Four Months of Neglect.... Wowweeee!

I am online everyday, as a few of you witnessed my Facebook account. What I do online? Well, usually I am forever reading local political blogs, finding they are funny although honestly, I hate politics. Or I spent my spare online time downloading games and interesting applications, all free of course to amuse me. My wifi transmitter at home is never turned off, and my PlayStation 3 is also taking some of my internet time with various game downloads. And it never occurred to me to start blogging again.... I am lazy by nature. I would be the first to admit my laziness. Nope, I am not proud of it, but I should know me well enough. My laziness had caused me trouble in the past; unfinished paperwork(I hate paperwork), untidy home / workstation / car etc. It's the holy month of Ramadan again... And people are expected to fast till sundown. Yesterday evening I cooked sambal paru (or 'lung in hot chilli'), yes LUNGS. The other inner organ I love eating is the heart (chicken, cattle etc). Am trying hard to find some kidneys but they are impossible to find! Inner organs are cheaper than meat, and I always cook them in savoury gravy (will not post recipes for your own good health).
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