The End Is Near (for Teachers here...)

Gosh! Only six days before the school STARTS?!! I wish to have another month of holiday. Christmas had just passed and I know you guys are having a lot of fun with your presents and stuff. I have a lot of FUN with my PlayStation 3 and iPad 2 too.

And I just found out how to download free ebooks a couple of days ago.... Yay for the internet!

I started to keep my aquarium alive again...

This is a fighting fish. Once upon a time they were abundant in the rice fields here, but as Malaysia has grown into a modernized country, the rice fields are fewer and the fishs are almost extinct. Nowadays, most fighting fish come from Thailand, the country up north. Only male fish got sails / plumage like this. The females are more dull and smaller. They come in a myriad of colours, my fav are blue and red. Most in metallic hues :)
Two male fishs cannot live in the same container... they will fight, thus the name.

And have a look at this box full of roses....
These came from my three rose bushes at the front of my house. The rain brings a lot of blooms and it would be a great waste to let the flowers wilt or rot. So we carefully cut every rose and then naturally dry them in a copper pan to make pot pourri. I have a huge bowl of them now :)

Ok, time to have late dinner. I might have some sausages fried.

It's name is PADDINGTON

I am sorry if I was absent for 10 days, because I was rather busy. Busy gaming my heart out with my PS3 and bonding with my iPad 2 ;)
I got both of these gadgets a week before Christmas. Some of you might remember a couple of years ago that I always mentioned about playing video games in my blog. Then the machine got broken, and all the king's horses and men couldn't put it together again... I was PlayStation-less for a year, and that was bad for me. No outlet to vent this vengeful soul's rage... Killing people in games is the next best thing after the real thing ;)
So the Man has been good enough to let us, the civil servants to get a month's pay bonus this December, a week before Christmas. And I bought a new PlayStation 3, and happy days are here again! Yay for gaming!
As for the iPad 2, a doctor friend of mine was willing to let it go after a couple of months use. He said that it was too complicated and was not really practical to do work with. He's right, I am using it now and me think it's sole purpose was to look good in our hands. And last night (Christmas eve) after discussing with my housemate, we christened him with the name 'Paddington'. (the PlayStation is too much an honourable brand to give it a nickname)
so now you know why I HAD to be busy these few days. Don't fret, I will always visit your blogs and after the frenzy has abated, maybe we'll hold hands and play with the fairies in Wonderland! Oh, that's me full of cough syrup.
Until then, a Happy Christmas to my Christian friends from all over the planet! Yay!

History of Hair

Rock Chef of the Rock Chef's Warren blogged about his hair a couple of hours ago and I decided to blog about mine too. Not the one now, but the one I coloured a long while ago.

Look at the character on the left... This is Iori Yagami of the King of Fighter, an arcade game franchise very popular in the late 90s. He happened to be my muse when I was in secondary school, 16 year old me, who was already seeped in irony, fights and evil. Much like his hero. <--

So during the midyear holidays that year, 1997 I coloured my hair with Clairol's 'Burgundy' hair colour. I did it myself and was rather lacking on the 'never let the dye touch the scalp' direction. I paid for ignoring that direction... but that comes later.

My hair was flaming red in the sun! Back then, in a society of 100% black hair, I stood out like a lighthouse! People pointed and children stared. It was not a natural colour for anyone.

My dad, who was always the silent one, one day remarked that he was now FAMOUS, having a son with bright red hair. Everybody in our small town knew about me he said. My mom, believing it was only teen-angst, left me be.

I returned back to boarding school in anticipation... My school mates were shocked, but never dared to comment (I was brutal back than to criticism). I was only worried about the reaction of the teachers.... as I thought the sun and moon of them, i.e. very highly. If they reacted badly, I would be so downcasted.

The first school assembly with red haired me, I admitted that I was so afraid they would call me up to the front and have a row. But NOTHING towards that happened. The teachers were aware of me (the gossiping escalated a notch at their seats), as I stood right in the front of my class row. The Principal and Vice Principal noticed too.  I had my heart drumming like crazy, but NOTHING happened...

On the third day of school, at last I dared to ask my History teacher (who was quite chummy with us) about the why. He said, yes, the teachers saw me and right after that assembly they went searching inside the school's rule book about hair dyes... and they found there was NO RULE against it. No rule, so I was legally safe. (Synthetic hair dyes were quite new to Malaysia back then). So there will be one in the NEXT YEAR'S rule book.

Sometimes I didn't believe those days happened, but they did. The only boy in school with red hair. Unfortunately I didn't have pictures, (no camera rule) :P But I did look good back then.

Now to the part when I ignored the direction... As I coloured my hair myself, it was a messy and sticky job and I might have used too much colouring too. And my scalp was totally seeped with it... My red hair lasted for almost TWO YEARS because of that one time of colouring. Fortunately I didn't get bald or I'll kill myself for my own stupidity. The reddish tint disappeared by the second year gradually.

Talking about long lasting hair colour...

So that's all folks. Now we can see people with colourful hair walking the streets with no one batting an eyelid. The world has changed.

What colour is your hair today? :)

I am a Wyrm, who waited for any opportunity...

 My housemate and I went to meet an old school friend at the local Secret Recipe. We are of the same age, and as I was divorced, he was never into any real relationships before. Our conversations had a wide spectrum; from the impoliteness of today's youth to the rising price of cosmetics at Guardian (you must ask? Maybe I was born with it, but SOME people do depend on creams and such :P)

And in the middle of snacking (the heavy slices of chocolate cheese cake) he told me that he already have a new laptop computer and is willing to let go of his iPad 2 for half the price. My housemate head perked up at this because he is REALLY interested in that offer. I told my friend that my housemate was looking for a touchscreen computer and would he sell it to him.

My housemate was hesitant, mainly because he didn't know my friend that well and partly, he didn't have that much money. Than suddenly, that dreadful dragon inside me roared 'AN OPPORTUNITY, TAKE IT!!!' And without ceremony I offered to buy my friend's iPad instead for myself.

My housemate face changed at this.

In the previous post, i think I wrote about me not needing a new computer. But this is a spanking new iPad 2 costing at half of its price. And next year, if God and Government permits, I will have that raise promised. PlayStation 3 and iPad 2 before Christmas. Sounds good.

No need to shout hypocrite that loud! :)

On the way back, I had to placate my housemate in the car. It took some time for an angry guy to listen to reason. I told him I knew he didn't have enough money and although the iPad will be mine, I'd let him use it as he allows me to use his laptop for gaming.

A win-win situation. Don't you think?

(some of you would think.... now I know why he has so few friends) :P

Needful Things

I already have a laptop computer, but I am using my housemate's because it is the more powerful to play games with. I do not see the need to buy a better computer.

I already have a car. It's big, dusty, battered and not as shiny as it used to. Some people asked me why I didn't buy a new car. I don't see the point to owe more money from the bank.

I have clothes that might be a decade old, yet I still wear them. Why throw away good garments as long as they aren't torn? I RARELY go shopping for clothes, even for any festivities.

I love my boots. I wear construction boots to school. I started to wear boots when I was first posted in the backwaters of Borneo. That was 8 years ago... I gave away that first pair of boots to a favourite student of mine and bought another one in 2007 (brown). I am still using the same pair, but usually I wear the black pair, the one I got for my wedding in 2008.... Years of wear. Gosh, they ARE durable.

The thing is.... why we need to be so wasteful? The last time I met my youngest brother (last week), I saw he had a new pair of shoes, a new backpack, some rather expensive clothes and toiletries that I would think twice before buying. And he has not finished his study yet (insert 'parasitic organism' here). My mom paid for all that. This is sad because if I had a say in this, he would get a single penny from Mom.

Be grateful with what we have. I do not need that wonderful tablet computer because my ol laptop is still working. I don't need a new cat because I already have one and three ferrets (two ferrets were given to me by desperate owners with problems). I don't need those shiny set of pots and woks because my steel pan is still great in fry ups. And of course, just because you have a bad-ass sound system you think I'll run crying back to Mommy.

It's nice to have new, expensive stuff. Everybody wants them. But do we really have the NEED?


Oh OK, I might buy a new PlayStation 3 soon. But I NEED it! It has been a year since my ol PS3 was not in working order, and the games in the laptop were rather sketchy because of the average machine.

Oh, and I might NEED that train set I had my eyes on...

And those collars for my cat. She NEEDS it.

Tra la la la la.

p.s. - That's me sitting on the carpet. We have chairs in this house but I always prefer to sit on the floor while watching tv, playing computer games, eating, heck, almost everything. See? Save the wear and tear of my sofas and dining table set :P

Long Time No Siege

Finally, I got my permanent internet connection hooked up this afternoon. I regrettably had to abandon this blog for a long while because of the previous unsatisfactory broadband service I paid monthly.

It's the holidays..... School will only start at the end of December and I have lots of days to laze around, sleep or do anything we can do with so much time in our hand. For instance, today, I woke up at 11.30 pm and took this video of Kiki before I took my very belated bath.

I never consider myself as lonely. Heck, I was posted in the middle of the jungle for 4 years, and a literal lone wolf since I was a child. But it's nice to have someone who sits next to you without judgment.

While stroking her, I found out that her fur has grown too long.... Now I see the wisdom of sending your pets to those saloon for fur clipping.

Just wanna tell you guys that I am back :)

p.s. And yes, that's me in my towel still!


The School Was Burgled Last Night!! (yet again)

For the 3rd time this year, our school was 'raped' by some irresponsible individuals, which I believed to be some long gone ex-students of ours. I believe this to be so because the thieves knew which rooms to hit for maximum loot - mainly the school office, the staffroom and the coop. Let the pictures do the talking. 

 The door to the office. The aluminium panel pried and the door was open in force.
The steel grill of the office. The padlock was cut with a heavy duty metal cutter. See how enterprising 
our ex students can be?

The desk of a teacher in the staffroom. Those boys really sacked her place to look for spare change.

Desk of another teacher.... Those dastardly ingrates. This teacher was recently posted here a couple of months ago.

The desk next to me, a lady friend lost a laptop computer and some money she was saving for some students. The computer was placed inside a lock drawer under her desk and as you see, it was wide open (drawer now on the floor, far from the desk).

And last but not least, yours truly own desk. Nope, its supposed to look like that - messy. What irked me the most was, the thieves stole my Flash Scrabble set!!! I have cursed violently inside the entire day, hoping their legs to explode and their spawns born unbelievably dense. 

Now you see what a little education can do for some people. Sorry, I am still sulking over my lost toy :(

Day Off With Cat

I was spending the afternoon today with my cat. She has grown very fat, a result of good diet and not much exercise I guess. My cat, Artemis II Kikuraides (or Kiki in short) is 2 years, 7 months and 4 days old today. I bought her from a pet shop which mainly specialize in tropical fish and exotic animals. I fell in love with her in an instant because she was a fluffy and playful calico cat. (Calico cats are considered bringers of good luck in Japan and China. Thus the popularity on Maneki Nekos @ Lucky cats transpired).

Anyway, this post is not about the history of feline or anything... Kiki spent the afternoon running around me, as I sat on the carpet watching tv (I prefer to sit on the floor, not because my sofas are uncomfortable... I just prefer the floor. Thus I bought a heavy Japanese low table to sit at). I played laser tag with her last night (she chased the red laser point around, great fun!) but I think she still had fun running after invisible mice around the house.

And frequently she would return and pawed my legs, and sometimes my chest. I think this is an indication; 'Hey, look at me. I love you.' Sometimes I had to shoo her away, that clingy cat  :)

But one time, as I was checking her back paws for matted fur, Kiki bit my hand suddenly. It wasn't hard and rather playfully, but I was surprised and slapped her in the face in reflex. She meowed in surprise and raced to the kitchen to hide. I am quite ashamed because I knew she didn't mean to hurt me. She is a happy and active cat after all.

I clapped my hand and called her name 'Kiki! Kiki!' and she returned back to me running. As she pawed my legs, with her luminous eyes in mine, a revelation was upon me. "Even a cat can forgive and forget, so why can't I be a bit more forgiving?"

I apologized to the cat. Cradled her in my arms (this always have her looking bewildered) and tickled her tummy.

I'll buy her a new collar soon, after pay day  :P

Long Time No See....

Goodness me. It has been ages since I peeked into my own blog. Some of you might have thought that I died or something.... It's ok, it's my own fault neglecting my online friends.
So life goes on for this averagely-paid civil servant... Only three interesting things happened since my last post;

1.  My Kia was sent to the workshop thrice. Three different cooling tubes leaked and sprayed for three consecutive weeks. I did some minor repairs of my own but they weren't good enough and I was afraid that my car would explode if I didn't send it to the workshop. Strangely, I was not really worried for these series of unfortunate events, and I cannot even explain why I felt so.

2.  After posting my email address at one obscure site, I began to receive a tremendous amount of junk mails and fake proposals from around the planet. I got VERY FEW emails which arrived from people who genuinely seeking friendship. I say, the age of internet KILLED a lot of innocence and well intentions.

3.  I traded two of my handphones (an Acer beTouch and a Nokia C3) for a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro. A cute smartphone, but it can drain a lot of battery before midday! I still have my LG Cookie and it is now used to replace my now not-reliable alarm clock.

And now.... the political fires in school were burning high again and this time I didn't start them. This happened when many teachers realized that they didn't get enough appreciation from the administrators as they thought they should (low marks in performance score). Many teachers were angered and started to question the powers-above and as I expected it to happen, they were not satisfied by the answer.

Dirty politics. When the undeserving got a lot more advantages than honest working dudes....

I Made Her Cry and Am Proud About It.

Once upon a time there was an elder lady in my school who taught Arts and language. She had a very high opinion of herself and was very insensitive to the feelings of other teachers around her.

She refused to see her faults, and thought that everyone else adored her and her antics. Her colleagues, most of them younger, had to endure her - meaning trying not to create friction by ignoring and never talked back in front of her face. She was the Head of the Language Department after all, and the lack of retaliation made her believe that she was invincible.

Last month, she made a huge mistake. She woke up some of the worst traits in me - psywar artist and ruthless avenger. It all started when she hit a fellow teacher, in my name.

It happened like this; She was angry at me and a few teachers for not completing the attendance list for our extra classes. A few teachers were there, in the staffroom, carefully ignoring her rants, and continued their various work at the common table. 
Maybe she got angry being ignored, or maybe she had a momentary lapse of judgment... she picked up a rolled up newspaper and hit a teacher next to her in the face, hard! The teacher was surprised, more than hurt and she cried there and then. As for the vicious offender, she just stood looking and didn't say sorry at all. Yes, that kind of b****.

I was duly noted of the incidence later by a few friends. It angered me so much; partly because she hit a friend while being angry at me but mostly, I hate her inconsiderate gut. I was miserable for 2 months for a couple of years ago because of her and it is high time to pay her back.

So I turned to Facebook for war - the Truth will hurt. I wrote two very scathing status updates for the entire world to see, aiming at her behavior and criticizing her power hungry and in arrogant disposition. I even used some bad language to point the matter, but that's more of a personal view. (the FB status updates were in Malay, and I wouldn't want to ruin your day by translating them). 

As I expected, she saw the Facebook updates (a few remaining minions alerted her) and was raving like crazy because of it. She accused EVERYBODY who commented on my updates as traitors and backstabbers. She cried in her office, cried on many not-really-sympathetic shoulders (who had to endure her) and cried everywhere. She was miserable... and we don't even care. She even met me at last, telling me that she will never forget this as long as she lives. Good, I want it that way.

And last Tuesday, we had a farewell ceremony at school, for this very woman was promoted and will transfer to a new school. During her farewell speech, she RANTED and ACCUSED many people again, for all to hear - teachers and students (who knows nothing of this). The ceremony, her ceremony was greatly marred by her own hands. The star of the show, me, was noticeably absent at the assembly, because I do not wish to see her face and prefer to lounge in the Physics lab instead. While listening, I was laughing hysterically and I guessed correctly that the rest of the teachers had no sympathy at all for her for this extraordinary feat of hers. She did mention my name personally in her speech, for being someone she will never forget  :P

She is no longer in school now. And the school was much quieter, oh and yes, happier! Some students did ask the teachers about what happened during the ceremony, but most teachers preferred not to talk about it. But not me, I tell my students what really happen because they should learn that one day they might meet people like that.

Yes, Facebook can be a weapon too  :)

I've Gone Beyond Anger With You

What would you do if some students decided it is very OK to disobey the school rules? What would you say to a couple of students who always arrived late to school without any plausible reason? What action can you take if a boy refused to tuck-in his school uniform in class?

The challenges of modern teachers today.... it's not about teaching young minds to their best limit. It is to discipline these rowdy buggers and not having them broken (well mostly) at the end of the day.

As volatile and draconian I can be, I DO love my students - but not all. I love those who obeys, who finishes his / her homework on time, who keeps silence on cue (e.g. Mount Teacher about to go boom), who always greet their elderly well, who dresses well to school, who has their workplace tidy etc.

I hope I wasn't asking for too much.

Children will behave as children... but those kids who can think beyond their age will go far.

Yesterday, as I was teaching a class of 16 year olds about the principle of thermodynamics, I've noticed three boys who sat by the window had their faces down on the desk, sleeping or pretending to be.

I had enough. And usually I would lash out some rather degrading remarks on such ignorant youngsters.... Then I remembered that I had dished TOO many advice, TOO many scoldings, TOO much love on these particular boys. So I told the rest of the attentive students;

"Now, I've gone beyond anger with you. I just cannot be mad with you anymore."
"But why sir? What do you mean?"
"I realized that while most of you do care for your future, it is not so for a few friends of yours. I've spent too much energy scolding people, and as I do not wish to have high blood pressure at my age, I think I'll just let you be, and do as you please."
"But they are only a few...." (the boys were still immobile)
"That is why, my fondest regards and wishes go to those who LISTENS to me. As you are not my children and you know my stand against disobedient students; it is imperative for you to be on my good side for your own good. For example, as I have no interest to scream at you now, that does not mean I will not slash a huge chunk off your marks from this coming test. An eye for an eye. Keep on sleeping."

And they woke up....

Tell me if I do wrong. Or do you prefer physical punishment? Oh, and the school counselor is a friend of mine and I do sent a lot of problematic kids her way. 

I've gone beyond anger...... to the calm seas of I-Don't-Care....

I Used To Look Up To Matured People...

Earlier this morning, as I drove along a rather narrow stretch of road, in a part of rural area, Mr Accident suddenly decided to come knocking again. He came in the form of a senior citizen behind the wheel of an old red salon.

I moved my car to the left, with a few inches of my tires from the storm drain, waiting for the red car to pass. But it didn't.... Oh ok, this might be a lady, who is not sure about her driving skills... I thought.
So graciously, I reversed my Kia back, some 30 metres away to the front gate of a house. The road was wider and I hoped the red car's driver will have more confidence to manoeuvre there.

There was smoke raising from the engine of the red car. I heard gears clashing and the car moved forward and backward in front of me. Not wanting to be late to school, I raised my right hand out of the driver's window, beckoning the opposite driver to drive past - because the road was SIGNIFICANTLY wider and safer now. But what happened  next etched this day into my 'Special Day To Remember 2011' memory.

The red car lurched to the front and hit my right front bumper!!!!!!!

Did I scream? Cussed the dark morning blue with my colourful words? Went out of the car with a meat cleaver?

No, I didn't. Actually I am a veteran of many car accidents.... People hit ME on the road, not the OTHER way around. Seriously, my Kia was quite an accident magnet, and she still rolls on. FYI (1 van, 2 motorcycles, and now 2 cars). Before you people pointed out that I might be a dangerous driver.... happily you are wrong. I drive VERY defensively, even some people who knew me was surprised at this!

So (back to the story), I closed my eyes and sighed. The red car reversed and at last it managed to move next to me. But another surprise. Yippy ka yay.

The driver rolled down the window (oh, he's an old man, with very white hair), and as I expected him to apologize.... the guy suddenly cussed and cursed me for being an arrogant ba*****. He said I should know to give him more way. He said he lived around there, and he has more right. He said I am an arrogant bas**** (again). He said I was a terrible person and so on.

I heard these all with utter disbelief. And he berated me for more than 2 minutes (I checked my watch) and now four cars were queuing behind his red car, waiting. 

You wanna know why I waited for more than 2 minutes listening to his tirade? I wanted to see how silly people can be, and my late father once told me; No matter how an older person is wrong, DO NOT retaliate back just yet, wait for your chance. If it was a younger guy, I'd stepped out of my car and punched him in the face.

And I had to yell to stop him cursing, telling him that people have to go to work and have a nice day. I drove past (remembering his license plate MAA 9402) and I had no problem with the cars behind him, where the road was narrower. This speaks VOLUMES!

Reached school 10 minutes later than usual, and checked my front bumper for damage. As I predicted, only scratches.... (you should see the damage done to the car which hit my Kia hard at the back last year, it was a total wreck, and my car had a dented back bumper only. Korean cars rock!)

I told a few colleagues about this incident, not for pity, but just releasing steam because I couldn't believe an older person was capable of doing such act. More mature, and you should be wiser. Oh, anyway, the guy who hit my car from the back WAS ALSO an older guy!

Now tell me what you think.

- I returned very late from school this evening... as I drove VERY slowly along that narrow stretch, I looked up for the red car at the several homes along the way. What you expect me to do? Yes, Daddy told me to take my time, right?
But the car wasn't there. The senile guy might live deeper from the road... 
Nevermind, I have your plate number  :P 

Post Midnight Musings....

It's 12.26 am in a hot and balmy night.
A tea candle burning in an IKEA glass thingy next to me.... just because I enjoy the flame.
Why I was absent for 4 months?
Was it the infamous writer's block? Swallowed by the dastardly Void? Or just plain lazy?
I don't know, but I gave a reason like 'bad internet connection' to some friends / people.
Which is COMPLETELY true.

I did a lot of interesting things these past few months....
Might talk about it here, if people are still interested. If not? Ah, that's so metaphysical.

Am now watching several guppies swimming in a Japanese-made aquarium (small, yet very functional).
Love guppies, as they are so interesting to watch - colours and dynamics.
My love set this up for me this afternoon. :)

I am bored....
I'll wake my ferrets up to accompany me for a while.
By poking at their tummies, really.
They sleep like logs.
Oh, and I have another ferret, a female.
Will post their pic soon. :)

I might be back soon enough.

Wait for it.

My 'Cute' Bungalow (2 km away from Mom's bad ass abode)

My house from the front. I used a double dose of herbicide to kill the weed one month ago. Whosale slaughter of the grassy kind! My housemate piled the stones he collected around the house under the palm tree in front. Hey, doesn't my Kia looks like a Porsche from here?

The front sliding glass doors with grills. Look carefully (click the pic for the HUGE picture). Those are not curtains, but colourful wrappers taped to the glass. Too lazy to get curtain railings.... And this makes the house cooler with the shade.  

Home theater system, on top of a hardwood low cabinet. Look at the miniature ships! (from students for last year's Teacher's Day) I might wanna start a collection of them soon :)

Sofa set in front of the tv. I bought the coffee table recently, because it matches the black hardwood tv cabinet and dining table. You can see my collection of deadly weapons canes I used on students in the brown vase on the right. That vase was made out of rolled paper, and then painted with syellac. My housemate made it when he was in secondary school.

The dining table with the stolen table cloth. My cat, Kiki can be seen here, wasting the space :) The small palm plant on the table is real. We will move it outside when it gets too big.

A part of the kitchen. We like the kitchen to be spacious (both housemate and me love cooking) so every furniture was moved accordingly to the side. I stole the yellow egg boiler from my mom two days ago :P  And lookie! Another palm plant!

We have three rooms in the house. I put my ferrets inside the middle room, cages and all. I let them out to play once in a while. Disco and Kaos in the right big cage. Jewels, the new ferret on the left. Kiki is seen here visiting her cousins.

The front, again. You can see six patches of grass, planted experimentally by my housemate. He volunteered to do the landscaping around the house. Moral of the story; Find someone who you can use extensively as a housemate. [The lower outside wall was rain stained and a bit mossy - 3 years worth of neglect. I might paint it bright red soon] 

 p.s. - I cannot show my bedroom; it was messy and I was not in a mood to clean it up. I am sorry if I cannot update my blog as frequently as before, but I will try soon enough.

Mobile blogging... Still no broadband in sight... *sigh*

The Chinese New Year holiday just passed. What you all doing were doing?
New house is gorgeous. Had a road trip 600 km to get the spare refrigerator from my housemate's late mom's house. She passed away last Dec, of cancer.
The school office was burgled during the holiday. They emptied the safe and wrote stuff on the principal's room walls. The adminstrators have a huge headache. Am happy not being one.
Is wondering when he can afford to buy the huge black cabinet for his books and toys....
Is still missing you guys.... Ha!

Mobile Blogging 3

My broadband connection at home was still terrible.
I apologize because I know I promised some pictures, but it is most difficult to upload them through mobile phones.
I may terminate my broadband service and will wait for a better offer from other telcos.
Anywho... Breaking news. I got another ferret, female this time. A distraught owner had to leave for Taiwan and as I was the nearest ferret boss, naturally I got to keep his ferret as nobody else knew how.
Kaos and Disco got a new sister :)
See ya all later.
Mighty busy with school and cleaning the little bungalow.

Mobile Blogging 2 : Everybody is a paparazzi.

Saw a dead body in a local barbershop last week. Took a video.
Saw a car turned turtle in the heavy rain yesterday. Took a video.
Cannot upload it to my blog.
Everybody with a mobile is an instant reporter.
Live your life.
Worth living?

First Mobile Blogging

Sitting quietly in the staffroom.
Listening to the merry chatter of female teachers.
Obscenely loud.
My teacher's report still undone.
Messing with people mind is so much fun.
Gosh, look at the time...
A class awaiting; brainwashing and reprogramming is my gift.
Must had been an inquisitor in my past life....

Enigmatic Me

I taught Science to the lower secondary, and Physics to the upper secondary students.
I am good at what I do, although I must admit I hate giving out homeworks because of the fuss in marking them soon. Which is very OK to all my students :P
So I make it a point to make them understand, and keep the assignments minimum at best.
Ain't I swell?

The second week of school... and reports of students smoking behind the classroom block poured to me from various prefects and spies.
I tossed the names to VP of Students' Affair and gave praises to my special agents in the field.
Feels like the FBI handler in the espionage films.
They all report to me, to the gigantic chagrin of one particular discipline teacher, who thought she alone was popular enough to be chummy with students to get the info.
Take that b***h.
See? Fear does have it's advantage.
I run my Prefect Board like the Gestapo. Ve hav vays to make ye talk!

From the faces in class; 89% are simply fascinated with me. Not enough fear there.... may crank up the factor these few days. Never too late to teach them to fear God Prefect Teacher.
Yes, and I am smiling as I do threats, so they don't take me seriously.
Until it was too late.....
Dastardly me. 

Did your teacher ever asked you to stand for two whole periods just because you are a few minutes late? Did he / she ever asked you to copy ALL of the questions and answers in your failed exam paper THRICE? (40 objective questions, and many many structural. And time them by 3) Have you witnessed someone so immersed in badness leaves scathing insults burning in your young souls for years?
I did all that on a weekly basis, and sometimes while sitting on the teacher's table too, cross-legged.
Yet they adore me....


Yes, with my meager pay, I can still afford to have my own house. A 'cute' little bungalow in a housing estate, in front of a local university, less than 3 km away from my mom's place.

Neglected the house for almost four years. Why? I was supposed to live there with my wife, had kids and lived happily ever after..... but fortune never smiles on me that way, so I purposely left the house to ruin, because it was a reminder of my failed effort to have a bright future.

I had a strong desire to move to the house now because my youngest sister will get married this March.... and it will be awkward to have two married couples (her elder sister already married) visiting my mom's place with only ONE room available. So I did the honorable thing by moving out of my cramped room into the spacious living place I already have, but conveniently forgotten.

So I had them install the water meter sometime last week.... and hey, later that evening somebody from my new neighborhood called (I am still staying at my mom's) telling my house was flooding. The buoy of the water tank above the house was rusted and water kept on pouring out of the overflow system and YES, my house was flooded inside too!

Did I scream with anger? Cursing God about this fate? Nope. I know it's my fault. When you neglected your belongings, they will bite you back, and always at your wallet (read the previous post about 'Ghost in the Shell). I had a friend to climb into the roof to fix it. Fortunately I didn't have any stuff lying on the floor or they'll be ruined by the water.

.....I have plans for my cute bungalow. But for now we'll have to wait for the electric meter to be installed, and then the wiring man, etc. I am in no hurry..... March is still far away. :)

Will take some pics of it soon. 

p.s. - The clerk in the Water Supply Department called the row of houses as 'cute'.... It angered me at first, but come to think of it, yes, they are quite cute, as they are a bit smaller than common bungalows, yet I have so much space around my house for future renovation and addition. Those will come much much later.... 

Midnight Rambling......

The fan only a couple of metres away, full blast, yet I am not cold.
The wall clock; 12.30 am, damn, it's late.
Stolen various works from the internet, so I can manipulate them to be mine later.
Evil gets no rest on weekdays.

Work is interesting this week.
Poisoning new minds - obey me and you will be safe from harm.
90% of target group (students) had fallen to the evil charm. 
Feet aching like heck walking around the block.

Going to move to new house soon.
Bungalow :) [insert your jealous thoughts here]
Hope I got a better internet connection soon.
Because now, it's worse than crap.

...... I should have written like this a long time ago....
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