Haiku Project 1

Was so stupid

to be cheated easily

by pirate cd guy.  

                                            -Revelation after 'Wallace & Gromit' vs '300'-


Eating Out

I had simply forgotten how many times I had a meal in Seoul Garden, Mahkota Parade. Usually, I was with a friend or two but this evening, for the first time, I had to entertain three. Nani (Amirah Syuhada), Adi (LL) and Khairil (Agent K). At 5.30 pm. 

Personally, I was so ravenous before the meal because I hadn't had breakfast, lunch or even evening tea. And we overstuffed ourselves well with the great many choices of food there. It was great to have a meal with friends... which I rarely did when I was in school, and come to think of it even during my university years. I was a lone wolf then, and preferred to do most activities in solitude. So I guessed, it's my own fault for being an ass.

Adi kept pestering me to watch 'Australia' the movie with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Hell, I hate epic (drama) movies. And so unfortunate for us that Ip-Man was scheduled quite late, 9.30 pm (some of us gotta go back early). So we went to Khairil's handphone booth and I was in love with the new CSL touch screen series (with stupid sissy crystals). Wow! I am in love all over Motorola again with its new E8 ROKR version. It looks like a cool space ship! So many new handphones!!! So much possibilities!!! Arghhhhhhh!!

Greed is good.


Introducing My Cat.


This is Artemis II Kikuroraides @ Kiki. She is about three months old and a full breed calico cat. Artemis I , her predecessor was murdered by two dogs in June 2008. It was my fault to let him roam around the house, and I will not repeat the same mistake with Kiki.

Kiki is litter-trained and likes to climb over and 'kiss' me whenever I am lying down. Oh, and she has no voice, her meows are very muted. I was worried at first and then I have read that some special kitties are born @ always like that. She might recover her voice soon, but at least she hears well enough. All cats are affectionate to the human that gives them food, ha ha ha.

Even an evil genius needs a pet. And what has more style than a cat?

La la la lah 2

Oh, it's 4.10 in the morning..... and I am still not sleepy.

I spent this very early morning watching one of the action flick franchise I always love - The Lethal Weapon series. Well, not the entire series... just No. 3 and 4.

It's too bad Mel Gibson and Danny Glover got older and they have to stop making more of the films. It's the lively banter between them and slapstick jokes that made me enjoy this dynamic duo - aptly named 'Chaos' and 'Mayhem'.

Oh, and I must get that 'Romeo Must Die' pirated Blue-ray dvd soon. Jet Li was phenomenal in it. He's getting older too, like Jacky Chan and Sammo Hung. Only Donnie Yuen is left in his prime but there is too much of him lately on films (and not all of them are good). Who will be the next Asian kungfu star?

Somebody told me that Ip-Man was really good. I might give it a try this week. I am more of an adrenalin junkie than a horror fanatic. Heck, I hate to play scary Play Station games because they are bad for my karma. No, I am no coward, I am never afraid of the dark and I would disembowel people with my knife if the opportunity comes (walking alone, sometimes wishing to be mugged, that kind of opportunity). I have a dual-childlike characters in my mind and they do not enjoy being scared. If they are not happy, I wont be happy too. But sometimes I watch these horror flicks (always on dvd) after I sent them away to play in fairyland.

Life sucks when you have multiple personalities.


I Want COOKIE!! 2

Two weddings. The 1st in Ayer Keroh and the other one in Tengkera. No relatives or friends of mine, just accompanying a friend to the said occassions. At the first house, we were surprised that the 'siput sedut' was served as a main dish, together with the familar beef kurma, mutton etc. I love 'siput sedut'. And these were really big and tasty.

We had spaghetti laksa at the second house (my friend called it the new laksa Johor) which was delicious. I wonder why many grooms are a bit tubby.... Oh well, a girl knows how to measure their husband's prosperity I guess.

Spent the few hours after driving around town, asking about the availability of the elusive KP500 Cookie. And I ended up spending RM 175 buying a new PS3 game, Legendary. [Bloody stupid FPS, I think so lazily made]. Agent K called and said he will make my dreams come true this Wednesday (31st Dec). So happy but like always... I DON"T BELIEVE HIM.

Drove back home and stopped by the handphone shop. I asked for my deposit back by giving some fantastic excuses (thus the nick Silvertongue) and got it with little fuss. So tired....




My hopes were dashed to small microscopic pieces when the Ah Moi from the handphone shop called and said the phone I wanted can only be obtained in one week, and not tomorrow as promised. She also said that the item was sold out and was unavailable for now in the whole of Semenanjung. I DON'T BELIEVE HER.

So I went to Jusco and walk to every handphone shop I can find, and then to Melaka Sentral, and Tesco, with the same modus opperandi, with a friend in tow. They all said the same thing - not available yet, maybe next week. My friend said that it was impossible to be running out of stock so soon, because it was launched in the middle of November, and the advertisements are everywhere!

So we had dinner at Secret Recipe (Vietnemese Noodle Soup, just ok. RM60.00+ the service and government taxes are RIDICULOUS!!!) And then we looked for Blue-ray dvds in Bukit Beruang and Ayer Molek (I just love driving and talking at the same time!). Nothing interesting....

On the way back, one of my younger agents in Dataran Pahlawan called me and said he might be able to acquire the handphone I desire tomorrow morning. I told him if he ever succeed, I would treat him to the Doraemon movie at GSC, Carrefour!


La la la lah 1

It's past 1.00 am and I still cannot sleep. This is really bad because the holidays are almost over and if I didn't reset my internal clock, I'd be in great trouble. 

So I played with my cat for 20 minutes to pass the time, smiling to see that energetic ball of fur flying around, over and under the bed chasing nothing in particular. I named the cat after somebody, a dear friend, Kiki. I wonder if Kiki will sit at my feet when she grew older  like the late Artemis did before. Artemis, that cat was beautiful... and was murdered by dogs. I hate dogs.

Cannot wait till Saturday.... Aiye, almost forgot. Got meeting on the 31st December at 8.00 am.


A Deal Too Late....

My handphone ringing - Viva La Vida (ringtone)

K : Hello? Abang Ramzu ke nie?

Me : Ye, kenapa? Ko wat ape tadi?

K : Sorry la, tadi ada banyak customer. Abang tadi sms tanya pasal LG Cookie tu kan?

Me : Ha ye, kaya benor ko raya-raya nie meniaga.

K : Takdelah. Kalu abang nak handphone tu, kitorang jual dengan harga RM 840 jer.


Me : Malang betul nasib ko. Abang baru jer order handset tu kat kedai depan tadi. RM 880, tapi termasuk la cover dengan memory card.

K : Ye ke?! Aiseh.... tak de rezeki la saya.

Me : Takpe, next year la abang beli kat ko ye, he he he. Anyway thanks for the call.

What We Did On Christmas Eve....


Still cannot sleep yet.... maybe because of the cigarettes I smoked after the very late dinner me and another two friends had in Alai (two roasted fish, several squids etc). So I posted this video of what we three witnessed from 8.30 to 11.00 pm on Christmas Eve. A theather play!

I was actually led to believe by a friend that it was only a cultural show, because he knew I hated stage-acting. I forgot the title of the theatre but mostly it was about songs from the 50s to the 60s, which surprisingly weren't too boring. In fact the play was quite funny really, maybe they are aware of the short attention span of youngsters (which dominated almost 60% of the auditorium). The dance rituals were magnificent and needed a little polish and the Oscar goes to Nenek Kembang binti Labuh, the famously funny old heroine of them all!


And Here We Go Again.....

I deleted my blog (anotherdayindoomsland.blogspot.com) in the middle of 2008 because of a whimsical notion that I had too few readers.... But hell, now I don't even care if people wanted to read my blog or not, just because I need to practise my English, which is currently rather rusty. Let's get to the intro...


Other known names used : Ion, Ionstrider, Silvertongue, Amon Ra, Shadowthorne 

D.O.B. : 3rd December 1978  [Sagittarian - Earth Horse] Age : 30

Self Description : Simple yet sophisticated bastard who cannot get enough of (many) things. A megalomaniac.

Hobbies : Action / fantasy movies & books. Collectible items. PS3 / Blue-ray DVDs. Photography. Toys. Writing & talking to intelligent organisms. Currently in love with new kitten, Kiki.

If I was a fantasy creature..... Black dragon.

Self motto : Sans peur et sans regret (since 1994)

Other sites : www.flickr.com/ramzu 

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