decided to visit her friend who got into an accident three days ago. As usual, I had to tag along because I love attending any wedding ceremony for the free food and the chance to criticise it later. And I don't mind the detour because as a dutiful son; mother is first.

My mother's friend broke a few bones on her right ribs and naturally wears a sling. There are a lot of people in the house; family, relatives and visitors like us. While sitting on the floor in front of her friend, my mum started to talk animatedly with her other friend, who happens to be the poor victim's older sister and both siblings (no surprise) are also teachers. The older teacher; Cikgu Midah; asked if I remembered her teaching me in primary school. I told her I remembered. 

"You were my walking dictionary. Remember the times when we did English translating and most of your friends never brought their dictionaries? All I had to do was ask you the meaning of words because I was also too lazy to bring my dictionary," she said with a laugh. I had forgotten all about it, but the memory came back to me. I was the ultimate teachers' pet in school.

I was likable, with the cute haircut so-much-like Damien of Omen I, II and III (remake too). My teachers from primary to secondary school had never forgotten me for some nice reasons which I will not bore you with. It is nice to be remembered thus. 


Monotonous Movies

I watched 'Red Cliff 2' at 7.15 this evening with a friend. And 'Underworld 3; Rise of the Lycans' at 10.30 pm. The reason for this mini-movie marathon? Because we can.

I will not bore you with the summary (somebody told me my blog is infested with movie and food critics). I just wanted to express how disappointed I was with both films. Are they making movies just for the sake of shoving it down our throat and get away with the money? I was uninspired. I was bored. Even the sea of blood I witnessed seemed mundane. WHERE is the TALENT? Where is the realism?

The first movie I watched alone was 'Robin Hood; Prince of Thieves' with Kevin Costner in it. I was young and the film did unleashed new fantasy possibilities inside me. Now I am older, and I have seen a lot. Maybe I am asking too much for entertainment.

I wish we have a Coliseum here; with real gladiators. I'd like to have my own team of slaughtering bastards.  


10 Truths About Me

1. Very vain and conceited, and I do make sure people know.

2. Have no suspicion that was naturally born bad, but try (oh ok, act) to be nicer.

3. Love cute animals, but will have no conscience whatsoever to flush said animals down the toilet if they were to much a bother.

4. Love reading fantasy books, and maybe amusing articles once in a while.

5. Have plans to rule the planet - Communist-style. With me as Supreme-Generalissimo. All former friends and trusted enemies shall be dealt accordingly (???).

6. When in a bad mood, will always tell victim before the attack (I do warn people if in a bad mood).

7. Love Chinese cuisine. And likes meat and fish better than chicken. Loves octopi sushi too.

8. Sometimes acted as a loan-shark @ Along @ chetty. .... people like to borrow money from me. And I DO charge interests at interesting rates.

9. Currently living alone with my cat, Artemis II Kikuraides (Kiki) and I don't really mind the loneliness because I LIKE being alone. (My mom shows up once in a while to make sure I am still alive, she now stays at the kampung with my brother).

10. Like to steal small things for keeps. 


La la la lah 5

This is what I wish to do to students foolish enough not to finish my homework. The world is a happier place without these scum. 


Let's Go Sunning

Let’s go sunning
It’s so good for you
Let’s go sunning
Beneath the sky of blue
Greet the sun every morn
Feel as free and happy as the day you’re born

Let’s go native
Sun your cares away
Be creative
Learn to live and play
Pretty flowers need the sun
This applies to every one

Life’s worth living
When nature’s giving
Happiness to everyone
So let’s go sunning

Let’s go native
Sun your cares away
Be creative
Learn to live and play

Pretty flowers need the sun
This applies to everyone
Life’s worth living
When nature’s giving
Happiness to everyone
So let’s go sunning

* I have just created a widget for this song. This is a soundtrack from the movie 'Garden of Eden' 1954. Yes, totally retro. But I 1st actually heard the song long ago from a PlayStation 2 game, 'Kill All Humans' where the scenes of chaos and destruction was depicted cheerily by the song. Then I heard it again in another video game, 'Fallout 3' PS3. It was played over and over again and stuck to the mind like a limpet. 

A fellow teacher was asking if anybody knew any songs that are short and simple for the 'An English Song A Week' programme. I might introduce her this song and brain wash the entire school. Ha ha ha ha ha. [Listen to the song. It is indeed a fun and happy song, but oh PLEASE READ THE LYRIC CAREFULLY. You might be surprised.] (Evil laugh) 


Haiku Project 5

Almost kicked students
not finishing my homework
bad for their health

                                 - staffroom, bored -

Lord of the Rings ; Conquest

I've always been a fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, way back before Peter Jackson decided to  direct the excellent movies. Heck, the 3-in-one book was literally thrown to me by a friend who decided it was too complicated to understand, the language archaic. I admit the books were a bit boring sometimes, but these are the grand daddies of fantasy books nowadays. A must read.

So when PS3 decided to have Lord of the Rings Conquest in her January batch of games, I quickly book the title from my game agent. I played all of the PlayStation2 LotR games and PS3 promised a much different way to play; we get to play the baddies to wreck havoc and chaos on Middle Earth! I always wanted to kill Legolas, that pretty boy-b***h.

I got the game today yet I didn't open it yet. I will finish killing aliens in Resistance 2 first before descending onto the Shire to kill hobbits. This time we shall make a different ending to that happy story. 

Nazguls are cool. And Sauron rules.


Among Dead Kings and Mythic Legends.

I was whisked away by two older relatives to visit their brethren somewhere in Permatang Pasir, Selangor. The journey took us 2 hours from my home, and fortunately I didn't have to drive along unfamiliar roads. I slept (or feign sleep) the whole trip.

This is the view of the lush jungle right in front of the house whose family we visited. This is one of the prettiest vegetations group I ever seen (and I have seen a lot, since posted in Borneo).

This is an inside view of Sultan Abdul Samad Mousoleum near Jugra. I was actually impressed to know that our host was actually a descendant of the royal family (she pointed to her grand dad's tomb, great uncles etc.)

 Ah, and guess what is it about the rock above? It's ANOTHER footprint of the legendary Hang Tuah there in Selangor. (Others are in Melaka and Penang). The print was huge, embedded on the rock. There was even a small temple next to it (with people burning incense and paper money).

And this is Istana Bandar, a mini palace built around 1903. I don't know which Sultans lived here and I don't care. But its rather pretty and I was told that it got gallows and a 'batu hampar' (beheading stone). How cool! And it is now currently under restoration.

This trip is indeed an education. Old Malay Sultanates Rules! (Or rather RULED!)


Wish You Were Here

I was really depressed (see earlier entry), but someone who is close to me seems to have a bigger problem. This is Herry Morris, who is now 18 years old and a former student of mine back in Sarawak. He was also my only confidante and closest person I would call family then. We have a history WAY back for years since 2003, when I first walk upon the island of Borneo.

I don't make friends easily, as many who knew me realized. And if I ever bonded with someone, it would last for life. Unfortunately, during my teaching years in Kapit, Sarawak; I was not able to acquire many friends among fellow teachers. The students, weirdly, were more fascinated with me, no matter how brutally cruel I could be in class. So, I was closer to the students than most teachers could. And they told me things, everything that could catch my attention. From these discussions, I could sieve out the really different characters out of the common muck. One of these characters was Herry. He's a nice person, quiet and shy. Also quite intelligent and those genes were also passed down to his younger brother and sister (also my students). 

Oh and he was also one of the most polite (I hate rude people). I usually have a few students with me at anytime of the day after school because I was a chick-magnet (ha ha ha). People began to complain (because it was such a small place, the boarding school where people can only escape using boats) for no apparent reason about this Malay teacher who got a horde of Iban students doing his biddings. JEALOUSY. Mud beneath my feet. This unsatisfied grumbling quickly ended when I escelated to the post of school warden (by single-handedly erasing the troubles in school in 6 months). Oh, and I publicly threated to rip the throats off anyone who had the gall to talk behind me. 

But this entry is not about me. Like I said, my history in Sarawak was colourful and sometimes painful. Herry and a few stood by me, their favourite Science teacher, against a world of prejudice and backstabbers. I was different, thus alienated even by my own colleagues. And I would never forget such loyalty, one that even a king should be envious of. In a place of such boredom, bad-vibes and loneliness; I have a few friends who made me happy.

So I called Herry today, and he told me he is lonely and confused because his dorm-mates do not wish to be his friends. It saddens me, as I could not be there to console him, one of the person who made my life tolerable in hell. I told him what I told myself when I was his age; they think you are different, and much better than they were, so they hated you. You are a nice person, intelligent and polite; you don't have to keep such people as friends. Keep the ones who likes you the way you are. Study hard and one day you will fly further than the rest.

Oh, I got so sentimental like. Yes, evil people do have hearts too.


Depression Numero Uno

For the 1st time this year, I am seriously depressed. I can tolerate pressure and the disdain of others quite well, but when I cannot avoid something I hate hate hate hate hate, its depression time. If I can kill several people to avoid this, I would do it in a blink.

Some people just cannot have no for an answer. So they merrily plow through people's life like a titanic bulldozer, distrupting life and plans. They say you must do this and that, and would question your excuses to find fault, so you have to follow their god-awful plans because it-is-for-your-own-good. I think these creatures in human forms should take a serious check in their head, or I'll be happy to do it - with a scalpel (and a spade for afters). 

By the way, I was not talking about my boss or my mum.


Haiku Project 4

Yes, I talked to my kitty

I do hope

Nobody calls me crazy


Somebody Tagged Me So I Will Do Her This Honour.

1. Do you think you are hot?

No. But different in my head and my personal world.

2. Upload a favourite picture of you.

Not my fav pic. But its on my desktop already. me without glasses.

3. Why do you like that picture?

It was me after a haircut, at least I don't look like a twerp.

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?

Last year, I forgot. Pizza is not really delicious and so bloody expensive too. I prefer pasta.

5. The last song you listen to?

Billy Joel's 'Rivers of Dream'

6. What are you doing right now besides this?

Downloading porn. So what? At least I am not lying like some people I know. :)

7. What names do you prefer besides yours?

Amon Ra (happens to be my real name anyway, corrupted), Dammaerung. Shadowthorne. Once was called Ramzu the Red for a couple of years because I had my hair dyed red.

8. People to tag :

Sadly I don't have anyone to tag. I am alone in this world. So what?

9. Who is number one?


10. Number three is having a relationship with?

Me too.

11. Who is number two?

I would be a really enlightened moron if I can answer this. 


I HATE Paperwork.

Superman got kryptonite. Garfield got spiders. America got the rest of the free world. And my bane in life is paperwork.

It would seem odd that somebody who loves to write like me hates paperwork. Hell, I hate paperwork because of the pretense of being official and busy-like at work. I hate paperwork because it took so much time, the time you can spend on better things like creative-teaching. If I wanted to do paperwork everyday, I'd be a damn clerk!!!

I am a messy person, so most of my things, including my computer files are not in order (ergo the new year's resolution of being a more tidy person). So when somebody asked to submit a report I did last year, it would take me ages to find that particular document, retype the damn thing, print it, then the printer got jammed, search for another printer, submit it at last... but hell no, it was returned with many red markings, corrections and such, ops I should print it in potrait, not landscape, ya da ya da ya da.....

Some people said the Malaysian education system is the best in the world. Who are these morons? A dynamic education system is bad for us - it got people confused. Paperwork should not be forced upon teachers, these 'glorified' clerks and babysitters. Everytime a new regime (Education Minister, Director of Ed. etc etc pick your fav) arises, there would be interesting new things to do, just to show the world 'WE ARE DOING OUR JOB.' 

I love my work. But sometimes I think there are people who are trying HARD to make the job of teaching difficult.


La la la lah 4

What am I doing this particular moment;
1. Sitting at the common table in the stafroom.
2. Listening to music with my Motorola bluetooth headphone (because some of them said I am a bigot in music and secondly, just to show off, ha ha ha)
3. Using the school's computer to surf the net and post this entry.
4. Looking at some female teachers doing business on the next table.
5. Nodding in acknowledgement to three new teachers who walked past me.
6. Feeling rather thirsty.
7. Oh, and I got only 2 periods (80 minutes) this entire day to teach. So bloody free!

La la la lah 3

I stayed at home the entire Sunday doing nothing much, and I liked it. A few friends and even my mother told me to get a life, but hey, if I were to get a life that really suits me, they would not like at all. I was born bad, and I do not wish to let the nature fester and grow.

Evil people tend to end up pretty bad at the end of their lives. But they do have more fun.

I never wished to be filthy rich or insanely good looking. I never dreamed of going places and having a lot of admirers. I like to be me, same old me, Science teacher extraordinaire. 

I like to go out whenever I feel like. I like to have fun whenever I feel bored. I do not bother people because I am so not interested in communication with strangers. Alone is good, and I have years of practice. But people would not let me be....

What the hell have you done lately? -Wanted 2008-


I Threw A Chair And I Liked It

I got a sit-in slip today, to virtually babysit class 3E at 9.40 am. I really hate end-of-the-world classes. Most of the students, especially boys are rude and noisy. If I didn't teach the class, it made the distance between me and them colossal.
So I entered 3E a few minutes late with my laptop computer. And I ignored them the first few minutes because 'I don't wanna have any truck to do with them'. Oh, and as I expect them to behave, several boys begin a kicking-contest at the back of the classroom. Shadowthorne emerged, grabbed a plastic chair and threw it among them (from the front of the class). The boys quickly scrambled back to their places.

Shadowthorne withdrew. Commence surfing the internet in total silence.

I PITY the parents who had children like these, who never had a tiny speck of conscience to uphold the family honour. They kick dirt into their parents' faces. Oh hell, not my son / daughter anyway.

White Squids and Spring Onions - Chinese Wok Style

Ingredients: a whole bulb of garlic (because I like garlic so much), some white squids with their ink sacs removed, a handful of spring onion, 3 teaspoon of oil, half a cube of chicken essence, chilli api (because I love it hot too) and some oyster sauce.

Procedures : (? Macam makmal la plak)

1. Have everything cut to the appropriate size.

2. Toss the minced garlic into the sizzling oil, and give it a stir or two until almost golden.

3. Get the squids and chilli into the pan and give it two minutes. Add in the half a cube of chicken      essence and oyster sauce.

4. Finally put in the spring onion, and after half a minute of tossing everything, take the pan off         the stove. It is now ready.

* The heat must be intense and no need to add in more liquid as the liquid from the squid is sufficient. And this is a STIRFRY, you only need 10 minutes or less for this.

I had this with rice, and a quarter of roasted chicken. My method to cook the chicken was very radical, so I will not tell you how to avoid food poisoning.  


A F**king BORE!

I returned back from school late after a meeting. Q-Nett and all that crap. Please don't get me started on the bloody paperwork etc. Gosh, they run the teachers tired, then they blame us for the pompous stupidity of students today. "Oh no, you must not blame the students, you must blame yourselves if the bloody students bloody fail!" No fair!!!!! Are most of our society blind to see that many students nowadays DO NOT EVEN want to study and treated school as another playground? If it is really up to me I WILL NOT make school cumpulsory, even though it is still free. Let the youngsters who are really interested to study enroll. Well, this would create less job for teachers but education cannot be forced. You study or die starving - my humble opinion. 

So then, I called upon a friend and we watched KM 31, a Mexican horror film at MBO at 6.00 pm. And for THE FIRST TIME in my illustrious movie-going years, I slept through one!!!!!!! It was that BORING! The ghosts were not really frightening and a total rip-off from The Ring horrors (which was a great film). I astonished myself really, realizing I was dozing on and off not because of tiredness, but the sheer tedium of the film. Heck, I usually laugh at a horror flick, but KM 31 was so bad I don't have anything funny to be amused at. It was so bad I REFUSE to give a review or even tell the synopsis.  I say, go and eat dirt South American film makers!


New Resolution in Progress

Something is against me to realize my new year resolution (being a more organized government servant). The printer was jammed when I was in the middle of printing some 44 pages of Physics yearly lesson plans, deftly stolen from another school's website. Then my laptop went bzzzz and blue-monitored when starting up, and it never did that before. A new student was misplaced and put into my class (2C), and I felt bad vibes from her already, so I asked her to move to another class (2D). No students of mine would have a criminal record to be school-transferred.

During Physics, I took off my spectacles and taught them from the rostrum, which is not my usual modus operandi. (Last 2 years I ALWAYS sit at the same table / bench with all my students. It's a very social act, and makes me most popular). The class went well, with me always belittling and condemning the lack of effort to read (which is always true) and the frozen mindedness of kids nowadays. When I put on my glasses later, I found out that I have a NEW student. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Must wear new specs tomorrow. And more blings.


My Kiki of the Future

This is not a picture of Kiki, my cat, but of a grown calico cat I got from the net. Kiki would grow up to be like this cat.

I was surprised to find out that most calico cats are female! (Yay for the internet!) It's all about the sex related genes, where the colour orange or black is carried by the X chromosomes.

Well children, you should know why both genders are different because of the sex chromosomes, X and Y. Girls have XX and boys have XY. If you are XXY.... just guess what you are. XYY is even way cooler, quite common in hardcore villains and crooks.

So Kiki is female (XX), so she has both the colour orange and black. White fur is in another set of genes. Well, does this information interesting or what? It sure did open my eyes to know more about my pets. 

My mom wont let me have another cat. Humph.


Haiku Project 3

So angry

When somebody who owes me

Didn't pick up the damn phone

                                                - simmering over the pot of wrath -


First Day at Work 2009

The number of unbelievably late students this morning was phenomenal. A few even entered the school compound at 8.10 am, and that's not tardy, but beyond forgiveness (for me).

I got 2C, my students from last year, in fact I will be teaching the same batch Science. They wont let me touch the Form 1 students this year, I had succeeded in brainwashing them to love me for two years already. I called that jealousy. Some people cannot watch others being more popular.

An officer from the Jabatan Pelajaran entered my quasi-Physics class when I was in the middle of asking them why snakes shed their skin (with actual snake skin in my hand). He wanted to know about the students' placements in a Pure Science class, by asking direct questions their results in PMR. Silvertongue told him that the separation would only be finalized by next week. The man nodded and walked away, Silvertongue commenced entertaining the crowd.

I feel good about work this year. Erm....   



After almost a week of waiting I finally have my dream phone in my hands. So shiny, so sleek, and oh so nice to look at. Then the three of us (Me, Lola and K) went to watch Adam Sandler's 'Bedtime Stories' which was bland and not very good in my opinion.

Then we had late dinner in front of the General Hospital and I was so engrossed with the gadget that I ignored the food in front of me for quite some time. And yes, there were jealous glances from the tables left, right, front and even behind me. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

I finally got back home and met my sister who returned from KL for the weekend. She said I wasted my money on something so small (her handphone is really ancient, she's not really interested in new technology. Weird thing for an engineer). 

Installing the LG program was a ROYAL pain in the ass. I had to reboot my computer twice and switching the phone on and off three times before they can be connected. And then it HAPPENED! I accidentally DELETED ALL my contacts from both sim card and phone memory! The surprise! The sadness! The tragedy! I wanted to scream but it's really my own fault so I gave myself a huge slap on the face. Only a few numbers can be saved, those who text-messaged me today....

But come to think of it, I think it's fate for all those numbers lost. I kept thinking of a new clean slate for this new year. New friends to make and good riddance to those driftwood friends who never called me back (most of the number in the simcard).

And one more thing; KP500 Cookie is seriously AWESOME!! (if you cannot afford Samsung Omnia-lah). And eat your intestines out Tuck Wai and Norman!


Haiku Project 2

Stay at home

PlayStation 3, cooking mee

Content, happy like most days

                                  - over a bowl of 'bone soup' instant noodles -

Happy New Year 2009 (?)

I was suddenly awakened at 1.25 am on the 1st of January 2009. Yes, I slept through the New Year's celebration like always, in fact earlier I purposely rushed out of town just to avoid being in the middle of any festivities.

Its just another year for me. And it makes me feel old.

I can say that I FAILED to make people ignore me at workplace, and they just wouldn't let me go (I wanted a transfer). I have still almost the same few friends like the past 2 years ago, and I am happy with it, because the rise of STUPID, IGNORANT PEOPLE out there is frightening. I don't make friends easily and S.I.Ps make me angry.

I only have one new year's resolution - I will start filing my work properly.

Oh, and thank you very much for having the time to read my blog. Have a New Year, you wanted it or not. :) 

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