New School, New People, New Way.

Anyway this is my new school :)

Fist bump.... Fa la la la la!

I will be 36 this coming 3rd of December.

36.... still cannot believe I am approaching the BIG 40. I still remembered when I was in my mid 20s and wished to live forever. It seems like yesterday....

Anyhow. Life has its ups and downs. I am sorry I wasn't able to blog it all here, mainly because I found that Facebook is so much easier to use. (Click on the blue F icon and hey presto!) I feel so guilty of leaving my blog for so long.

Blogging was once a passion. And if a passion dies, usually because it was replaced by something else altogether. But I think to let blogging off just like that is kind of impossible.
I spent too much time on it before, typed thousands of words and uploaded dozens of pictures. I got some major memories etched here, and those will refuse to go away in the middle of the night.

So, here we go again (for the third time).

In need of inspiration...

Cici from Liquid Mind, Sanguine Soul replied to my comment on her blog thusly;

"Always good to hear from you. How are you doing? Still have same roommate? Still in the same house? How is the job?"

I feel bad about my mood swings to blog. I used to enjoy blogging so much, I'd blog almost everyday a few years ago. Life is not that boring, yet I the fire to tell everyone via long words is almost diminished.

I blame Facebook for this!

I haven't opened my email for quite sometime, mainly because there is nobody (interesting) to correspond with. So when I saw Madam Cici's message.... I say what the heck, let's put this in an entry.

"How are you doing?"

Truthfully, this is the saddest week I had this year. One of my three ferrets died suddenly. Please do not ask why, if it was because of my negligence or was it truly his time. I had him since he was 2 months old in September 2009. Disco (his name, a male sable) was a bit poorly for a young ferret, yet when he had grown, was more active than his normal mate, Kaos (another male sable). I will miss the hyper guy greatly...

This picture is of the two of them in 2009. Disco is on the left, Kaos on the right. They were a few months old then.

"Still have same roommate? Still in the same house?"

:) Yes. I still live with the same housemate, in the same house I bought for my ex-wife a long time ago. He is now working as a registration officer for a local university, a huge leap from his previous post as a front desk officer at a holiday resort.

I do love my house, but I hate to clean the bit of land it has around it. Two night ago, I burned some empty boxes on a spot where the weeds were too high for my liking. I poured on some petrol, light it up with a lighter and whoosh! I burnt a bit of the hair on my leg from that stunt.
Fortunately I didn't burn any hair or eyebrows, ha! (Notice to myself; petrol is not your friend to start a fire).

I might gain a new housemate in 4 months time. But that is a news for the future :) 

"How is the job?"

For those people who is new to me, or simply have forgotten, I am a Science Teacher by trade.
Life is NOT GOOD for teachers this new century it seems.... Every fault that can be found in a students can be blamed at the school or the teachers. 

Your child is stupid. Blame the teachers for not teaching well. Your child is rude. Blame the teachers for not telling them off. Your child is depressed. Blame the teachers for pressuring the students with homework etc. Your child plays a lot. Blame the teachers for not handling the class well enough. Your child is caught for a misconduct. Hell, no, its not my child fault, it is you who didn't monitor your students well. And it goes on and on.

Sometimes I wonder what is the POINT to have parents?

I love my job, yes, teaching. But sometimes I wondered why people do these things they do.

No wonder why they say a teacher's job is next to sainthood (a good teacher anyway).


I wish you a good afternoon. Now i will continue my day wondering what to do this happy school holiday. (Yes, I am at home, not working, and bored!) Thanks for reading :)

A Year of Not Blogging at All...

My Asus notebook computer died on me a year and a half after purchase... I was unable to do my teaching reports, so I borrowed a friend's netbook computer.

But said netbook computer was painfully slow. And it took 5 hours of my time to delete, clean everything and streamline the files.... yet it only improved marginally and that was not good enough for me.

So yesterday I went out to buy a new computer.... Just to do work with because I already have my iPad and phone for fun and the internet. To make the story short, I bought a netbook instead of a laptop computer. I already knew that netbooks are not as powerful as laptops, but what the heck, I was feeling cheap. And it was PINK too. Oh yes, I have no problem sporting pink to the masses :)

And now, I think it is proper to start blogging again. My new computer is rather light, (and PINK!) so I may take it around places soon. My iPad is next to useless for blogging and my smartphone is darn to small to properly blog on with.

I should blog a lot more and do less Facebooking.... urm.....


Testing testing....
Is my blog still useful?

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