My 'Cute' Bungalow (2 km away from Mom's bad ass abode)

My house from the front. I used a double dose of herbicide to kill the weed one month ago. Whosale slaughter of the grassy kind! My housemate piled the stones he collected around the house under the palm tree in front. Hey, doesn't my Kia looks like a Porsche from here?

The front sliding glass doors with grills. Look carefully (click the pic for the HUGE picture). Those are not curtains, but colourful wrappers taped to the glass. Too lazy to get curtain railings.... And this makes the house cooler with the shade.  

Home theater system, on top of a hardwood low cabinet. Look at the miniature ships! (from students for last year's Teacher's Day) I might wanna start a collection of them soon :)

Sofa set in front of the tv. I bought the coffee table recently, because it matches the black hardwood tv cabinet and dining table. You can see my collection of deadly weapons canes I used on students in the brown vase on the right. That vase was made out of rolled paper, and then painted with syellac. My housemate made it when he was in secondary school.

The dining table with the stolen table cloth. My cat, Kiki can be seen here, wasting the space :) The small palm plant on the table is real. We will move it outside when it gets too big.

A part of the kitchen. We like the kitchen to be spacious (both housemate and me love cooking) so every furniture was moved accordingly to the side. I stole the yellow egg boiler from my mom two days ago :P  And lookie! Another palm plant!

We have three rooms in the house. I put my ferrets inside the middle room, cages and all. I let them out to play once in a while. Disco and Kaos in the right big cage. Jewels, the new ferret on the left. Kiki is seen here visiting her cousins.

The front, again. You can see six patches of grass, planted experimentally by my housemate. He volunteered to do the landscaping around the house. Moral of the story; Find someone who you can use extensively as a housemate. [The lower outside wall was rain stained and a bit mossy - 3 years worth of neglect. I might paint it bright red soon] 

 p.s. - I cannot show my bedroom; it was messy and I was not in a mood to clean it up. I am sorry if I cannot update my blog as frequently as before, but I will try soon enough.

Mobile blogging... Still no broadband in sight... *sigh*

The Chinese New Year holiday just passed. What you all doing were doing?
New house is gorgeous. Had a road trip 600 km to get the spare refrigerator from my housemate's late mom's house. She passed away last Dec, of cancer.
The school office was burgled during the holiday. They emptied the safe and wrote stuff on the principal's room walls. The adminstrators have a huge headache. Am happy not being one.
Is wondering when he can afford to buy the huge black cabinet for his books and toys....
Is still missing you guys.... Ha!
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