Blogger Makes Me Sad :(

I am sad. Not crying out loud,screaming with-fist-up-to-God-grieving sadness. Just downright heavy hearted sad. And I will tell you why :~

I've been blogging for more than two years, and I met some fantastic men and women in the blogsphere which somehow, maybe they already know or not - I call friends. Yes, you guys who are reading this.

For those who have seen my entries, and personally know me, you might judge me as a very abrasive guy, who speaks his mind, and maybe hurts some feeling (oh ok, maybe a lot) along the way. But I know you ALL know that I never aim to hurt anybody THROUGH your very own blogs.

My comments might sound rash, maybe weird. But I never intended it to cause maximum damage to your sensitive collective hearts.

So last night, I commented on a fellow blogger's picture she put up recently. I asked a question about a characteristic of the building in her snapshot. And less than 15 minutes ago, she sent me an email, asking me to stop asking stupid questions in her blog. Or was it my aim to pull her down.

You can say I was so disappointed in this kind of people. Didn't your teachers tell you; ASK IF YOU DON'T KNOW. I am a teacher, and I practice what I preach.

In her email, she made me sound like an idiot, which I am not. She might have the idea I was toying with her, but GOOD GRACIOUS woman! Malaysia has VERY FEW CHURCHES!! And when I asked about the state of its windows, why must you be so overly sensitive?

We live in different parts of the world. So why must you assume I know everything you know? 

So the best thing I can do is withdrawing myself from visiting her blog ever again (I regularly did this, and now I know why she stop visiting mine. She thinks I am not good enough to be her friend). I even deleted myself from her follower list.

And the last thing I did was sending her an e-mail reply, apologizing profusely for being 'stupid' and promised never to bother her again (even though there was nothing to be sorry about in my opinion, but I don't make war with strangers). I also told her that I am so sorry to be so truthful in her blog, because she had shown herself to be appreciative to only 'nice' and 'sweet' comments from her readers.

This made my head hurt. I so hate people with plastic personality.

I will be offlined for a few days in blogspot. No, I will not be lost or fall out of grid. I just need to think about the hypocrisy of humans and how to deal with people who just cannot stand the truth.

I love you all. :f

Tales From The School 2

"Where's your da*n assignment?" I was fuming in front of the class. The teacher's table was between us, fortunately, or my claws should have sunk into his chest.

"I left it at home," his voice was so low, reminiscence of the pesky mosquito. The entire class was already quiet with abated breath.

"And why is that? Lie to me and only God can help you as I will make sure your entire future flushed down the drain!" Yes, I CAN do that. Ask your nearest teacher for assistance.


"Speak louder."

"I was watching football. And I overslept."

...... anger raised like an evil tide inside me. World Cup or not, the class must go on.

"Tell me. Do these football players you reverently watched last night know you live and study here?"


"Did they tell you to watch them on tv and ask you to forget your assignment?"


 "Are they here now to help you answer your excuses? Did you get a single cent watching them play at the wee hour of the morning?!" 


"So you know who is at fault here. Not football. But you. Now go to that corner and complete three times the original amount of assignment I gave you. And I want it finished by tomorrow morning."

I rarely give out assignments, but when I do, it pours!

And YES, I got something against the World Cup. People shouldn't give excuses and accuses the ball. You watch it, then you will pay for it (at work and school). 

Tales From The School 1

I was refilling my Parker fountain pen from an inkwell at the common table in the teachers' lounge this morning during a free period.

"That's a shiny pen. Must be expensive. How much you bought it?" a female teacher who was sitting nearby, watching me asked.

"Somewhere below RM 100." I answered curtly as I didn't like this particular older woman. She's a known backstabber. 

"It's a lot of fuss using fountain pens.Young people these days must go with the times. Even I've never seen teachers my age using fountain pens anymore." See? She's ancient, chatty and patronizing the wrong sort of person (i.e. me).

"I like it."

"Bah, I think you just love showing people your expensive stuff and all. You don't fool me."

I just hate this particular bi***. If we were living in darker times, I'd ask her outside for a duel to the death. She just wont let it rest.

"I like it because it reminds me of my DEAD father. He always used fountain pens. You do have a father, don't you?" I said this coldly while screwing the pen together. She did not deserve a glance from me.

That kept her quiet.

My late father was quite a legend in his own right. He was a great teacher in Economic and Literature, and phenomenal in sports. The principals who ever had him will never be willing to part from his service. He was the only male teacher who coached netball in the entire state. Most elderly teachers know him.
Sometimes it galls me because I am his exact opposite, like all his negative energy was channeled into me...
I teach Science.
I hate all kind of sports.
I am not easily friendly with people like him.
The list can go on.

That genetics for you. Sometimes monsters are born among good people.

Testing template 'Penciling' by et

I am trying this new template made by the fabulous et, a fellow blogger from India. I think his Penciling template is wonderful, at least it is more cheerful than the black one I used to have. It is high time to change the look of my blog. 

"A change can do you good" - Sheryl Crow.

This is a custom made template (I hope no one else is using this) and comes with cute smileys! Ok ok, go to his blog and download if you really want it.

Here's some smileys.     :angel   :party

p.s. - to comment, you have to click the number in the conversation bubble on the top right of this entry.

The Legendary Bean

I was browsing through some websites and found a video I've never seen of actor Rowan Atkinson, more famously known as Mr Bean. I love this guy, he's a comic genius - and British too :)

In this video he performed all by himself for a huge audience. His timing with the invisible drums was phenomenal. :P


The Most BORING Country in the World....

The most boring capital city in the world... The people should run away and live in another country. But strangely, it didn't happen.

Malaysia is not a really large, nor rich country. Average is the more adequate word. 54% of the people are the indigenous Malays, 30% Chinese and 16% Indian, at least in the Peninsular (there are several other races, but I am not in the mood to calculate perfect percentage today). Multi-ethnicity. I am not saying we live SO agreeably next to each other, but the bloodshed and bigotry are kept at the very minimum (by force, law and if-you-don't-stop-playing-with-fire-we'll-sue-or-better-still-disown-you).

I am not saying the scenario is bad. I've read from several blogs (including some from this very country) stating that Malaysia is the MOST BORING PLACE ON EARTH (right after Iran). They told the world that stuff people take for granted like consuming alcohol, taking drugs, kissing in public, acquiring the service of a prostitute, gambling etc are taboo in the country. They said people are bored senseless here. They said people are not free and are constantly pinned down by the dictatorship government to obey the rules. They said people are not safe and are constantly living in fear of the Man. They said the government are forcing non-Muslims to be Muslims or suffer the consequences etc etc.

The most boring country on Earth?! Does consuming alcohol and renting sex workers makes you EXCITING and WONDERFUL? Is obeying the law for the good of the society, bad for world peace? Does having a leader who REALLY cares for the wellbeing of his people, eradicating those VERY few who are the real menace to the country, considered a dictatorship? Do we bomb churches and other places of worship? Does the IRS come knocking and persuade you to pay through our noses or die?

I love this country and even though it does have flaws, but as an intelligent being, I am so grateful I was born, raised, live and maybe die here. Too much freedom is BAD for your karma, I like saying this. Living in a free country does not mean you can do anything you want to do.

People has forgotten what 'anarchy' means.

So, if you don't have anything good to say for your own country, go and apply for the citizenship of the country you think is ideal enough to have you. People who have no loyalty should never be allowed to set foot anywhere on the motherland.

It must be reminded that traitors is one of the reason of the many major wars, fall of civilizations, occupations in human history.

I am so loving how they treat traitors in China.... a bullet in the head :)

p.s. - anyway, alcohol and pork CAN still be consumed, but by non-muslims only. NOn-muslims are also allowed to gamble. See? We are not ogres.

Do You Read Books?

I was reading a book I recently bought at the teacher's table in front of the class. (Terry Pratchett's 'Unseen Academicals, I love this author) I gave the class (13 yrs olds) a lot of assignments to keep them quiet as I pursue leisure in government's own time.

"Sir, what are you reading?" the boy right in front of me asked, his pen poised on his exercise book.
"Apparently this is what we call a book."

And I continued reading.

"What is it about?" he asked again after a few minutes. His buddy next to him was also not interested to continue his assignment.
"That's what I'm trying to find out."
"That's a very thick book." (only 540 pages)
"No it is not, I've read thicker books than this."
"Where are the books now? You got many?"
"At home. Yes, Three cupboards."
"Wow. You must be very rich." He noticed the price sticker at the back of the book.
"Nope. I collected them for years. When I was your age, I have no money, so I steal books from richer friends and even the library."
"WOW! Cool!" Now I have a couple of round-eyed boys not doing their assignments.

"Finish the work or I'll kick you in the shins." (I am infamous for this, usually aimed at unaware naughty / noisy boys from behind. Among the reason I love wearing construction boots with steel tips for work).

"I cannot finish reading a book that thick." I was assaulted by the same boy again.
"I am not surprised."
"I would get easily bored and sleepy." 
"That is not the real reason. You are intimidated because this book is in that alien language nobody here speaks - English. Right?" I put down the book.
"Sir, if you give him a dictionary and force him to read the book, he cannot even finish until the End of Days." the boy next to the chatty one jabbed in.

There was laughter.

But it is quite sad and true. Malaysian society has never risen far from its old nook. Reading is not yet a strong culture here...

UPDATE!!!!!!!! Sex and the Banana Tree. (It's Hot!)

Read the previous entry. I promised a follow up, updates to this scandal that might destroy the immediate future of two seemingly innocent lovers. (Sorry, can't help it). 

So this morning, before the assembly, the Vice Principal of Student Affair told me to get to the boy and start digging the dirt. "Ve must know Everything! Go get him mien Inquisitor!" "Yes, Fuhrer!"

So I called the boy to the torture chamber counseling room, and after shooing out the REAL counselor out of it, I began the interrogation, torturing, questioning the suspect innocent boy.

I always have ways to make people talk, if I put my mind into it. No need thumbscrews or the iron maiden here. My nick name 'Silvertongue' should ring the bell in your head. (Yes yes yes, I may be a bigoted, crazy and arrogant son-of-a-bi***, but to gain confidence in another is quite easy if they heard my voice. And I am quite cute too! Ha ha ha ha).

So as the late Michael Jackson a.k.a. Mikail said before he kicked the bucket; THIS IS IT!

The boy admitted that the girl dragged him into the bushes.
The boy admitted that they were in the state of undress when caught.
The boy admitted every situation described by my (various and reliable) informers who witnessed their inappropriate deeds in and out of school. (Hanky panky, kissing etc) Softcore :P  
He is very sorry. He is SO SORRY. He wouldn't do it again.

But that's not it....

I dropped the bomb at last.... "Tell me, truthfully. Have you ever had sex with the girl?"
And after quite sometime, after gazing into two fathomless dark pools (i.e. my eyes, I took off my spectacles for maximum effect of truth-finding) he said, "Yes."

This is a revelation (when some of you said what's the big deal about it). You see, when they were caught 2 weeks ago, both vehemently denied doing more than hugging and kissing  in that selected grove of banana trees. They were questioned by the primier Discipline teacher (i.e. not me) who is known for her harsher methods. I got better results and the truth by not even rising my voice, in a chat-like way (Take that, ol biddy!)

He got misty eyed then. I asked them how many times you both had it. Twice. Same place? Yes.
Goodness gracious, are you stupid! If I wanna have fun, at least I find a more covered up and safer place than in some errand bushes.

Who took the initiative? The girl. Really, not you? She forced me both times. Oi, this can be called rape. But you were raped by a girl!! The shame. He smiled at this.

Why didn't you push away? He was quiet.

I already know the answer. He might not volunteer for the act, but fun is fun.

As the Malay proverb goes; A crocodile will never turn away a fresh carcass.

more to come soon....

p.s. - I feel like a Gestapo all the time in that room. Slimy and evil. Rest assured people, I never tortured the boy to get my information. He even kissed my hand before he left the room!

Dreams of the Realm I

"Why we must slaughter everybody in that city?" the raven haired boy (Pip) asked a few hours after we left the carnage.

"So we send the message to everyone that nobody can defy the Empire," I answered as the horses approach the crest of yet another green hill. The black smoke and fire can still be seen behind the darkened forest.

"But you don't have to kill EVERYONE. Some might be innocent, in contrast to your belief."

"I think sending the message is the most important idea here. By eliminating everyone, there will be no one in that particular area to stand against us in the future," Emma interjected from upon his horse, Binky, on my right.

Pip sniffed and clutched the pommels of his dual long knives.
"But they might have relatives in other cities an d towns. There would be no end of it!"

Reining Binky as we reach the top of the hill, the fair-haired Emma pointed due east.
"Once, there was a thriving town over there, the men were proud and hardworking. They reared the best cattle this side of the Realm for our capital. But the men began to get ideas above their station, and charged exorbitant prices and refused to pay tax, saying they deserved more for their services. Over there."

"I don't see anything. Only trees." Pip stood on the stirrups to peer into the gloomy dusk.

"My point exactly."

I smiled as we descended the hill.  

Pip and Emma (both boys approx 10 yrs old but cannot age) are fictional characters that have been running inside my head for several years. We had many fantastic adventures together, all on the vast planet of the Realm. I think I should write about some of our adventures :) I try to tone down the savagery and blood for general view.

What's Love Gotta Do With This?

I am unique and sometimes my mind steers towards the insane (run people, run!) but I am only human. Once upon a time I dated so regularly a good friend of mine (I miss this guy, Kirk Wines, but he fell out of the grid) told me I changed partners more often than he changed his shirts. Which is true. Dating was not only a game, but a search for that miniscule yet gargantuan emotion we call LOVE.

I dated here, I dated there. Heck, I met people EVERYWHERE!

I've met a few people I fancy so much, and was fortunate that my feelings were resonated. They showed me so much love and devotion that it SO hurting when they had to go away (one of them died quietly a long distance away, not wanting me to grieve - I only knew of the news after a few months of desperation).

That was a long time ago. Love is that wonderful feeling that free, yet constrict us. It is indescribable. For a despicable creature like me to find true love is next to impossible. But amidst the sand, after all the searching, it shows when the person opposite you smiles...

The Dragon was chained. He has a new keeper.
I want somebody who looks over my shoulder and say 'No, you cannot do that to people!'
I want somebody who will not judge me much because they already know the person within.
I want somebody who is always ready to go wherever I wanna go.
I want somebody who will listen to my difficult problems and try to solve together.
I want somebody who looks good and made me proud being with them.
I want somebody who place me very high in their social life, preferably just next to God and family.
I want somebody who finish up their food, or even better, feed me from their plate.
I want somebody who is willing to be with me in hard times.
I want somebody who can die for me (LITERALLY)
I want somebody who cares.
I want somebody who loves me...    

For my love; Heaven is your face. Your love for me makes me be with you forever.

p.s. - I neglected to tell you people that I already found that person :)

Sorry Is Indeed The Hardest Word

I am sorry if you cried, cause I know it hurts
I am sorry for the many things I shouldn't do or say to you
Because you are not one of them
Forgive me, for taking you for granted

I am sorry if you think that this is the end
I am sorry when your patience has finally gone
You are the best I ever had
Forgive me, for being that pain in your heart

I am so sorry it turns up like this
I am sorry for wasting your time and love
Yes, I do not deserve you
Forgive me, for misleading you from the path

I hope you can forgive me. Because there is no one like you.

The Voices in My Head Forced Me, I Tell Ya!!

In my Facebook entry, I told the whole world how I was captivated by some rings last Thursday. They were so shiny! The voices in my head said I must have one, or I will lose sleep that night. And I bought one ring to appease those entities and walked by a watch shop next to the jeweler and saw a most exciting piece of chronography (i.e. a watch). The invisible forces in my head SCREAMED again!   
Above is the said silver ring, set with one orange stone with little white crystal embedded into the metal. I own several rings and this is not the most sparky of all. Yet my first with orange stone. Most of my silver rings have red, white and yellow stones. (I do not know the name of these coloured stones, be my guess to educate me).
And I am ashamed to admit that I bought the watch against my better judgement... This is my 13th watch in my possession, and my 4th automatic. I prefer automatics these days as many of my watches began to show their discontent by running out of batteries. At the same time too! What caught my eye about this watch that it was nothing like I've ever seen before in an automatic watch. The mechanism is so simple and consisted in one bar across the watch. And the pendulum that winds the spring is decorated with white crystals. I've only seen this kind of organisation in VERY VERY EXPENSIVE watches and so... I must have it AND it was the only one of its kind in the shop. 
I took this picture by shining light through the back of the watch, which is transparent. 
EYKI is from Taiwan, China. Hope they create a lot more of beautiful watches to compete with Japanese companies.

p.s. - note to myself. Hearing voices in the head does not make you Joan of Arc, but it's the next best thing. You will never be alone anymore :)

I Love Cats (Just next to Ferrets)

By popular demand (oh ok, only two of you did ask, Technobabe and Choco) I present a slew of cats that had entered my life these past few years. Yes, I am a cat person. Ferrets are feline cousins too (makes them virtually family).

This is Artemis, my male cat back in 2007. He was badly injured by ravening dogs and crawled back home to die in our kitchen. I bought a slingshot and put metal bearings in those canine brains much later :(

Artemis and a couple of nameless cats belonging to my mother. My mom always feed stray cats and they will stick around the house because of that. The cage behind them are for rabbits.
This is Artemis II Kikuraides a.k.a. Kiki a year back, her first day at home from the petshop. I bought her because she was the most docile and playful kitten of the whole lot.
And this is her recent pic. I took this yesterday when I let her out for play. After the death of Artemis, I NEVER let any of my cats roam free around the house anymore.
A maneki neko @ Japanese fortune cat. I had this in my car before I gave it to a friend. The right paw beckons good luck. I also have metal key chains of maneki nekos.
And the most popular cat of all (This side of the planet, right after Garfield) is the blue cat-robot Doraemon of Japan. The franchise have over thousands of animated episodes and the merchandise are super cute. I have a huge (and cute) Doraemon mug in the teacher's lounge, 3 times larger than average. :) I'll take the pic soon.

p.s. - The name Artemis can be used to name both male and female. Some friends argued that it is a girl's name. Apparently they don't read as much as I do :)
Please do ask if you wanna see pics of others.
All pictures were taken by me, except of Doraemon.

Something You Guys Have To Know About How We Roll Here...

Below is the reply to one of the comments made from the previous entry. I just need to fill up the gaping holes abyss of information about how we do things here. Please keep it in mind as Malaysia is a very conservative country and some things you take for granted in your country may not easily exist here (though I am very open for discussion).  My reply might sound like I was angry or somewhat, but that's how I always roll, even in real life :)

We come from different parts of the planets :)
1. What they did was a CAPITAL offense. They SHOULD be expelled from school, but still, we are thinking of their future. Stripping off roles is the LEAST we can do to lessen the humiliation. We are not ogres.

2. Now comes the blaming part... Who is at fault? Schools here made it a point to tell the parents about their troublesome child, before any major move is taken. This GIRL (as you never knew her) had been warned SEVERAL TIMES not to go ANYWHERE near the boy. And of course she wouldn't listen. Her parents did what they could (I will not mention what) but still... a bad seed grows into a bad tree. FYI her parents are normal and functional.

3. Sexual education IS integrated into the syllabus, believe it or not! And we got lessons in Moral, Civic and Religion education to emphasize the do and don't. So imagine the kind of GIRL who is impervious to the MIGHTY ONSLAUGHT of good teaching at school! FYI she was sent several times to meet the counselor.

4. I am not a model child. I am a teacher. And it PAINS me to see nice children ruined by despicable individuals such as she. Never ASSUME we did nothing to prevent such thing to happen.

And we always think about it. (Of course we will never call the girl a slut in her face, but nice is nice, and she isn't).


p.s. - I am not a vulgar person. If I call someone a 'slut', she deserves it because she has the quality of one. Kisses and hugs do not work with many children today. I am a teacher, and I meet hundreds of children everyday - of all shapes, age and level of attitude. We label them all CORRECTLY (well mostly)  :)

Sex and the Banana Tree

Yesterday, before letting the students go home for the midyear school holiday, the Vice Principal of Students' Affair called me up to meet him.

One boy prefect had been caught in a shameful conduct with his girlfriend after school was out the day before. They were alone in a banana-tree grove, not very far away from school.

I do not wish to go to great details. You can IMAGINE what they were doing there. Nothing heavy, mind you. But OF COURSE they weren't doing their school assignments in those bushes.

Anyway, the VP told me that both of the students' parents had been called to be informed of this interesting development. He also mentioned that the boy will be stripped off every position he is holding, including being a prefect. Mr VP asked me to have a talk with the said boy, and make him change his way.

Can I perform this miracle? OH, YES I CAN.

That particular boy wasn't the best prefect I have in school. Shy and very quiet. He's quite handsome, in a dark way and looks VERY GOOD in my blue uniform for prefects. (Sometimes you should have men and women who looks good to promote the establishment). He's a walking advertisement for 'good dressing'.

I blame the slut he had for a girlfriend. The girl isn't bad looking but as someone who understand the bad qualities in other, I know she was the one who always pushed in their relationship. I've heard many reports from students regarding this shameless hussy, about parading her boyfriend and making-up publicly outside the school. As I was never a busybody, I let them do whatever they want unless it bothers me.

Now I am bothered. I lost a prefect. 
Now it's my turn to END this beautiful, yet doomed love story.

I wonder why children are so impatient to grow up....
The girl had obviously destroyed her bf future in school. 

new update - OH MY GOD!!! One trusty informer just told me that the slut REALLY had sex with the said boy before this. The new revelation will devastate A LOT MORE people. (10.43 pm)

I Was Born Different - It's Not My Fault

I am not handicapped, or suffering from any chronic illnesses. I am not really good looking, but no one ever called me ugly either. I am just different in the head. Inside. The. Mind.

When I was a wee little boy of seven or eight, I already had bad thoughts concerning murdering certain people I didn't like and stealing stuff I fancied. So young, yet so evil. (Now you know why I got two Damien pictures in this blog, because I looked like him too - with my bowl cut hair).

But I knew my thoughts were VERY impure. And I spent most of my young life seeking things to amuse myself and trying not to think about the bad stuff. I didn't want to be the first ever serial killer preschooler :)

And I grew up different - inside. The saying goes; It's not your mother's fault you are born that way - which is very true. Being different makes you stand out of the normal circle. You can observe the normal joes and janes living their mundane life and when the spotlight almost hit you, jump again into the circle to mingle and BE NORMAL (for awhile). 

That's among the reason why I am so fabulously good in acting. We hide our true self so others wont run away. Showing your true colour monster demon self in this time and age is akin to career suicide. If Frankenstein had a proper plastic surgery, even he could live among the villagers in peace. I am rambling...

So once in a while, the REAL YOU who lives within wanna have a walk in the sunshine too. But you tell him to be nice and not hurt the poor villagers because that dark milleania had passed and it's a new gleaming brand new century - and polish your act. Because baddies nowadays should be suave and classy. 

Nobody but the vilest and craziest would want to be called a criminal. I am just a bad guy trapped in a good family. A morbid guy who is trying to be nice. Black heart who seeks the ray of light in people's life. 

It's tough to be me.
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