Mobile Blogging 3

My broadband connection at home was still terrible.
I apologize because I know I promised some pictures, but it is most difficult to upload them through mobile phones.
I may terminate my broadband service and will wait for a better offer from other telcos.
Anywho... Breaking news. I got another ferret, female this time. A distraught owner had to leave for Taiwan and as I was the nearest ferret boss, naturally I got to keep his ferret as nobody else knew how.
Kaos and Disco got a new sister :)
See ya all later.
Mighty busy with school and cleaning the little bungalow.

Mobile Blogging 2 : Everybody is a paparazzi.

Saw a dead body in a local barbershop last week. Took a video.
Saw a car turned turtle in the heavy rain yesterday. Took a video.
Cannot upload it to my blog.
Everybody with a mobile is an instant reporter.
Live your life.
Worth living?

First Mobile Blogging

Sitting quietly in the staffroom.
Listening to the merry chatter of female teachers.
Obscenely loud.
My teacher's report still undone.
Messing with people mind is so much fun.
Gosh, look at the time...
A class awaiting; brainwashing and reprogramming is my gift.
Must had been an inquisitor in my past life....

Enigmatic Me

I taught Science to the lower secondary, and Physics to the upper secondary students.
I am good at what I do, although I must admit I hate giving out homeworks because of the fuss in marking them soon. Which is very OK to all my students :P
So I make it a point to make them understand, and keep the assignments minimum at best.
Ain't I swell?

The second week of school... and reports of students smoking behind the classroom block poured to me from various prefects and spies.
I tossed the names to VP of Students' Affair and gave praises to my special agents in the field.
Feels like the FBI handler in the espionage films.
They all report to me, to the gigantic chagrin of one particular discipline teacher, who thought she alone was popular enough to be chummy with students to get the info.
Take that b***h.
See? Fear does have it's advantage.
I run my Prefect Board like the Gestapo. Ve hav vays to make ye talk!

From the faces in class; 89% are simply fascinated with me. Not enough fear there.... may crank up the factor these few days. Never too late to teach them to fear God Prefect Teacher.
Yes, and I am smiling as I do threats, so they don't take me seriously.
Until it was too late.....
Dastardly me. 

Did your teacher ever asked you to stand for two whole periods just because you are a few minutes late? Did he / she ever asked you to copy ALL of the questions and answers in your failed exam paper THRICE? (40 objective questions, and many many structural. And time them by 3) Have you witnessed someone so immersed in badness leaves scathing insults burning in your young souls for years?
I did all that on a weekly basis, and sometimes while sitting on the teacher's table too, cross-legged.
Yet they adore me....


Yes, with my meager pay, I can still afford to have my own house. A 'cute' little bungalow in a housing estate, in front of a local university, less than 3 km away from my mom's place.

Neglected the house for almost four years. Why? I was supposed to live there with my wife, had kids and lived happily ever after..... but fortune never smiles on me that way, so I purposely left the house to ruin, because it was a reminder of my failed effort to have a bright future.

I had a strong desire to move to the house now because my youngest sister will get married this March.... and it will be awkward to have two married couples (her elder sister already married) visiting my mom's place with only ONE room available. So I did the honorable thing by moving out of my cramped room into the spacious living place I already have, but conveniently forgotten.

So I had them install the water meter sometime last week.... and hey, later that evening somebody from my new neighborhood called (I am still staying at my mom's) telling my house was flooding. The buoy of the water tank above the house was rusted and water kept on pouring out of the overflow system and YES, my house was flooded inside too!

Did I scream with anger? Cursing God about this fate? Nope. I know it's my fault. When you neglected your belongings, they will bite you back, and always at your wallet (read the previous post about 'Ghost in the Shell). I had a friend to climb into the roof to fix it. Fortunately I didn't have any stuff lying on the floor or they'll be ruined by the water.

.....I have plans for my cute bungalow. But for now we'll have to wait for the electric meter to be installed, and then the wiring man, etc. I am in no hurry..... March is still far away. :)

Will take some pics of it soon. 

p.s. - The clerk in the Water Supply Department called the row of houses as 'cute'.... It angered me at first, but come to think of it, yes, they are quite cute, as they are a bit smaller than common bungalows, yet I have so much space around my house for future renovation and addition. Those will come much much later.... 

Midnight Rambling......

The fan only a couple of metres away, full blast, yet I am not cold.
The wall clock; 12.30 am, damn, it's late.
Stolen various works from the internet, so I can manipulate them to be mine later.
Evil gets no rest on weekdays.

Work is interesting this week.
Poisoning new minds - obey me and you will be safe from harm.
90% of target group (students) had fallen to the evil charm. 
Feet aching like heck walking around the block.

Going to move to new house soon.
Bungalow :) [insert your jealous thoughts here]
Hope I got a better internet connection soon.
Because now, it's worse than crap.

...... I should have written like this a long time ago....
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