Remember yesterday when I told you about the big party the political guys in the house at front was holding? (previous post) It is a fact this evening that they are having it for THE SECOND TIME. A SECOND F**KING NIGHT!!

That means me could not go out AGAIN. And my younger sister had to SCREAM at people AGAIN to let her drive past.

To make matter worse. There is a car, right now so conveniently parked RIGHT IN FRONT of our f**king gates. Thus making it so impossible for us to go out tis wonderful Saturday night.

Oh, I am not one to SCREAM and TEAR the hair away from my head.... Nosireee...

I took a couple of nails from the drawer. Walked up to the offending car. Looked left and right for inconvenient witnesses. Lean the nails in front and behind a tyre (so if the car moves to the front or back, the same result will be achieved). Looked around again for witnesses. And walked back home.

And I did this in my bathing towels only.

Take that Radio Nowhere, Technobabe, SLC etc. I am your regular evil dude :)

I Live Here, You Idiot!!

The House In Front

My sister just arrived home from her evening shift at Mahkota Medical Centre (she's a nurse there) fuming and threw me a question when she entered the house (which happens rarely, we do not talk to each other amicably for years. Don't ask why).

"Did you know that the people at the big house in front is having a big function tonight?"

"Nope." Although I was dimly aware of the many huge tents erected very near our front gates, since a couple of days ago.

"I was stopped by the traffic police THRICE trying to drive back here. They asked me to leave or park my car elsewhere. How dare they! I had to scream that I live here, for them to let me pass!"

"Oh ok... They did send us invitations." But my siblings and me made it a rule to never attend their functions. We avoid politicians like the plague.

I hate politicians. My mom said I could be a fantastic politician, the way I talk my way through most problems. That's what I am afraid off, politicians are mostly bad men who lie and would take advantages from others.

Because I do the same thing too. Not professionally :)

Blue Eyed Kitten of Doom

Somebody promised me a two months old kitten sometimes ago, but her husband decided to keep the kitten instead of selling it to me. I cursed her husband silently and hoped he'll regret making that decision. Taking care of 3 kittens would be hard, when they got bigger - eventually.

So I got myself another kitten instead, blue eyed of mixed parentage, I found in a cattery 20 minutes away from school. I am sorry for being too lazy to take her picture, and yes the above picture is not of her. I just googled 'blue eye kitten' and pasted it here.

"And what happened to your previous cat?!!" some of you might ask. Kiki a.k.a. Artemis II Kikuraides, the calico, tricolor domestic long hair female cat. I asked a friend to take care of her, a fellow blogger, who needed her more than me. Go and visit my cat at her blog amirahsyuhada.blogspot.com. My cat is happier, having a whole double-storey house to roam, and my friend is less lonely. (She always forgot that the cat is only a loan. Oh the sweet tragedy if I ever take the cat away from her. Mwa ha ha ha!)

Oh, and my ferrets are well, thank you. They missed Kiki @ Artemis a bit (her cage was next to theirs) but are happy with her new life.

Hello From The Darkest Void

Hello guys :) It's me from the Bloggers' Void.

It has been a week since my last entry. Life is indeed interesting these few days, but not really in a good way. My younger brother, dying when admitted into the hospital sometimes ago has awoken from his comma, and now awaiting for a brain operation. And my roller-coaster-like relationship with somebody has crashed and burn a week ago.

I'd like to write more about it, but work has been piling up on me. Next week, some teachers' invigilators will visit our school and we have to prepare a lot of stuff for them to check and observe. And I am also busy with my prefects... I made a promise to the Principal last year that I'd improve the disgusting lot of students, and turn them marginally better this year.

For next year, my Prefects Body will be something to be proud of (maybe).

I took this picture of a huge sign in the basement parking of a mall. My friends and I were a bit perplexed by the meaning of the sign. You are encouraged to put your hands on your buds shoulders? Help the handicapped guy who forgot to bring his crutches? Let's go have a threesome? The possibilities are endless. Give it a try :)

Sometimes Love Is Not Enough

What's wrong with you
walking further away
ain't my love, deeper than the sea
is more than enough?

Is that it? Too hard to breathe?
Ain't it you who said you'll never leave me?
Come hell or high water.

Confused. Angry.
Why must we end this.
Though I try hard to keep us strong
You always destroy everything.

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day
a broken heart hurts so bad
but I am wishing myself now
All the best without you.

Good bye, my Bu.

When You Bled Inside Your Cranium...

Poor boy.

He is now 27 years old. He had his first stroke 8 years ago, while watching a football match at his university. This was when he refused to take the medication for his heart problem.

He got lucky. And was able to continue life, albeit without the proper use of his right side of the body. At least he could walk.

But he couldn't speak...

Last week, he fell to another massive stroke. He could not remember who he was and fail to recognize the people close to him. And he was sent to the nearest hospital for the second time this month.

The hospital people couldn't do anything. "We do not have the skills," they said. Meaning; We dare not touch a complicated case like this. And promptly the young man was sent to the General Hospital...

He was slipping away.

And the good people of the General Hospital contacted everybody concerned from the North to the South of the country. Specialists and seniors doctors were searched for their counsel. And every news did not bode well.

He will die, under treatment or not.

The mother was heartbroken. Most of his siblings were greatly saddened. All except his eldest brother...

His eldest brother is me.

Stop wasting our time and money. Just die. So we can get on with life.

UPDATE (9 Feb) - My brother hasn't kicked the bucket yet.... Sometimes life disappoints you in surprising ways.

Lazy Tuesdays....

In the Science lab
among beakers and measuring cylinders
feeling so lazy beyond belief

In the class opposite the building
the discipline teacher caned some students
who were too noisy
and some without neck-ties
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