Claypot of Desire

Hello people.... I am just back from school, still sweaty, hot and undesirably smelly.

I stopped by a supermarket next to the school to buy some meat (I just got to try some beef stew recipes I saw on tv) and yes, I haven't had lunch at all and it is now only 7.56 pm!

Anyway, I got a kilogram of beef and walked through the kitchen and utensil section... well, because I just love looking at bowls and shiny saucepans, it might be kind of weird, but that's what I do everytime at a store.

And my eyes fell onto a group of claypots displayed under a wreath of post Chinese New Year buntings. I love claypots! To make soup or porridge, those are my choice. The food taste better too, compared to the ones cooked in steel containers. Anyway, I already have two good claypots, but it never hurt to look. Right?

So I held a few, even opened a few boxes to see them better (naturally no one else was interested in them as me). All came in brown boxes, which were common to this type of product of China. But then, there was a few bigger boxes in grey and of course my questing fingers had them deflowered!

Whoa! Totally different make and quality. Shinier too! As I turned one over, 'product of Korea' was painted at the bottom. I decided to buy one, as these Korean claypots might be extinct in a couple of weeks when the rest of the population found out. No harm in buying a third claypot, eh?

So I went to the cashier.... She scanned the beef but the there seemed to be a problem with the claypot registrar. I had to stand next to the counter, waiting for another girl to take my pot and check it with the powers-above at the back of the store. RM 18.90 was the price tagged and to me, it was worth the wait for a wonderful piece of crockery. So I waited, and waited, and waited to the discomfort of the girl cashier I stood next to.

At last after 15 minutes the girl returned with the claypot box, and was genuinely surprised at me, still waiting (I could have gone, because I already paid for my beef). When the cashier ringed the corrected register, it popped RM 8.90.

"Is that right? It was now less by RM 10!" I couldn't believe this because it was even cheaper than the Chinese claypots of lesser quality.

The cashier shrugged and told me I was very lucky to wait for the item.

And after paying, I quickly exited the building before they chose to change their mind about the price ;)

I'll try to post the pic of the pot soon.

What's your favourite item in the kitchen?


Rock Chef said...

Sounds like a real bargain! Looking forward to a photo of it too, preferably with wonderful food in it?

My favourite thing in the kitchen? I guess I have 2.

1 - my heavy Chinese wok. Far better than the ones they make over here which are too thin and made of the wrong metal.

2 - our knife rack, which is a plastic man with the knives stabbed into him. You should have one! :-)

Ms. A said...

I think my favorite item in the kitchen is the coffee maker, since it's automatic and I'm not.

Nibbler said...

Japanese crockery. But mine's still not in the kitchen since I have no kitchen... yet!

CiCi said...

Good find! So glad you waited. I would like to see the clay pot for sure.

My favorite thing in the kitchen beside my sharp knives is my electric skillet. I can make a meal for four if I want to in it and it works great for just me too. I usually make enough for two meals and freeze another meal but I use the electric skillet for stir fry and for chops and fried chicken. I really don't need much else in the kitchen.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Rock Chef; The wonderful food part can be considered in the near future. And I've seen the stabbed man rack in Parkson a long time ago, but I never had the need of many knives ;)

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Ms. A; Coffee maker.... Urm. I only have some tea bags left in my pantry. This house does not consume coffee much. All coffee taste the same for me.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Hilmi; change your nick name dude, or who would you nibble?
You have japanese crockery?! Bought in Daisho me thinks.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Cici; Ooooooooo. I used to have a big electric skillet when I was posted in Borneo a long time ago. Yes, I cooked a big meal once to last a full day with it. Even cooked soup and noodles in it. I gave it to my favourite student before I came back here.

et said...

My favorite item in the kitchen is the medium sized aluminium vessel which enables me to make tea, coffee, maggie and egg fry, even one after another in sequence! :D

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Et; you mean you have that multipurpose metal pot for every use? Wow. Sometimes i used my fav pan to cook everything too, but then i found the joy of claypots and woks!

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