Almost A Year Without Blogging....

Facebook kills blogging.....

I used to blog frequently once. And made it a point to post a few entries every month without fail. I met many good people here, read their blogs and commenting on their posts. And they did the same with mine too.

Then enter Facebook.... (I don't do any Instagram, Tweeter etc as I see no point in having more social accounts.) Snapping a picture and updating it online is SO easy with my mobile phone. Updating a status anytime, anywhere and anyhow is a breeze, with some clicks on the digital keyboard.

I was enthralled, like the millions of people all over the planet.

Facebook is king. Everybody must have an account. Everybody must be connected there. There is no escape.

Once upon a time I believed that e-mail @ the internet killed snail mail. I had some penpals all over the globe and we wrote religiously to each other MONTHLY. As the age of the internet peaked in the late 90s, I found it was tedious to write long, descriptive pages. This sentiments must be shared by my penpals as we all drifted from each other.... and I have none left.

All this for the sake of progress (?)

Now I think I should start blogging all over again. (Yes yes I know some of you have heard this before). I will try to limit my time on Facebook, and give blogging a go once again.

May the Force be with me. Yay!


Shammickite said...

Facebook is a curse and a timewaster! Blogging is much more an intelligent method of communication IMHO!

Ramzu Zahini said...

Timewaster.... That's very true indeed. I wasted much time waiting for people to like or comment.

Casey Freeland said...

I'm game! Post away my friend. :)


Ramzu Zahini said...

Mr Freeland :)

Long time no siege :)

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