Discipline and A Hair Cut

Being a discipline teacher means you must be extra vigilant and more fierce than the rest of the teachers. Who ever heard of a KIND and LOVING discipline teacher? I strongly believe discipline and academic success go side by side. A trained mind can achieve almost anything it focuses on.

Before this, I taught at a regular secondary school some 20 km away from my house. There, the students came from all walks of life and the near distance of the school to town made many students rowdier than most. It was quite hard to uphold the law when lawlessness was an easier and more fun. 
(Un)fortunately I was born evil. And my deepest desire is always to dominate, to control people, making they obey and accept their station. You can call me ultra bossy. But the thing is... I don't like being the boss, I just like to control people.
And that made me a VERY good discipline teacher. I enjoy the mind games with these convicts, I mean students. I use negative reinforcement strategy to cause fear, and psychology is so much fun! 

Yes, that may sound disturbing for parents. But nobody ever said teaching and working with people is easy. I came from a boarding school with iron rules. I obeyed them and I acknowledged its results. Spare the rod, and we shall expect you to have a spawn of hell soon (in many cases I witnessed). Cancer must be nipped at its bud etc etc.

Anyway, I single-handedly reduced the number of discipline cases by more than half when I was there, even though I was not even a discipline teacher  (the actual discipline teacher was an attention seeking woman who held the position just because of the title).

So here I am now, after more than a year in a better school (the crime rate was so low, I was a bit bored because of no challenge). These photos was taken yesterday during an inspection of the students hair. There were about 20 students with hair a bit longer than the approved length and I snipped their hair with a pair of scissors.
The woman next to me is the school counselor and we do have a lot of talk regarding how to improve the overall discipline of the students.  
If you ask if a bit of hair is enough? You haven't seen what I did to the extremely long ones, I actually shaved parts of their head only! A school is a place to study, if they wanna do high fashion they can join any modelling agency.

p.s. - I was brutal, even to a discipline teacher standard. But many teachers are still surprised that students flocked around me during free time. Maybe the love oozed through? I can only assume they are attracted to the fascination which is me :P


Debra She Who Seeks said...

A much different philosophy of schooling than here in Canada!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Yes, like Debra said, definitely a MUCH different philosophy of schooling than here in Canada! You'd scare the heck out of the kids here...and the adults, too :)

Abby said...

This was a fun post to read! I "almost" became a secondary school teacher, but the licensing program I was in was so terrible... but that's another story. I might still do it eventually - through a different route. I definitely respect teachers who have good control over their students/classrooms.

My best and favorite teacher in high school was highly disciplined and expected the same from his students. I don't remember him ever cutting anyone's hair, however! HA!

Tomoko said...

I enjoyed to read your post, but your photo is much more interesting for me.Your photo is saying that you are a very kind and strict teacher, and your students like you.I like their smiles on their faces. A picture is a worth a thousand words.(*^_^*)!

Tee said...

I'll bet the students see it as a game. How long can they get away with breaking the rules before you catch up with them? I'll have to agree with the others here. Your discipline style is much different than in the U.S. Parents here would never allow a teacher to cut their child's hair, even if the child was breaking the rules. (Probably why we have such a high crime rate here. Kids so often don't have to be held accountable.)

Ramzu Zahini said...

Hello Debra;
Yes. Some might consider our discipline methods barbaric even. :)

Ramzu Zahini said...

Hello Martha;
I believe that in a working organization there should be a balance of nurture and destruction. I am the one they sent to prune the wayward bush, sometimes by nipping them in the bud.
And then I continue giving them love in class :)

Ramzu Zahini said...

Hello Abby;
I dont do physical abuse because I love it (sometimes I do, haha) Yet I always warned them not to do such things, as there will be consequences.
For example, if you wear your hair long, i'll cut it for you. But i wont cut it nice.
If parents are enraged with this, i will usually tell them to pack their children stuff and go to a better school. This will always end the discussion because they are none (better schools).

Ramzu Zahini said...

Hello Tomoko;
Yes, sometimes they do not know if i am either serious or joking. I am rather popular with the students, mainly because i am fascinating to watch and listen to.
To be a total draconian will turn them all away.

Ramzu Zahini said...

Hello Tee;
They may play, as I am also a playful teacher. But if i win, usually they pay a heavy price. Children must be held accountable at a certain age. I dont enjoy bullying innocents, and sometimes you cannot spare the rod.
In a few cases when parents blame the school for their son's wrongdoings, I played nasty too. "You dont want me to cut your son's hair. But you let him leave home for school with that unacceptable hair style. Who is the dumb person here?"
Everybody blames everyone else. But when the argument hits them right between the eyes, they will be silenced.
(Yes, i actually dumbed people down occassionally) :)

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