Of Star Wars and Pink Netbooks

My housemates never watched Star Wars before, and as I am so hyped for the latest 
installment this December ("The Force Awakens"), I had to force them to watch both 
previous trilogies on my Bluray player (and yes, I have the box dvd, every fan should 
have wot?)

So, two nights ago we started on “Star Wars IV; A New Hope” and last night we 
continued with “Star Wars V; The Empire Strikes Back”. When I asked them when do
 they think the films were made, both said maybe earlier this millennium. When I told them the first movie was released in 1977, they cannot believe it at first. Heck, even I 
cannot believe it myself while watching starcruisers chasing the 
Millennium Falcon on glorious HDTV. Its cinematic orgasm, I tell ye!

Anyway that is beside the point. I was born a year after the first Star Wars, 
but was only
 able to watch it in the late 1980s, when we had our first colour tv. I didn't understand 
much at the time, but heck EVERYBODY knows Darth Vader. I even wished to grow up to be a Sith Lord (no secret there to those who knew me). Galactic domination! Red 
lightsabers are cool! And to kill anyone through tv screens! Yay!

(Makes me very good in reading people... and then manipulating them later)

I am typing all this using an Acer netbook. My Asus notebook died on me after only a 
year (making me hate the brand and not wanting to do anything with it anymore). A 
netbook is indeed smaller, and WAY slower. But it does it job, as I only use this 
netbook to blog and do some light work and browsing.

But some people just cannot understand why the colour is pink.... 
(“It’s so not you....”) I told them
 that was the only colour left, when all the blues, reds and silvers were out of stock. 
And is it so hard
 to imagine a Sith Lord with a pink death ray console?

Anyhow I read somewhere; it is a very brave man who sports pink (not gay, ok!)

Hazing the Neighbours....

This picture was taken earlier today, at 10.50 am. Nope, it wasn't fog. It's the bloody haze.

My school is on top of a hill, Bukit Merchat (or Mer-chut Hill to you English speaking people). We have a spectacular view of the surrounding, and from over elevation, can see kilometres away. The haze has made this impossible for months now...

Indonesia is on fire.... The country surrounding Malaysia is burning its jungles for new plantations. Smoke and ash are spread throughout South East Asia and the neighbouring countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines are affected. This happens EVERY FREAKING YEAR!

The air was so polluted that some states close schools because of the high API (air pollution index). In the picture, our API is about 128.... Just imagine in south Sumatra, Indonesia, some parts reached 800 - 1000 units.

And yesterday in the news, a minister from Indonesia asked why must they apologize for the haze?

....... some people are born stupid it seems....

Almost A Year Without Blogging....

Facebook kills blogging.....

I used to blog frequently once. And made it a point to post a few entries every month without fail. I met many good people here, read their blogs and commenting on their posts. And they did the same with mine too.

Then enter Facebook.... (I don't do any Instagram, Tweeter etc as I see no point in having more social accounts.) Snapping a picture and updating it online is SO easy with my mobile phone. Updating a status anytime, anywhere and anyhow is a breeze, with some clicks on the digital keyboard.

I was enthralled, like the millions of people all over the planet.

Facebook is king. Everybody must have an account. Everybody must be connected there. There is no escape.

Once upon a time I believed that e-mail @ the internet killed snail mail. I had some penpals all over the globe and we wrote religiously to each other MONTHLY. As the age of the internet peaked in the late 90s, I found it was tedious to write long, descriptive pages. This sentiments must be shared by my penpals as we all drifted from each other.... and I have none left.

All this for the sake of progress (?)

Now I think I should start blogging all over again. (Yes yes I know some of you have heard this before). I will try to limit my time on Facebook, and give blogging a go once again.

May the Force be with me. Yay!
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