Of Ferrets and Death

Disco doing his I-Am-A-Rug Impression
Kaos enjoying a body rub after a long walk.

I took both of my ferrets; Kaos and Disco to the beach last Sunday. I am comfortable bringing them there as the place is wide and we can move away cleanly if there are too many distractions (to both ferrets and owner).

My friend accompanied me that day, and he got to hold a ferret the first time then. He preferred to pet, hold and walk Kaos as Disco is the nippy one of the two. Kaos is indeed the more docile, and he is a joy to hold.

But as I was watching my friend playing with Kaos (with Disco trying to nip my trousers at the end of his collar) I  was reminded of the mortality of my pets. Kaos was born almost two years ago.... and a domestic ferret can only live for 5-6 years. A cat can live twice longer (so no worry for Kiki the Cat yet).

I have another 3 years to spend with my Kaos, then. And I hope he and his mate, Disco are healthy and well as long as they live. I spent a lot of money on premium quality food and treats for my cat and ferrets (and I am happy that my pets are never sick because of this). Unfortunately, the veterinary services in Malaysia are not really competent regarding ferret healthcare. Ferrets are STILL considered very exotic at this part of the world. I cannot trust fully a doctor who never handled a ferret in his whole life!

So, the best of luck for me and my carpet-sharks! I'll try to fill their lives with fun, I promise :D  


Rock Chef said...

Great photos - very time you do this I want to get another ferret!

We have been thinking about our rabbits too - and we don't even know how old they are as we are at least their 3rd owners!

But mortality is a strange thing - we can think 2 years ahead but in reality we might not see tomorrow ourselves!

Enjoy life!

TechnoBabe said...

Your pets are well taken care of and loved. Nice pictures of their day at the beach.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Rock Chef; Get a ferret and celebrate their 5 years of life! :)
I am not really a long term planner. Yes, living for today is a more irresponsible yet satisfying way.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

TechnoBabe; I don't really love the beach because of the heat and sand. But my ferrets told me they like the open space to roll about! :)

Choco said...

This post struck a cord with me. Vets and animal care in India leaves a lot to be desired. I used to treat my late cat with homeopathy. One time I took him to a vet and it all went downhill from there. Hope all your pets live long healthy lives...

miu said...

do you know we'll experienced ferret vet in Malaysia?
I'm coming ur blog ,because I put words ferret vet malaysia.
I live in Japan now, but I'm planning to live in KL with my ferret.
would you give me some info about vet for ferret?
thank you.

Amalina Sani said...

Hi. I have to ferrets in my hand. I bought them when they were 3 months old. But i haven't vaccinated them cause i dont knw where can i get them to be vaccinated. So may i know where did you go for your ferrets?

And where did you bought the harness?

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