PlayStation and Purple Ink

I've been sinking in my own mire of misery since my PlayStation 3 console was sent to the shops for repair. Life is INDEED a bit dull when you don't have your daily dosage of mass killing and level upgrades. So I have returned to my old flame, who I left years ago - computer games. Yep, click click clicking the mouse - building whole nations from the ground up or murdering peasants - whiling the time away. (I am currently playing Dungeon Keeper, the first ever computer game I bought with my own money [1997]. And Simcity 4, when I feel like being a nation father-founder.)

These are not new games, but they suit my notebook computer, which is not really powerful in the first place. I am a gamer with simple taste.

Anyway I woke up yesterday evening panicking when receiving a message from my mobile phone service provider, distrupting my line - I failed to pay the bill for two months. Ok ok my fault. So away I flew to the city and paid the damn overdued thing.

Thirty kilometres of driving just to pay your mobile phone bill... Well, it keeps life interesting for me when we are spontaneous. And as I was there in the city, window shopping was imminent. Wanna buy some 'Transformers 2' merchandise and toys but I was VERY DISGUSTED with the lack of specific target spectrum. Where's the stuff for EVIL boys and girls!!! We hate Optimus and Bumblebee!!! We wanna see MORE BAD ASS DECEPTICONS!!! Not Fair!!!

I left the toy section without buying anything and visited the stationery department, because I like to look at fountain pens. :)

And hey!! They got PURPLE INK!!!! (Violet really) That really made my day. Been looking for an inkwell full of purple ink for ages. Cannot wait to write my teaching reports in purple. He he he.

Watched, Reading and Walked with Harry

Yes, I watched "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" three days ago with eight friends (wow! Does he have that many friends or he made it all up?) and it was an OK film. My friends REALLY hated me when I told them that Dumbledore was going to die some 15 minutes before his actual death in the film. I've read the entire series and was comparing my notes to the unfolding cinematography on the silverscreen.

Read the books first before watching the films. It helps to answer a lot of questions afterwards.

And now (yes, this very moment) I am at page 262 of the last book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". The movie will only be shown next year or later but I need to polish my memory of these extraordinary books first. And I usually enjoy reading my fav books more than twice, and this IS my second go at the particular series. Very moody, dark and full of negative vibes. J.K. Rowling did good by ending the series.

Even I would be sick of Harry Potter, the extended series (if she decided to rake in more money).

On a lighter note, I had a friend who is the splitting image of Daniel Radcliffe when I was in secondary school (this is WAY before Harry Potter ever existed). He was fair, dark haired and wore specs too. [Will not put his name here for security sake].

The last time I met him when we were walking around KLCC (2002), looking for my Terry Pratchett's books. He was TRAFFIC-STOPPINGLY good looking. People actually paused whatever they were doing when he walked past. THAT good looking. As for me, I felt like mud dragging underneath his feet (did not wish to feel like that ever again).

I told him afterwards that I would never go out with him anymore. He said why not. He's a nice person but I don't like to be overshadowed, no, eclipsed by someone that badly (It's a Darklord trait).

The last I heard of him, he was expelled from the overseas university he attended - for being involved in various free-sex relationships and negligence in study.

:) Well, go figure.

F**k with a CAPITAL 'F'

I am so sorry for being so obscene... usually I am a mellow kind of guy, not really excited about many things. But, but... aiyah, so bloody irritated just now.

My Playstation 3, yes, the ray of light in my dreary life had a problem. It wouldn't read discs anymore. I was calm and didn't panic at first and tried over and over again inserting some game discs into the machine. Time passed and I was getting angry, not at the console, but with myself, thinking of some unseen purpose of this problem.

And like all good computers, the PS3 have that terminal option, 'Restore to default' setting. As I clicked on the buttons, I knew I'm sending all my previous victories in battles to oblivion. The hundred hours of gameplay evaporated. The many many game trophies deleted. The promises of meeting old friends (game characters) is now nil. My gaming life is now a clean slate. Yes, this is a MAJOR f**k up in my life, even eclipsing my divorce two days ago.

At least my PS3 was always there for me and made me happy. *sniff*

And you know what? It did the trick. Now my play console can accept the dvds, although much slower on the auto-play. I will consult my game dealer (the girl who sold me the most PS3 games ever) about the problem, and my beloved might be set on the operating table. *sniff*

Oh well, I'll be off to buy the 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' tickets tomorrow for the Saturday evening show. I've read the book and I think the series are awesome.

Disgusting Undead and Brutish / British Bond

I bought "Resident Evil 5" for my Play Station 3 against my better judgement. Capcom's phenomenal zombie-killing game series are so popular they had to launch another one after the success of "Resident Evil 4". Gosh. Most of you who read my blog and personally know me would say that I am a fearless sort of person. But I drew a line at certain things, and zombie(s) is one of it.

A zombie is an undead, slow and disgusting, animated by magic or in the Resident Evil series, some biohazard T-virus. That's not why I hate them the most of the monsters' pantheon. They are also icky and they KEEP on coming! I'd rather battle werewolves and vampires in the deepest pits of Hell (in games, mind you) rather than meet those shuffling undeads. At least vampires have STYLE and werewolves are just more interesting to shoot at, with them moving so fast, sometimes on walls and ceilings.

Three years ago, I only dared to play "Resident Evil 4" at noon, when it is brightest. Never at night or in the dark. Yes, with the latest technology, game characters are so real, you'd bring them into your dreams. I love my sleep, so zombie-murdering must be done in total safety of the day.

"Resident Evil 5" is set in Africa, and as PS3 is graphically superior than PS2, the promise of more believable undead is imminent. Yes, I still kill those sods during the day.


I've been watching "Quantum of Solace" on Blueray this evening with my ferret. (Oh ok, he's not really watching, mainly sniffing around the base of the tv cabinet and just look up curiously when the loud noises starts).

I think Daniel Craig is wonderful as the super spy. He brought a new style most who had (really) read the books would never thought of. The new Bond is brutish, a bully and huge! I previously thought that Pierce Brosnan was the best Bond ever, but now I stand corrected. A brutal efficient killing machine has more attraction for me than a suave, well mannered spy with a lady's gun (the Beretta).

p.s. - How would you like to end with these undeads? A. Gnawed slowly by a group of zombies. B. Drained of your blood (from various parts of your body) by a few vampires. C. Gnawed (again) like bones by some werewolves, after they ripped out your heart that is.


I hereby today had divorced my poisonous snake of a wife at 10.05 am in the Syarie Court. Now I hope she would suffer the gargantuan avalanche of anger from her family and immediate relatives [because my in-laws simply adored me].

Take that you stupid arrogant bitch. A whole year of mental torture I endured, and she cannot even afford a lawyer in the end.

Will spend the rest of the day doing the same things I always do. Oh viva la vida! Tra la la la.

An Outing with My Pet - Ferret Hilton a.k.a. Kaos

I am just back from the night market, with a couple of friends and my ferret. We left Kaos alone in the car as I bought 1.5 kg of gizzard (my fav part of the chicken after the heart) and my friends got some tasty food and drinks for our supper.

We took the foodstuf to a nearby recreational area, spread the food on a bench and took my ferret out from the car for him to roam (on a leash). And as his previous owner told me a long long time ago, a ferret is a chick / kid magnet. Boy, he was right.

Twenty one young boys and six girls touched my ferret tonight. Several more just watched from afar, either too scared or their parents wouldn't allow them to come nearer. And people do ask what animal was it. All of them never heard of a ferret, or its closest domestic cousin, the civet. I predicted that there are only four ferrets in this state. You see, ferrets are VERY costly here. Though they are exteremely cute and lovable, ferrets are not for beginners.

They need a lot of attention. Eat high quality cat food (expensive). Only a very huge cage is suitable. Two or three hours of playtime daily. Etc. A ferret is not a cat or a small dog. Our local vet admitted that he never held one before (so I NEED to pray my Kaos is always healthy).

Cons aside... this little mammal is the BEST pet I ever invested in. He's funny and cuddly, very active and curious. As I talked to my friends, Kaos never tire of sniffing around, padding towards children who were so fascinated with him. He might feel like Paris Hilton, amongst the paparazzi. Ha ha ha ha ha.

This is a very joyful evening for me and Kaos. The only thing that marred my happy feeling was when my friends telling me about a woman and her boyfriend who were walking behind me while I was playing with my ferret. She was the only person among many who made a disgusted face, complete with the "Eeeewww! Eeeewww!" soundtrack. My friends knew if I saw her, I'd spit fire and poison to the ignorant bitch and her poor excuse of a lover, so they kept quiet as the couple walked past behind me. They were right, I'd chase the stupid duo around town if I have to.

Anyway, here's a pic of me and Kaos before we return back. It's good to gloat once in a while, non?

Of Ice Cream and Brain's Hypothalamus

These past few weeks I've been making a habit of driving to any convenience shop and buy myself an ice-cream on a stick. I used to buy ice-cream cones but lately I found out that the sticks taste better and have more variety. For now, I am in love with anything with vanilla in it. Cherry and mango with vanilla, it might sound strange but surely taste delicious!

As I am losing interest in food (as I expressed in the previous post) my attraction to cold drinks and dessert is as strong as ever. My thirst-centre, somewhere in the brain hypothalamus is somewhat malfunctioned since I was in my younger 20s. So I have this constant thirst and would down a huge jug of water in less the time you would finish a cup of tea.

It's a curse yes, to be thirsty all the time.

I am a person with a higher than normal temperature. Literally a hot person - excuse the pun. So I drink cold and iced beverages to quench the unquenchable thirst most of the time. I am the person with the highest visiting frequency to the refrigerator at any day. I like cold places and love rainy days. (We don't have snow here, but I can still wish).

Back to the ice creams... A comfort food for me, now more than ever. :) I don't buy ice cream in tubs anymore for no apparent reasons. Maybe I am too bad a person to share.

Comments about me (Not because I am vain or anything close. Just curious).

I look at the mirror every morning and I never consider myself good looking, only just average. I have fair skin (from both my mom's and father's family) and shorter than my big hulking brothers. And I am losing weight too, mainly because I eat less than before, and bored with the food displayed before me.

Yesterday my aunt visited and commented that I was thinner than last time she saw me. She knew about the problem with my failed marriage, but that matter is never an excuse for me to eat less. I never exercise and will never start to do so anytime soon. I like my naps and my playtime with PS3 and my ferret.

So this morning as I was taking photographs during the school assembly, a few students (boys and girls) remarked that I looked better than before. Not clothes-wise because I ALWAYS wear shabby and dated shirts. Maybe because of the new hair style I adopt from Rihanna, the long straight tresses in front and short cropped at the rest. And my splash of original whites made it seems like I was highlighting my hair (the Principal almost called me and when realizing they ARE indeed white hair, not coloured, had no comment after).

So not to make anyone envious (much), I combed my hair to the back to avoid comments. And purposely combed it back to the front in class to show - hah, I can have very long hair and you, cannot. It's a little victory, yes, but as long as it makes me happy. :)

Anyway, in this new age for me (31) I was wondering if I can get any more good looking than before? I was drop dead gorgeous in my teens but never realized it until I saw a few pictures of myself. Oh well, if I realized it sooner, I might use my looks and brains to do a lot more damage to this unsuspecting world. Lucky you.

So tell me; How do you think you look? Good, plain or just ugly.

p.s. - I took this picture at 6.20 am this morning. My hair combed to the back. Had this idea of photography after witnessing Iphone owners doing the same in the net.

Shadowthorne's Sister, His Nephew, Niece And Her Maid

My sister arrived yesterday from the capital city, bringing her two children, plus a maid. My niece, a girl of 4 is dark like her mother, and may inherit her laser tongue as well. Her fairer little brother is almost a year old and has an instant liking for me, and followed me around, which was quite weird because he used to cry whenever I approached last time I met him two months ago. Short term memory loss? He's an adorable little tyke.

My sister, an engineer has a two storey house very near to Subang Parade (which looks big from outside, but really not that spacious when within). She commandeers her house like a tight ship because there are many rules for many things. Do not use the upstairs toilet. Used clothes must be immediately put into washing machine. Wash the glasses and plates you used. Never open the back door. Put the toys back after use. etc etc. You might say these are all common rules in the house, well of course they are until she literally breathed down your neck whenever you are going to disobey her rules.

Her husband is a bit layback like me (but very less evil).

She is also very obsessive with cleanliness. Even her in-laws are having the same problem. She used to sweep the floor right in front of her in-laws (in the Malay culture, such act is a very very pointed way to show that 'you are not welcomed in my house'). My mom was SO angry when knowing this and berated her loud enough for the next-door's dog to bark. But I think my sister didn't even care what people think because a dirty floor is a dirty floor. She's that kind of person, not very tactful.

And this morning, she had her maid spring cleaning my mom's entire house (which is much bigger than her home). Marble floor mopped, furniture scrubbed, mirrors and glass wiped, front swept, cobwebs removed, dust vacuumed etc. Fortunately for her, the girl is very efficient and quite bright. I'd imagine my sister would fry someone who is of lesser quality.

And she pointedly told me that I should get my mom a maid too. Yeah, wait till my ferret rides a bicycle first.

p.s. - Pic is NOT of the maid. And NO, I don't have fetishes concerning maids or any domestic help.

Words From An Educated Psychopath 7 and the Divine Wolverine

"Sometimes I wonder who taught you to write while you are in kindergarten or primary school" - over some very very bad handwriting in exercise book.

"There is no persuasion in our religion. But there IS the use of Force in my Science class." - before caning some students failing to complete assignments with my very huge cane.

"It is OK if you are really stupid. What I really cannot stand is STUPID and ARROGANT people. At least stupidity can be fixed by studying. Those who think they are too good to be in my class can step out and go to hell." - free lecture, the decline of quality students is horrifying.


I just NEED to share with you all about the 'Wolverine; X-Men Origin' game I bought and played. The movie sucked like mad but this video game was phenomenal! Like they are trying to compensate the lameness of the film - everything. Now I get to chop heads, maim limbs and throw bodies toward spikes with abandon and everything is in glorious blood-fest. They should let the game-makers be the next X-Men movie directors.

I always root for evil characters, but Wolverine is one of the exception because he's divinely brutal and sadistic (the real one, not Hugh Jackman).

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