Of Terrorism and Network of Spies

If I didn't love myself and parents well, I'd be a phenomenal crime lord.

Yes, I was born evil, and it wasn't my parents fault. Maybe the bad genes of my previous ancestors were finally distilled within me, or the cosmos decided to create an alien in human form for fun. I never said I was good, always tell people to be careful around me.

At least I warned them. It's not like I'd grow claws and rip them apart. I hold grudges... and I always get my dues. Imagine Damien 6.0.

Anyway, talking about Terrrorism... Last week three Malaysian fishermen were abducted by the coast of Sabah by three heavily armed men from the south of the Philippines... The same case happened before, some of our citizens kidnapped by the southern Philippines terrorists for ransom.

For your information, the south of Philippines is a nest of pirates, two bit freedom fighters and kidnappers. And those islands is very near to Sabah, Borneo, the eastern-most state of Malaysia.

A few years ago, several of these armed men infiltrated Sabah, killing locals and policemen in their wake. They wanted Sabah to be theirs, citing of documents and agreements from long past to validate their purpose. And the government mobilize the army and bombed them all to hell (I was surprised that we do have drone-bombs in our arsenal).

Back to the matter at hand, if we pay the ransom (millions of ringgit worth), they may return the hostages... but the vicious cycle will never end. The terrorists will buy more guns and continue rampaging and kidnapping, asking for more money. They say their cause is just, and they are desperate. But whoever knew of a righteous terrorist nowadays...

 People and places are bombed worldwide. Innocents shot by discontent madmen. Suffering, all year round, fun for the whole family! This is the age where terrorists are superstars, the news are almost incomplete without tales of death and carnage.

If it was up to me, I'd invade the south of Philippines and kill every living soul living there. And then withdrew my troop and say "Ooops! Sorry" to the Philippines government. But that may incite a war. See? The circle never ends. But diplomacy is already dead and buried.  

I am not nice, but I hate terrorism. Why? Because it may disturb my peace and sleep. Rather selfish reasons, that.

Anyway, let me tell you about yesterday's case;

A girl tweeted her picture in the afternoon during school. She was careful not to add her teachers or school friends. She thought she was clever... (bringing gadgets, phones to school is an offence)

Her friend outside the school saw the tweet, and promptly alerted a teacher about it. The teacher, who happened to be in the staff room yelled for me, showing me the uploaded tweet with picture, the damning evidence.

I instructed a couple of my prefects to bring this girl to me. It took her a long time to come (students know it is never a good thing when I call them). She was starting to evade when I asked where the handphone was, and I had not the energy to scream her to submission.

I flicked her tweet account using my own phone and showed the tweet to her (the time stamp clearly shows the upload during school hours). "Explain this." She was silent.

"Bring me the phone right now. If you refuse, it's ok. Tomorrow I shall call your parents and we shall have a meeting with the principal and vice principal of student affairs. So what shall it be?"

She relinquished her huge tablet to me immediately from her bag.

Yes, I do a lot of blackmailing. I am a terrorist too. I never said I am nice :)
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