How can you get ****ed THRICE in an afternoon?

The boys were very different, though both wore spectacles and of the same age, 15. The smarter dressed boy had curly short hair, thin and wore braces. His friend, with wild hair, had took off his uniform and wore t-shirts instead, a few minutes before they arrived at the city. They took a bus from a boarding school near the capital.

The capital city was big, crowded and hot. The curly haired boy asked his friend to take him to a arcade game centre.
"But I thought you don't like arcade games," his friend said as he bought a couple of comics from a newstand.
"I just wanna see the place, never been there all my life. Please?"
"Oh ok, normally I don't play around this place, but I will take you to one. The games here are lame and old."

So the boy took his friend to a 4 storeys commercial building near crowded the bus stop. He was a very brave person, known to walk almost everywhere in the city alone, sometimes late at night. His other friend felt safe around him, and they were close.

The arcade centre was at the top story of the old, yet still busy building. The place was rather dark, and the machines were indeed not very new, as the wild haired boy had said. It was rather deserted, because most youngters prefer to play the new machines at the new mall further. The boy with the braces said he wanted to try some games.
"Play on. I will stand next to you."

After a couple of unmemorable video games, both decided to leave and visit a bookstores across the building. As they walked to the elevator, side by side, two huge boys came between them from behind. It was very sudden, and of course frightening for the children.

The boy with the braces eyes widen with fear, and he bolted away like a rabbit! His friend was not that fortunate, as the bullies took hold of his arms and led him away, to a much darker part of the floor - the abandoned food court, next to the arcade.

There, he faced a group of a dozen boys, all larger and much older than him. Some seemed to have never been to a school in fact. The leader of a gang, a dark boy with pimply face, was sitting in the middle, eating a plate of noodles with a fork. He looked up as his minions pushed their victim to the front.
"We got this one Boss, the other kid escaped."

The 15 year old eyed his captors; he was not afraid, only greatly annoyed and vexed. His face reddened and his eyes became slits behind the lens. One might say he might attack the entire group, from that murderous look in his face.

But that was lost to the leader of the bullies and most of his gang, as the place was too dim to make up anything. As he forked food into his mouth, he asked;
"Do you have 20 cents?"
"Yes," the boy answered.
"Do you have 2 ringgits?"
"Yes," he answered again. 
"Do you have 20 ringgits?"
"Now give it to me," the bully smiled behind the filthy table he was sitting.


The head bully had his smile wiped from his face, his minions making unwelcomed noises and threats. Surely that was a first for them.

The boy turned and walked past the two sentries behind him. One bully tried to pull his arms, but failed and ripped the plastic bag the boy was carrying. As the boy bent down to collect his fallen comics, he hissed;
"Touch me again and I will kill you."
And then he walked to the emergency stairs... he was half expecting a chase but it never happened.

As he descended, angry at himself for being caught, he met three disheveled men sitting on the stairs on the third floor. One stood up to bar his way and put out his hand;
"Give me your money!"

The boy, who was already angry, lashed out loudly instead;
"Get the F*** out of my way!" and stormed past the surprised men.

The boy finally reached the ground floor and he way was barred ONCE again by another man, this time a creepy drug addict, who made his abode under the stairs. As he rose unsteadily to his feet before the door, asking for money....
The boy kicked his feet under him, with the expensive black leather shoes all boarding school boys should have. To add injury to more injury, the hellish boy stamped on the junkie's chest twice before screaming and leaving the scene of crime via the door.  

The afternoon was still bright, and the boy's fury was abated somewhat after his assault. He hadn't the mood to continue shopping, so decided to go back early. As he continue the short walk, he saw his cowardly friend waiting anxiously at the bus stop.

"Why YOU........."

p.s. - this happens to be a true story, about me. Rock Chef's entry reminded me of this incident, eventhough his is a happier and more delicious one :P After the three (failed) muggings, I had a boot knife and wore high cut basketball shoes during outings.... I don't carry knives anymore, but the shoes turns to boots for easy kicking :v

The building. Believe it or not, I went back to the place a few weeks after that.
I couldn't find the bullies, well good for them.


Rock Chef said...

Wow, 3 in a row just like that! No wonder you took to carrying a knife - and now favour steel toed boots!

Funny, some people just don't seem to expect resistance like that! Full of attitude even at 15! Good for you!

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Rock Chef; I was weird, even way back then. I don't get easily frightened by people. I had the knife for years, but somehow, nobody mugged me ever, after that. Too bad, eh?

Rock Chef said...

Some people (including me on occasion) seem to exude an aura of "Don't mess with me, don't even think about it, just don't".

I suspect that you do that a lot...

SSQuo said...

Good for you Mr. Mambang! Your no-nonsense attitude does seep through on your blog too, but I wont give up that the soft side exists! :)

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Rock Chef; Awwww no..... I am as sweet as sugar and pretty enough to eat. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

SSQuo; Thanks for believing! May the myth be busted soon :P Ha ha ha ha ha!

Rock Chef said...

Hah, you don't fool us - we KNOW that the soft side exists!

Grayquill said...

I don't think the guy who took off was a coward - there were a dozen guys against two. Some people know instictively how to handle bullies.
Great post - you had me there the whole time. Thanks.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Rock Chef; I am a good actor :P People get fooled.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Grayquill; My friend WAS a coward. And the dozen bullies came after he ran away, he didn't get to see them. Thanks for reading :)

et said...

Bravo! Now that's the kind of inspiring inner strength we need. I hope you pass this on to your students as well :)
(Okay i'm just back from another round of exams n works!)

Tenchi said...

I have been mugged near by here once...

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