Business After Dark For Kiki The Don

Tonight I will drive my mom and aunt to Subang Jaya, my sister's home very very very far away from Malacca. My cousin is getting married this Sunday. I hate driving long distance, and Kiki will be left unattended for two days. But at least I got something interesting to do tonight...

My first Mudah.my purchase! Kiki's new companion, a female American Curl kitten. Yes yes the ears should be 'curled' but this one aren't, thus the cheaper pricetag. I am a bargain hunter anyway. I tried to upload the picture here, yet the site wont let me copy it! And the pictures of other cats as substitute would not do because I cannot find one with the same coat colour.

Hope Kiki will like her new friend, they will live together in the same cage soon (after the initial introduction). Will upload a picture of both of them if they didn't kill each other first. :)

:) I love cats. (The prettier ones, he he he). 

p.s. - Suggest me some names for the new kitten. Kiki's longer illustrious name is Artemis II Kikuraides. (Artemis I was murdered by dogs last year.... *snif*).


Potty Poetry 2


Roses are red

Rubies should be

The colour of blood

Flowing so free

Red in the skies

Of clouds in the evening

And of rusty iron

Which dewed in the morning

Dirty in ochre

Of the dust, in the sun

Red brings cheer

Around, for everyone

So the red of joy

The hue of strength

And anger, and glee

Shall always be there

A favourite for me

p.s. - actually my favourite colour is blue, but there is already an 'Ode to Blue'. Oh and Inky, I am just emulating your poem. I was bored in class and scribbled this. :)


Which Fantasy Creature Are You?


Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

A studious scholar who is tempted by the path of least resistance, you align yourself with whatever prevalent forces possess power.

The old world will burn in the fires of industry. Forests will fall. A new order will rise. We will drive the machinery of war with the sword and the spear and the iron fist of the orcs.


p.s. - I was hoping to get Lord Sauron, but Saruman himself is not really bad. Thanks Tenchi for sending this my way.


Fantasy on My Mind Too

In her blog, Miss Inky told the world that for now, she's pointing her compass due Fantasy. I love the fantasy genre so much that I have a few fertile alternate worlds maintained in my own mind. All realms are STRICTLY plagiarised from Tolkien-like Middle Earth and the worlds of Dungeon & Dragons (used to steal a LOT of D&D books, because I cannot afford them then). Magic, swords and fantastic creatures - I 'see' these everyday.

Whenever I watch a fantasy film (I always attend, no matter how bad they review said it was) I'd look for a good plot, other than the fun-fest of decapitating heads and chopping limbs. Magic is wonderful too, if the CGI is good enough and believable (depending on their budget, ha ha ha).

Good characters should be foolishly good and evil creatures should drip venom with every word they said. I root for evil, so I usually follow the expression of the said character carefully. We learn from the best, we do.

I attended Underworld 3; Rise of the Lycans a few weeks back. The film sucked really bad, because of a sloppy story and bad acting. But the costumes were AWESOME! I guess most of the budget went to the costumes, ha ha ha.

Anyway; who is your favourite fantasy character? 


Good Has Been Vanquished

After many times of interruptions, at last I finished playing Lord of the Rings; Conquest on PS3. Playing the good guys was so boring, because I never liked characters like Legolas, Gimli and Faramir. In 'Raise of Sauron' the evil campaign after being on the good guys' team, that's where the fun really is.

Terminated Faramir with a troll.

I killed Gimli and Aragorn with Saruman the traitor.

Murdered Legolas and Elrond with the mighty Sauron himself.

And finally squashed Treebeard and Gandalf with the awesome Balrog.

This is really a fun game for fans of Middle Earth. Although the display was a bit low-key for a PS3 game, it was still an enjoyable ride. 

'The darkness is now complete.'


O Happy Days!

The trashmouth is finally out of my life. Sayonara sucker!

Bloody Physics Teacher Me

If I was told that I would end up being a teacher a long time ago, I'd say why not - I actually wanted to be one. But then, I studied in a boarding school where students were encouraged to strive harder and achieve much higher than the average humans. So I kept my ambition a secret, and never told the truth whenever the question "What you wanna be when you grow up?" arised.

My late father actually killed my dream of being a teacher. "You shall not be a teacher. Your parents are already teachers, so be something else." He said that one fateful evening in front of my mom, at the dining table, as he was marking his students exercise books.

You can say I thought all hopes were lost. I drifted away in my studies after that. I didn't know what to be anymore. Just go with the flow. And everything will flow. 

So I took some random courses in the university, scored averagely (because I played around a lot), had a few jobs after graduation, with no aim in life. I was pathetic, and I hated myself.

And my father passed away at the end of year 2000... And a few months after that, my mom said; "Once upon a time you wanted to be a teacher, now you can." So I applied for Teachers' College and got in on the second interview (a very very funny real story, will tell about it soon) and about a year later, I was posted in Sarawak to teach in the middle of nowhere.

But seriously, those were three happy years of my life.

Now I am back in my homestate, seriously thinking of why the Department of Education here are so blind about our core business, which is 'teaching'. Teachers are swamped with paperworks and wasteful stuffs which I suspect are only created just to make some people feel important. Yes, the education system is dynamic - but too much change will confuse the people.

I teach Science and Physics now. And a bloody good teacher at that. But somehow my lack of enthusiasm in paperwork made some people accuse me of being lazy.

Is it really true that a teacher is judged by his/her ability to do clerk's work? 


Asam Pedas Ultra Special

"Ikan di laut, asam di darat  (Fish in the sea, tarmarind from the land)

Dalam periuk bikin muafakat  (In the cooking pot, making harmony) "

I am a fan of the asam pedas dish, and always experiment on new brands of asam pedas paste in the market. For now at least the best commercial paste comes from Maggi - Fish Head Asam Pedas. But no matter how good the cooking dish is, I always temper the original recipe by adding one or two extra ingredient.

Well, yesterday I bought a huge salmon's head from Cold Storage to make my own asam pedas dish. The ancient poem above made me observe the source of the fish before the purchase...'flown from Scandinavia'. Wow, this fish was captured half a world away and it's going into my cooking pot, with asam (tarmarind) imported from Thailand (yes, I checked). Our Malay accestors would have never dreamt such thing to be possible.

Anyway; the salmon head asam pedas.... was so mind-blowingly good, I'd go and buy another huge fish head soon. Try it if you don't believe me. :)

p.s. - sorry, no photo. I ate the whole head up and THEN remembered.


Building Yet Another Robot

I was bored (and uninspired, thus the few days without blog entries). And yesterday when in an outing with friends, I bought another Gunpla set to amuse myself for a few days. "MSN-065 Sinanju Master Grade Ver. Ka". It's big, red and have an awesome factor of 100 percent. I've build half of it in one day and hope to finish it by tonight.

Tenchi. I am so sorry to make you cry tears of blood... But jealousy cannot get you anything. Just buy the damn thing!

p.s. - you can view my other toys @ robot sets at www.flickr.com/ramzu 


Haiku Project 6


Killing orcs in Osligiath

Thank God for PS3


                  - Middle Earth made real -


I am Dr Doom (again)

Your results:
You are Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom
The Joker
Mr. Freeze
Dark Phoenix
Lex Luthor
Poison Ivy
Green Goblin
Blessed with smarts and power but burdened by vanity.

Click here to take the Super Villain Personality Test

p.s. - took this quiz earlier last year and still got Doom.


Eggs at Midnight

Yes, it's bloody midnight now and suddenly I had this urge to eat a couple of half-boiled eggs. So I went to the kitchen and took the trusty yellow egg boiler (this device is older than me) and boiled some water using the electric kettle (for my personal use apparently, my mum still use the stove for boiling water).

So I put five eggs into the boiler. Pour the correct amount of hot water into it, and put the lid on. And now I am here typing about half-boiled eggs for your reading pleasure.... waiting for the eggs to cook, ok ok, half cook.

I Googled about 'half-boiled eggs' and there are several entries about how to manage, including many mentioning that the eggs would be superb to go with soy sauce, a bit of pepper and toast.

I don't have bread this middle of the night, but two out of three are not bad.

Well, bon apetit (for me, that is).

p.s. - for some reason I like my food to be a bit raw @ half cooked. This would include meat, fish and poultry. But don't do this at home because it is so risky.


Acting Class

Today, during Physics I taught my students the art of acting. I was bored after 40 minutes of discussion about electric current and so were they. Thus, we pretend to be thespians for half an hour before the bell rang.

A chemistry teacher of mine a long long time ago said that 'acting' is a way for advancement in life. Come on, we 'pretend' to work diligently in front of our bosses, THAT is called acting, and we did it automatically at the office. So what are there to be an outstanding actor @ cheat @ dishonestly credible @ serpent-in-the-grass?

1. The proper props - if you wanna pretend to do something, do it with the appropriate equipments @ workplace @ things etc. Show some serious prop design if you must.

2. The suitable attitude - Be serious if you want the scam to work. Your reputation is on the line here.

3. Luck - We make our own luck, by practising hard.

p.s. - My methods to spread evil are always welcomed by students. No other teacher can talk taboos like me. :)  Welcome to the 21st century. 


Kiki and Me

This is Artemis II Kikuraides @ Kiki, my calico mix breed cat. She was sitting under the sofa, being bored when I took this (poor quality) picture using my mobile phone.

She is just 4 months old and still love to play hide and seek with me. Sometimes she plays tag, but I don't entertain that game much because she always cheat - running under sofas and beds.

Notice the bell collar. Kiki has no voice, meaning she is incapable to make noises like a normal cat. I do not know what the problem was, and fortunately she is healthy and active. She is so silent outside her cage, thus the bell informs me her whereabouts in the house.

These days she is the only one who accompany me at home. Loneliness is good, even better if we got someone to share it with. 


Potty Poetry

Roses are red, violets are blue

Sugar is sweet, and so are you

Violence is red, sadness is blue

Getting my self mad, because of you 


Stealing From Aizan Is Good For The Soul

1) Who is the last person you high-fived?

Some students I don't even remember the name.

2) If you were to fall in love, who would it be?

Dr. Me, Miss Myself and Mr I.

3) Do you sleep with the tv on?

Never. Wasting electricity is only for games.

4) Have you ever slapped anyone?

Yes. This afternoon. Two boys. Unbelievably naughty.

5) Have you ever won a contest?

Yes. Several. But don't do contests anymore. 

6) Have you ever been stung by a bee?

Twice, at the ear.

7) How fast can you type?

Fast enough to get the job done.

8) Are you afraid of the dark?

Never. I even have classes in the gloom. Darkness is our friend.

9) What color are your socks?


10) Have you ever made out at a drive-in?

Drive-in are for lazy bums.

11) When is the last time you chose a bath over a shower?

I use the bathtub whenever it is available.

12) Do you knock on wood?

What is wrong with the wood?

13) What are you doing now?

Thinking the most sincere answer for these stolen questions.

14) Whats your fantasy?

Worldwide dominations. Total enslavement of people.

15) Can you hula hoop?

Never tried.

16) Are you good at keeping secrets?


17) What do you want for Christmas?

Everyday is Christmas day for me (when with money of course).

18) Do you know the Muffin Man?

He made muffins? Oh oh I saw him once in Shrek 3.

19) Do you talk in your sleep?

I donno, but my bedmates said sometimes.

20) Who wrote the book of love?

Is this the Karma Sutra?

21) Have you ever flown a kite?

Yes, I even made it myself.

22) Do you wish on your fallen eyelashes?

Nope. Eyelashes do not even know about wishes.

23) Do you hate anyone right now?

Several. Cannot name them here.

24) Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?

The Rock is now obsolete.

25) Have you ever asked for a pony?

Ponies are for girls.

26) Have you, or would you ever, donate sperm/eggs?

If the money is good.

27) Can you juggle?


29) If you could enact any new law, what would it be?

For me to be above the law, higher than Aizan (ha ha ha ha ha).

30) Do you have a bf/gf now?

Yes, several.

31) If you had only enough energy left in you for one last smile, who would you give it to?


32) Are you ready for the future?


33.Count yourself to sleep?

Along time ago. I prefer counting sheep. Or sometimes killing men in battles.

34) Have you ever been suspended or expelled from school?

Yes. But it was hush hush, my parents don't even know it.

35) How do you know if you're bored?

I will tell people I am bored.

36) Have you ever crawled through a window?

Never. Windows here have bars.

37) Have you ever eaten dog food?

Nope. But I tasted tinned cat food, tasted like fish.

38) Can you handle the truth?


39) Do you like green eggs and ham?

I don't do hams.

40) Who/what is on your mind right now?

It's past my bedtime and I am still answering these bloody questions.

Anger Management

As still as a mountain, pliant as the bamboo trees. A man should be solid and can adapt to many changes. But not me. Like a smashed mirror. All shiny facets and brilliant, yet still a broken thing. I got angry for so many things in life.

I always begin the day with a neutral mood, indifferent of things. But as the day plodded along, with addition of my volatile mood, I got angry on a constant basis. Thank goodness I don't have HBP, maybe because I usually vented out the bad vibes rather quickly.

How to control my temper;

1. Warn the villagers of the impending doom @ erupting volcano.

2. Triple warned the densest people. Because they are naturally stupid and cannot take the hints.

3. Make sure there are no fragile or easy to reach things in our vicinity. This is to avoid property destruction or accidental flying missiles.

4. Make it quick and simple. A tantrum is bad for your image. 


Random Artsy.

SSQUO's Sunday Scribblings this week is about art. Well, I don't know much about art, yet I know what I like and what form it should be. Yes, as an evil person, it is traditional to like the colour black and other darker hues. But that's for 'official' capacity, like nobody would take a serial murderer in colourful costumes seriously.

So let's be artsy for a few moments... I Googled 'van gogh sunflowers' and this is the painting I always remember. Yes, I admit that I LIKE sunflowers. To make fun of this fact will invite a scathing entry all about you, my daring assailant. You have been amply warned.


I prefer the paintings from the old masters not because they worth a lot of money, but the reason why they worth so. This Van Gogh's might look like had been painted by an amateur (by you people who are so obsessed with realism) but to me, Mr Painter had captured the essence of the moment - beautiful yellow sunflowers in a vase. Only that, not the table spread or the scenery behind it. The painting is only about those flowers in a vase - pretty simple.

Tell me about your favourite paintings.

p.s. - I have many sunflowers pictures for my desktop. I think the sunflower is so often overlooked by many people, who prefers exotics like roses and orchids. And I STRESSED here that I only like my sunflowers in vases and pictures, not on shirts, item of decorations or even bedspread! I have class, ok. 


Thinking of Sephiroth

If someone put a sword in my hands and asked me to lop off the head of my enemy.... I'd asked him what's the catch? Because I'd seriously like to do it, if I can get away with murder.

If somebody I hate was drowning in front of me..... I'd let him die. But if there are people watching, at least PRETEND to save the poor sod.

If I met someone I REALLY dislike who was walking by the road as I was driving.... I'd hit him / her with my car from behind, dragged the body into the bushes, and if a bit more assertive, bury the rotten body with concrete a week after.

If I was asked how to make somebody die in a lot of pain with only a knife thrust.... I'd target his lower stomach, so the spilling gastric acid would eat away his gut and flesh, and there is no way to stem that tide. :)

I wished a lot of bad things to happen to bad people.

p.s. - oh and walling people up is a delicious death especially for those who likes to nag


You are so nice Teacher.

During two periods classes, there would be a few moments when I stopped teaching and rest for a few minutes.  Teaching uses a lot of 'chi' energy, especially when you are trying to get an idea into 30 plus empty heads. Show me a person who said teaching is the easiest job and I will ask said person to teach Physics, in English, using a laptop computer, with students who will never be interested to open a dictionary for 40 minutes at least, and there will be a test after that. 

Anyway, at a lull this afternoon, some students came up to me to talk. Usually during rest-time, I let them do anything they like as long as they are not too noisy, or I'll just pick up anything (chair, textbooks, stationery or my personal favourite; metal pencil cases) and do target practice.

They fawned around me (like usual). Boys at the front and some girls at the back of the small group (I specifically asked female students not to stand too close to me in any way to avoid scandals or even worse, sexual harrassment suits from disillusioned parents). 

"Teacher sir, you are handsome today." (I encourage young minds to 'kiss butt' very early)
"Well thank you. And what do you want?"
"Can we see your handphone? Your watch?"
"What for? Go and buy your own when you grow up." (I transferred the said items from the table into my pockets).
"No homework today-lah sir. You are so nice."
(Nice? I was rarely nice. Sarcastically funny, yes, but rarely nice. In fact, I just ripped off many pages of their exercise books which I didn't find up to my standards. The torn pages were still on the floor).
"Why you say I am nice? I am not nice." (See? I never admit to people I am nice, yet SOMEBODY in this blogsphere insisted that I ONLY pretend being so).
"We know you are nice-lah sir."
"Go away." (Swatted them away with the wooden metre ruler).

I had taught for six years, and all 'fawning' students said almost the same thing (from Sarawak to Malacca). Am I really nice? Or they misunderstood my evil destructive ways of teaching as nouveau and refreshing? I have shown them how brutal I can be in class (a foot long cane, broken desks and doors, flying chairs) yet I seemed to attract a large gang of followers.

Maybe these students are fascinated in a person they don't understand. Oh well, I will still get the most presents during 'Teacher's Day'.

Yay for misleading the younger generation!


I was in KL this morning. Morning, the time of day I am always a bit grumpy. Grumpy because I was forced to be awaken early. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and nice. Nice? I was rarely nice. Nice is for wimps. Wimps, sissies and losers. Losers like the one I encountered at work. Work for the money. Money not always enough. Enough trouble to attract the boss' attention. Attention is BAD for a naughty character like me. Me, a name I call myself. Myself and a friend, we will go to a movie, maybe. Maybe I will ask another friend to join. Join us or stand against us. US is an acronym for the United States. States of emergency. Emergency lanes are usually misused by low class people to cut queue on the highway. Highway to hell? Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. Scorned by you is like being attacked by a squirrel. Squirrel cannot be a good pet because it is too wild. Wild Wild West. West is where the sun sets. Sets is a subtopic in Maths that I have forgotten how to solve. Solve? Slovenia?

p.s - 15 minutes of my life lost which cannot be reclaimed     


Oooo, Something to do.

I stole this from Kiki's Eat A Pomme and filled them up. (Not my cat, Kiki. An actual person that is. Hope she wont send a virus my way)

I Am: EVIL (enough said).

I Want: the world on a silver platter, preferably not damaged much .
I Have: some money, but I wanted more.
I Wish: I was 'traffic-stoppingly' good looking.
I Fear: that I will poison the minds of younger generations in school.
I Hear: 'Forever Young' from my sister's huge stereo. Loves retro.
I Search: for the reason why I cannot have it all.
I Wonder: when will they make a movie about killer psychotic cats.
I Regret: having so many faults.
I Love: being by myself.
I Always: am thinking about taking advantages of people.
I Usually: bath my cat once every 2 weeks.
I Am Not: NICE.
I Dance: a jig, rarely, by myself. 
I Sing: along while using my Bluetooth headphone.
I Never: understand why people cannot finish everything on their plate properly at meals.
I Rarely: compliment people.
I Cry: a long long time ago...
I Am Not Always: there for you, but I will try.
I’m Confused: by love.

I Should: keep on living the good life.

p.s - feel free to steal from me guys. I encourage pilfering even at school.


Shall We Meet Again Maggie?

I watched 'The Transformers' movie again (for how many times I forgot) because there was nothing good on the telly (like always). I really love this movie; destructive and very very cool. The villians are AWESOME and seriously kick-ass.

But somehow I feel a bit sad for the baddies... They are determined, horrifying and skilled in destruction, yet in the end the good guys ALWAYS win. I felt cheated when Megatron dies in the end, heck, that megalomaniac robot is an icon of evil itself, the Darth Vader of cartoon-series.

Always hated Optimus Prime since I was little. Maybe as rotten I was, his goodie-two-shoes i'd-sacrifice-myself-for-good-cause character scratched a screeching scrawl across this black heart of mine. I was actually happy when he 'died' twice in the animated series.

The words in the vines said that Maggie might return in the sequel. 'Revenge of the Fallen', another mark on my must see list.


La la la lah 6

I listened to the radio since very young, because the tv programme only starts at 9.00 am (a long time ago) and I got nothing else to do at home. When I was in primary school, I preferred to listen to English-language stations because the songs were good and sometimes catchy. My mother and grandmother had no objections because they got another radio playing 'keronchong' in the kitchen. I hate 'keronchong' and thank goodness it is almost extinct.

The old songs were beautiful; and I listened to a variety of them, from disco to the early 50s soul music. Unfortunately I never knew most of the songs titles and this made downloading them a bit tricky. For now I've succeeded downloading a few song's from the Platters, Everly Brothers, Earth Wind and Fire, Boney M, Doris Day, Nat King Cole, the Carpenters etc.

Tell me about your favourite golden oldies.

p.s - now listening to 'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes'


Me and My PlayStation(s)


My PlayStation 3 is in my bedroom a.k.a. playroom (because I rarely sleep in my own room), in the wooden cabinet, under the 32 inch Toshiba HDTV I bought especially for games last November.

I copied two of my favourite movies from my external HD into the PS3 hard disc. 'Transformers' and 'Final Fantasy: Advent Children'. The memory was almost inadequate, because I've installed so many games already I guess. 60 Gb is not that large.

I have two Playstation 2. The old bulkier black one is UNDER the PS3, collecting dust and spiderwebs. I will wait for the day to give it freely to anyone that pleases me. The other slimmer silver version.... it was broken and taken apart, now under my younger brother's bed. Bloody expensive waste.

Some might say video games are a waste of time. I will tell them to drink pesticide and jump off bridges. This addiction is much safer than drugs.

Yay for Playstations!    

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