What Happened to All Those Knowledge I Taught You?!

I was marking the final exam Science paper this evening and I felt really disappointed with the answers I saw written in the pages. I know I am not a bad teacher, and I do get better results than some, yet I wonder what happen in our previous lessons and exercises.

Teaching is so much as an investment. You pour a lot of energy and resources, and then expect good results from your investment. And if your investment goes down the drain, we wonder whose at fault here... Normally I blame the students and sometimes, the parents..... But this entry is not about pointing fingers.

Thousands of years of paedagogy, yet many children always chose the wrong path, and it was the responsibility of teachers and good parents to pull them back from the dark side. What's with bad things that made people fascinated? Does long hair, not wearing your uniform properly etc made you cool in school? Personally, I am amazed and couldn't understand why the same students keep doing them. (Ok, ok. Actually I know the reason, but I decided long ago that 'If you don't ask for help, I will not help you.').

Focus in class, and lock-in the information you got by reviewing it later. That's the gist of smart studying. Last week, on Thursday morning, I sat with some students before the assembly started, watching them reading some textbooks. Ok, ok 'reading' is definitely a lie. They PRETENDED to read. Yes, I saw their eyes skirting and gazing the books, but they read without comprehension! And it dawned on me that the few hours of study that are worth it are the ones they got by remembering what the teachers said, not by reading books.

Are we doomed? Oh yes we are. If this continue to plague the younger generations. But it's so hard to cultivate the reading culture when children are more interested in games and irresponsible past-times....

.... why must I bother with this anyway.... I'll do my job as the very draconian teacher I am. Cut the losses and care for those who are promising. Those who cannot cope (or refused to join) will be left for the wolves. Life is war. Don't let anyone tell you different, comrade! :v 

The Best Toy I Ever Got (for now)

Let's put the PlayStation 3 and my computer games aside for now....

I love a couple of board games; Monopoly and Scrabble. Don't do much chess though, because I am too impatient. I rarely played other board or card games because I was simply not that interested.

So.... playing a board game all by yourself is a bit silly. (That always happen to us evil people with no friends... the minions were too stupid to even play snake-and-ladders). The board games also come with small, very easy to lost pieces, or made out of flimsy material which will deteriorate after heavy use. (Tell me if I am wrong)

So one fine penniless day last week I went to Parkson's and saw something cool at the Toys Section. Scrabble Flash (age 8 and above). I want! (the little boy inside me)

And I bought the damn thing yesterday (for myself), with a remote control sports car (for my significant other) when my account went ka-ching recently.

It was a lonely person dream come true (sad smile, still happy though). I got to play Scrabble all by myself. Scrabble Flash (a Hasbro product) consisted of 5 electronic tiles that communicate with each other, by building words and keeping score while at it. Too bad the longest words are only 5 letters long, but it amused me greatly, and there were no repetition of the same words that I was aware of.

The digital display on each tile is big and nice, and I am sometimes amazed that five letters can create sometimes 30 and over words.
We get to rearrange the red tiles to form new words. And for every new word, the tiles go beep! (ha ha ha) The game has a timer, and if I was stumped, the tiles provide the solution. Now that's what I call VERY COOL.

If I have children, I'd let them play with this. But I don't, so I tell you to get this cool toy for yours. :) 

It's about USD 30 or 24 pound (last I checked).

p.s. - oh, and you can play this with other people too (which I refused to do) 

Of Ferrets and Death

Disco doing his I-Am-A-Rug Impression
Kaos enjoying a body rub after a long walk.

I took both of my ferrets; Kaos and Disco to the beach last Sunday. I am comfortable bringing them there as the place is wide and we can move away cleanly if there are too many distractions (to both ferrets and owner).

My friend accompanied me that day, and he got to hold a ferret the first time then. He preferred to pet, hold and walk Kaos as Disco is the nippy one of the two. Kaos is indeed the more docile, and he is a joy to hold.

But as I was watching my friend playing with Kaos (with Disco trying to nip my trousers at the end of his collar) I  was reminded of the mortality of my pets. Kaos was born almost two years ago.... and a domestic ferret can only live for 5-6 years. A cat can live twice longer (so no worry for Kiki the Cat yet).

I have another 3 years to spend with my Kaos, then. And I hope he and his mate, Disco are healthy and well as long as they live. I spent a lot of money on premium quality food and treats for my cat and ferrets (and I am happy that my pets are never sick because of this). Unfortunately, the veterinary services in Malaysia are not really competent regarding ferret healthcare. Ferrets are STILL considered very exotic at this part of the world. I cannot trust fully a doctor who never handled a ferret in his whole life!

So, the best of luck for me and my carpet-sharks! I'll try to fill their lives with fun, I promise :D  

See? No Hair!

As the new and upcoming Lord of the Dead Legions Prefect Teacher, I had to sharpen my claws wits on a lot of matters this end of year, so the escelation to world domination the new office will be easier next year.

Teachers and students shoyuld take it easy at the end of year. Syllabi should have been finished, the knowledge brushed and polished with exercises and monthly tests. School fees should have been paid up. All documents should go to appropriate files or people. Ya da ya da ya da.

I saw some girls DANCING on the staircase the other day, from across the laboratory building. They all ran into class when they caught a glimpse of me. I walked to their classroom, and asked the aforesaid girls to own up loudly, my voice travelled far left and right (a teacher teaching 2 class away heard me roar). The girls accused one onother, and finally the boys in the class told me that ALL the girls were out without permission and were on the staircase.   

That would be simpler.

So I told these soon-to-be dancers to go to the front and had some measures taken. A girl feigned a faint, literally fallen to the floor, but stood up again when I said that I'd kick her with my steel shod boots if she continued her drama.

Before you people accuse me of being barbaric and all, just please consider if anything would happen to the girls when they are supposed to be in class. Let's say one of them fell and was injured during the dance... And in a few hours, the parents will come to school, gun ablazing, accusing the entire school of negligence. Not once, in their narrow mind to think that it was originally their children's fault. I like to say this; (Some) Children nowadays are like poison, to both parents and teachers.

I heartly congratulate the parents who produced and cares for those children who are a joy to teach.

Back to the class of the dancing female children.... After the severe penalty, I talked to them about the importance of being in class for almost half an hour. I also reminded them that I am always across the building, and see them all through tinted glass (from my dominion - Physics lab).

To disobey again is very unwise. :v

Anyway, I had my hair cropped very short last Sunday for novelty sake. I like it, my students dig it and my colleagues say I look good. But my new love hated it.

What happen to your hair?!!
Why? Don't you like it?
No. I like it longer.
I thought you say you love me no matter how I look?
Oooo, ok ok. I do love you. I do.
Let this matter lie.
Ok, shutting up.   

What do you guys think?

With Windows Down And Music Blaring

I went out to school very early today and decided to have the car windows winded down as I cruised down the road. I switched on the radio and had it cranked up loudly, a morning ritual, singing along with any songs I fancied on any channels I flicked.

And I noticed that every vehicles that I passed had their windows closed, the drivers must be safe and cool with their airconditioning on.

Me, an anomaly with my car exposed, and music so loud that made the motorcyclists glanced. No, I didn't feel popular or spectacular, just enjoying the fresh wind in my hair and around me.

Did you know that air conditioning leech 15 to 20 percent of power from your moving car? When I was much younger, I always wonder why my father switched off the airconditioning while driving up a steep hill, and now I know better :D

So some of the noted songs I sang on the way to school were Doris Day's 'Perhaps', The Verve's 'Bittersweet Symphony' and The Bellamy Brothers' 'Let Your Love Flow'.

And as my car entered the school's gate, Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman's 'Time To Say Goodbye' was blaring out loud for all to hear. (I love this one, if I made a mafia movie, this would be a great soundtrack for a massacre scene :v )

And my students told me during a class later that they think it was a funny song with screaming voices.... Some people have no standard.

I am sorry if I was gone for longer than usual. I was a tad busier at this end of year, with the final exam coming and the closing of many documents.

But I still have time to play computer games and go out to have fun :angel

Will comment on youse people blog as soon as I can :party   

Scouts Jamboree of 76'

The young man was watching the girl intently, from inside his gaggle of admirers. He was a popular scout leader, easy with his smile, and hilarious with his jokes. The girl scout, the focus of his attention, was talking to a couple of friends not far away, oblivious to the small group of scouts, with the young man within.
Suddenly the young man left his circle of fans, walking straight to the girl, standing under the big tree.
The girl, robust but still very pretty, with wavy black hair noticed the young man standing in front of her at last.
With his megawatt smile, the young man asked;
"I like you, can we be friends?"
The girl was jolted inside. So straightforward? Very original.
"Oh ok."
They exchanged names, and a moment later, their home address. The girl's two friend watched this brief conversation in fascination.
It was the last day of the State Scouts Jamboree.

The young man wrote first. And the girl replied his letter promptly.
They exchanged letters for a few months and one day the girl's mother got hold of this and told her;
"If he wants to be serious, come and let me take a good look at him."
Obediently, the girl wrote her mother wish in her next letter.
And a couple of weeks later, the young man arrived at the front door of the girl's house.
With his mother and father...
And they were engaged, and married shortly after.

The young man was my father, who wooed my mom in a most straightforward way, once upon a time during a Scouts Jamboree some 30 odd years ago.
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