Books Books Everywhere. I hate myself.

This is pretty me, at a mega book fair somewhere in the city. A friend told me a few days ago about it and I decided to go for a look yesterday evening....

When I arrived, around 6.30 pm, there were only a few souls at the fair. The whole place was filled with books, on top of tables, sometimes overflowing! Wow, my place. And browsing shall we go...

I began to worry a few minutes later. These books were crazy cheap and there were tons of good titles EVERYWHERE! Initially I wanted to buy a few books only, but later, I ended up filling a whole trolley with purchase (the trolley was unrepresented in the pic). I had a headache reading book titles sideways.

I hate myself because I couldn't spend a lot more on books. I took several elusive fantasy titles and a few references that should cost a fortune in their usual price.

The books are still in my car. The book shelves at home is already full....  :)
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