R.I.P. My Friend.

I got back this afternoon, turned on the tv and watched a slew of Japanese animations on satellite tv to blow off some steam. We had a meeting earlier this morning and I hate to be burdened with paperwork. But that will be another story.

So I lazily took my iPad, Paddington from the coffee table and flicked on Facebook as I watched the cartoons. Hurm... As I went through some messages and a few tagged photos, one status update caught my eyes as it began with condolences...

A friend is spreading the news that one of my alumni guys was involved in a grave accident and was dead on the spot. He was grazed by a car while riding his superbike, fell and was hit by a trailer behind him. He was dragged under the heavy vehicle for a very long distance.

His head was crushed by the tyres.... I have seen these because there were pictures of the accident and the body all over the news and the internet. Horrible terrible pictures.

This guy used to bunk next to me when we were in boarding school. We weren't that close (mainly because I was the resident psychopath and social leper all rolled into one) but we did get along well. He was a funny guy, had a lot of close friends and very active in sports.

He was married, and had a three year old kid. I never knew his family because we drifted apart after boarding school. But I got a glimpse of him once in a while in Facebook when some friends uploaded the pictures of their activities, mainly futsal and alumni dinner (which I never attended).

He was my age, 33. So much promises and vigor, yet cut short by fate.

Sometimes I felt that I can live forever... But at a moment like this, the thought of our own mortality is a very bleak road to go.

Rest in peace my friend. I will always remember your smiles way back in school.


fairul faizal ali said...

God loves him more..

Ms. A said...

How tragic and so young, with a family left behind. My condolences.

Rock Chef said...

It is always sad when people die too young. A reminder to enjoy life NOW because we never know when it is our time to go.

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