Real Living Metal.

I bought another betta (again?). This one is silver and red. When he moves, the metallic iridescence is spectacular. In this picture, the betta is blowing some bubbles on the water surface. Bloody hard to take a proper picture of a fish...

My bettas are not show quality specimens. Thus they are not mind-bogglingly expensive. I choose my fish according to the colors I like. My ol friend, the esteemed Tenchi had a few pics of some expensive betta in his blog just to amuse me.

p.s. - My mom asked why I didn't get the females. I told her I am not going to start a betta farm (yet). She also said she haven't seen one for a long time, since the days she lived near the paddy fields.

Poem 2

Rabbity babbity ribbity bit
Lil' rabbit on my bed
Clearly where it sits
Soppy me and be sad

Babbity uppity skippity bat
The bunny's cute, it's true
I hope you are not mad
If it reminds me lots of you

Rabbity battery uppity pop
With black button eyes of two
Hope your love for me nonstop
Cause' I have feelings for you too

p.s. - somebody gave me a handmade rabbit made out of gloves. Yes, the person stitched up the doll personally for me. *sniff*

Hooray for the 200th Entry @ New Fishy Passion

My 200th entry at last! Hip hip hooray! And to celebrate this auspicious number, I went out and bought another betta @ fighting fish for my collection (already have two) and another glass aquarium (already have three glass aquariums and several plastics).

I love these fish. When in fighting mode, the male fish's fins opened up like sails! Colourful and beautiful in motion.
This red betta swims with a blue betta in the same plastic aquarium (with a divider between them). I amuse myself by putting a mirror next to him, and he'll puff up regally.
The new betta. Five times more expensive then the red above. Personally I do not know why he cost a lot more, but he is beautiful. So he got to live in the new glass aquarium alone.
My other goldies. Dwarf goldfishes together with hybrids. I love these small goldfishes! I stole the corals from my sister (who had stolen my Pikachu).

p.s. - eat your heart out Tuck Wai. :P


Driving for Harness

Went to KL yesterday evening at 5.10 pm and arrived in Subang Jaya at 6.50 pm... The Pets Wonderland outlet near my sister's house was closed for business permanently a month ago. (F**k!!!!) I was hoping to get a new harness for my ferret Kaos, as his harness is now used by Disco.

And we went to Kelana Jaya, met my older relatives who were going to the Holy City, hugged a few cousins. Then drove home (11.30 pm) and reached the front gate at 1.20 am.

A tiring day. And I was so disappointed with the closing of one of my fav shops...

The Little Things That Made Me Happy :)

I bought this at the supermarket yesterday. It is one of that solar powered cute stuff that people put at their dashboard, so they can amuse themselves while waiting in a traffic jam (maybe). I saw many flower-like plastics waving on many dashboards, so I told myself, I gotta find one of my own. But never a flower. Unless it's a sunflower.

So I got myself an Ultraman, who nods while reading a pink book on a plastic wooden log. He nods his head like crazy in the sun. I put a crystal key chain with my name on his left foot.

So I amuse myself...
"Am I so bloody good looking?" And he nods a yes.
"Do I turn left right now at the junction?" And he nods again.
"Should I go watch a movie this weekend?" Yeah, he nods.
"Must you agree with everything I say?" And the nodding goes on...

p.s. - Used to have a solar powered Pikachu (an original from Japan) on my dashboard, but the cute yellow stuff was kidnapped by my younger sister. And she denied it! Below is Blackout the evil Decepticon (in helicopter mode) on my notebook keyboard this evening.


Of Meatballs and Choppers.

I went out with a friend to town today. I had to pay my Maxis mobile bill and car loan, and to have somebody near was great enough to rant and scream the exorbitant price of high living until his ear dropped off. Originally, there would be three of us, but that particular friend had something else to do this afternoon. Well, no biggie. He was too heavy anyway for my car :P

So after paying the bills, we went to the nearby cinema, MBO and I bought the 1.30 pm show for the animated feature 'Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs'. As we waited in the VIP lounge, some people with a horde of brats entered and they (children) made a lot of noise in the small room. I wanted to give the parents a piece of my mind for allowing their children to be extremely loud in an enclosed place, but I decided against it when I saw the poor father was a so tired on his couch. He was nodding himself to sleep - taking care of demon spawns must be tough.

So we watched the movie.... Even though the plot was so simple, it was still a good movie. And as it wasn't a Pixar's or Walt Disney's, it wasn't as polished in the animated sense. A few good chuckles and a LOT of 'delicious' scenes (concerning food, ok?).

After the movie, we visited the toy section in Parkson's and lo and behold! A Voyager Decepticon Transformers Blackout was on the lowest shelf! (To all you non-nerds; Blackout was the evil military helicopter who devastated the entire army base in Qatar in the 2007 movie trailer.) I immediately bought this toy because I remembered the bad decision of 'thinking it over' and that lost me a few good collectibles. I wonder where I can display the Transformers though...

In a fairly happy mood this evening.... :)

p.s. - I lost RM 50.00 for no apparent reason today.... I always lost something when I went out with this particular friend. No, I am not accusing him of stealing my money, but something was always missing when he is near me (a pricey keychain, a red crystal ring). Which is so weird.... I told him that he might have 'something' (supernatural) nasty around him at all times. He just laughed...

Poem 1

10.46 pm clocked
alone at home yet again
doing nothing much
with tedium seeping in

my ferrets overturned their food bowl
i said,"NO! Bad ferrets!"
and they made faces at me
behind my back

had supper a few minutes back
toasts with margarine and peanut butter
tasted like cardboard
and, yes, I've tasted cardboard before

missing a few people and things
aw heck, better turn in early

I Was A Rabbit.

This is me with my mom, a long long time ago, in our kampung house, where we used to live before we moved to town. I think I was too young for kindergarten in this picture. And as the first son, I got to have all the cool toys my younger siblings never had. And all of those adequately destroyed before my younger siblings ever got a chance to touch them. I was not a loving big brother.

My mom told me that when we were very young, many people considered us as 'fluffy' and 'white' as rabbits, especially when we were playing together in the vast lawn of the house. Usually we played paper planes and kites. Don't believe me? Click on for the bigger picture and witness the Child of Light, (who 'repented' and become of Darkness much later in life). Mwa ha ha ha!

I am still the fairest male teacher in school. :)

p.s. - notice the Damien-style hair cut. I have proof at last to show youse people.

The Omen - Be afraid of the bowl haircut.

I Love You Ex-Granny In Law.

For those who know me and followed my blog, you should know already that I divorced my wife at the end of July, this year. I never met her since, but hell, this entry is not about that poisonous bitch.

Her grandmother, my mother-in-law's mother passed away yesterday... She was such a sweet old woman, one of the nicest I ever encountered. The first time I met her, she hugged and wished me to be one of the family forever. And I was genuinely happy to be accepted by the matriarch of the family.

The dear old lady was talkative and supportive. She laughed at my jokes, and always happy to see me around. It pained me greatly not to be able to attend her funeral, nor visit her when she was still alive after the divorce.

I knew she was heartbroken when knowing about the divorce. (I hope the slut of a girl who was once my wife got what she deserves).

I've shed some tears for you, and I hope you are in a better place. You will always be my favourite elder lady... Semoga aman Nenek di sana.

Stressed Out Maxima

.... was thinking of committing suicide today... but I thought of the promises I made and the few people who really love me...

I should clean up my act.

And yes, I have no aspiration to be more than an ordinary teacher.

True Tales; The Unfortunate Boy and Society's Trash

Let me tell you a true story about two friends who also happens to be students of mine...

X (real name cannot be disclosed for secrecy sake) is a shy and quiet boy who rarely expressed an opinion in my Physics class. He is also very clever, but alas, like a smashed mirror, all brilliance but still, a broken item (I will tell you why in a moment).

Y is an extrovert kind of person, who'll bug you everywhere, at anytime of the day. He's not really bright, but he can be quite helpful if he puts his mind into the job.

Both X and Y, in my professional opinion, are not really 'right' in the head, but not in a bad way.

So anyway, one morning, a few days ago, X and Y decided to visit me during the weekend, by bus. My esteemed mother asked me the same morning to buy a notebook computer for my handicapped brother, and gave me a lot of money for the purchase. So I called up the boys and told them to stay put at the bus stand, so I could pick them up to accompany me to the city. This they did.

So the three of us went to a computer store where I bought an Acer notebook computer immediately (because it's not mine and I was a bit annoyed to be woken very early just to do shopping for others). "What you want to do next?" I asked my students because I don't have the afternoon planned.

"Let's go to the movies," they said. I agreed because it's a hobby of mine anyway.

So we drove to the nearest cinema and I bought 3 tickets for the 4.00 pm show (because we missed the 2.00 pm show for 'FarCry'). Then I let the boys roam the mall, as long as they didn't do anything stupid that require my attendance.

I received a call soon after, from an unknown number;
"Is this Mr Ramzu?"
"Where are you?"
"I am somewhere near a cinema?"
"You are going to watch a movie?"
"Maybe. Who is this?"
"I am X's mother."

I will not continue the dialogue , but will tell the gist of it. She is ANNOYED that I brought her son to an INAPPROPRIATE place (cinema/mall). She said I was IRRESPONSIBLE and SELFISH. She said her brilliant son would be scarred for life, being somewhere near places with BAD INFLUENCE. She went on and on and on. I was quiet because 1. My parents never teach me to talk back to older people and 2. She has all the right to be angry for her son and 3. I am not that stupid to start an argument.

And when knowing her son is going out with Y, she commented thus;
"Isn't Y the Trash of Society?" ('Trash of Society' refers to people who contributed zero, useless individuals, e.g. drug addicts, snatch thieves etc). Y is not an excellent boy in study or behavior, yet a mother calling another's child such is completely unacceptable for me.

So, after she hung up, I rounded up her son and Y and immediately started the journey to send them back home, thus abandoning the cinematic activity. X was very adamant about my decision, because he really wanted to watch a movie. He told me that he has NEVER been in an outing with friends (that was his FIRST), and also never been to a cinema (unlike most of his peer, 17 yrs olds). X was never good at expressing his feeling, and after talking to his parent, now I understood why my student behaves oddly. Something is wrong at home.

When I was his age, even younger, my parents would persuade me to go outside and 'get a life'. They even gave me money to go to the cinema or anywhere I like as long as I got back home in the evening. They knew I am bright enough not to be caught in any sticky situation.

So I pity X because from what I witnessed and information from his friends, plus from himself, this unfortunate boy has 'no life' (normal social life). I can predict the outcome in the far future, but I would not be too specific here. Let's say when you fenced a young one, he'll fly away and never return when the opportunity comes. I told X to prepare for this future, but never get into an argument with his parents. Sometimes people do hard things for love.

As for Y, he said he was used to it. I told him to buck up and change his way, or the infamous tittle would be truly his, years to come.

For the first time in my 7 years career as a teacher, a parent had called me IRRESPONSIBLE. I wish I can sit down with this particular woman and tell her that sometimes, an accusation like that can be harmful to people's state of mind.

I will remember this.

We Got Paddy Fields Still?

Water lilies!!! These are thriving in the waterway next to the paddy fields. Beautiful.

Wide, quiet and green. Not a soul in sight. To spend an evening here just walking with a friend or loved ones should be nice.

My friend waiting in the car.

I should have posted these pictures last week, but I got lazy after the Eid (maybe because too much eating rich food), so forgive me. We visited a friend who lives near the border of Melaka-Johore, a rural village with spectacular views. Enjoy.

p.s. Personally I thought the paddy fields in Melaka are all already extinct. I am happy that I was wrong. I'd come back to visit this place again next year.

The Angriest Day Of My Life (2009)

Anger is a daily emotion occurrence for me. Sometimes I could be constantly angry at things / people, busy plotting evil schemes for revenge, and I'd be blind to the big picture. It's petty, but I think I like to be angry. It drives me (maybe sometimes crazily).

Anyway, last night I was angry enough to commit murder or arson (maybe both). The previous entry poem stated that I was angry with a particular girl (NOT my significant other) and surprise, surprise, it's the same b**ch that stoked my inner fire AGAIN.

You see, she owed me some money and was REALLY REALLY tardy about paying back.

When someone wants to borrow money from you; he'd badgered you, sometimes stuck at you like a limpet to be close. He'd whine, wanting you to pity him, and of course always be in contact (via phone or email) asking when he can expect the help. This is the usual modus operandi and I was barraged such by this ex-girlfriend of mine.

And as a generous sucker, I gave her 70% of the amount she wanted, hoping she'll go away.

And that's what she did.

And when the time arrived for her to pay (two weeks ago), she made herself scarce. She never answered my calls or replied my messages. Every failed attempts to contact her made me angrier than ever. I just HATE people who lied to me.

And then yesterday evening, the BITCH suddenly called and asked me to come to town and get my money. I asked a friend to accompany me (who knows she'd sent hit-men to take care of me, this is a dangerous world after all) and I arrived on the designated place on time.

The girl wasn't there, and I waited half an hour, but she never showed up!

I called her handphone and NATURALLY I was introduced to her voice message. You can imagine my gargantuan anger for being played yet again.


I felt like driving to her house and slaughter her and her entire family with the hooked knife I have in my dashboard. My friend expressed his horror and asked me to just forget the whole thing and drive back home. He's asking me to just let go of the money.

That's what friends are for. To stop you from doing things you'd extremely regret later.

So I left a message in both her voicemail and sms. "I'd gut you like a fish if I ever see your face ever again. Your words are worth shit and you will die screaming, if you continue doing this to the wrong people. You are mud under my feet. Rot in hell."

After that, I do feel better. Cursing people is a special branch of talent for teachers who embraced the Dark Side of the Force.
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