New School, New People, New Way.

Anyway this is my new school :)

Fist bump.... Fa la la la la!

I will be 36 this coming 3rd of December.

36.... still cannot believe I am approaching the BIG 40. I still remembered when I was in my mid 20s and wished to live forever. It seems like yesterday....

Anyhow. Life has its ups and downs. I am sorry I wasn't able to blog it all here, mainly because I found that Facebook is so much easier to use. (Click on the blue F icon and hey presto!) I feel so guilty of leaving my blog for so long.

Blogging was once a passion. And if a passion dies, usually because it was replaced by something else altogether. But I think to let blogging off just like that is kind of impossible.
I spent too much time on it before, typed thousands of words and uploaded dozens of pictures. I got some major memories etched here, and those will refuse to go away in the middle of the night.

So, here we go again (for the third time).
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