So Darn Busy Tis' New Year!

I am so sorry if my entries are not as frequent as before. I'd love to put more but I found myself to be swamped with work and feeling rather tired at most times.

Yep, I try to work harder this year, by (actually) doing my paper-works and improve filing (two banes of my working life). Some colleagues mentioned that they never seen me so BUSY before. Shows glaringly that I took my work too easy these past few years. Being a good teacher is REALLY hard work.

No, I do not wish to be a Principal.
Nor a district education officer.
Not interested in any administrative posts either.

I want to be a simple teacher till the day I retire. Somebody said I have no vision. But for me, the glory resides in the actual battlefield (classroom), not some distant office where they ask people to follow some stupid regulations.

Here's to the great teachers of the nation. :)


TechnoBabe said...

Good for you! Teachers shape young people and can make so much difference in how a person views himself or herself.

Spencer L Casey said...

Educating is maybe the most important profession there is. Hats off to you.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Teachers actually play a key role in developing the nation.

Too bad there aren't as many dedicated teachers today as there was in yesteryear.

A lot of teachers nowadays whine too much. And things get worse when the govt. started that programme where unemployed grads can apply to become teachers.

While there are some who fit right in and become amazing teachers, there are sadly too many who are teachers now because they can't find a suitable job for their lazy asses in the corporate world.

Teaching is a calling.

Kudos to the genuine teachers out there. And to those who are just there for the paycheck: I hope my nephews won't get you as teachers.

Anonymous said...

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Shadowthorne said...

TechnoBabe; :) Yay!

Shadowthorne said...

SLC; Yay again! :)

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; I met a few of those you mention. And I never bring myself to befriend them.

Hate them too.

Shadowthorne said...

Anon; Thanks for CREEPING in and leave your thing, no matter how stupid. :) (yes yes yes, i know it's a spam)

brocasarea said...

one who is actually in the battle field matters the most!

Radio Nowhere said...

Actually, here's to the great teachers. Period!

et said...

True. The real pleasure in life comes out of DOING what we LIKE. And, its okay to be a little less frequent. Then other busy people around the globe (like me) can catch up! :)

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