Of Lollipop and Domestic Violence

Last night my new best friend called and asked if I can accompany him to meet his friend who lives in the city. It seemed that his friend, a girl of younger age was hysterical over the phone, asking him to come and help her at home. As I got nothing better to do, I just tagged along.

During the drive, my friend told me that the girl is living together with her older boyfriend (he got a punitive jab at the ribs for associating with scandalous people). And that night she and her lover finally take their differences to the extreme - a real slug fest + wrestlemania. I didn't believe my friend's story, naturally.

So we arrived at the girl's house, and my friend's female friend was waiting for us outside. Both of them started to talk animatedly and I got bored like after 5 minutes of the conversation. So I walked to a nearby convenience shop and bought myself a chocolate bar and a huge colourful lollipop. I walked back to join my friend and this stricken girl, with the huge lollipop literally in my mouth (with the stick sticking outside :) ).

Yes, I PURPOSELY did this childish thing. I like to annoy people randomly. (And that happen to be my very first lollipop this year).

Anyway, the violence between the lovers was valid indeed. When I idly asked her if she had any mark from the fight, she showed her arms and neck, which were bruised and decorated with nail marks too! (Which we didn't notice at first in the gloom).

My friend, the nicer half of us asked the girl to have patience if she still loves her man. Me, the evil half, advised her to go to a clinic and get a medical report, for future use (court, death, police etc). She thought I was making a joke, with the candy stick in my mouth.

I do not wish to dwell on this longer. Because I simply disapprove of unmarried couples living together, no matter how they love each other.

Oh, and we stopped by Pizza Hut on the way back. I just love pepperoni pizza!

The moral of the story; People can start bitchin' around, but some people just don't really care and eat candy instead.


Spencer L Casey said...

Okay, your friend is an idiot for encouraging this woman to stay with someone who physically abuses her. And you are not evil, you are the good one for advising her to go to a clinic. Her next stop should have been the police.

What the hell?!

Shadowthorne said...

SLC; The girl is obviously still in love with his bully of a boyfriend. They are still living together.

I told my friend if ever one or both of them died in a conflict - stay out of it.

TechnoBabe said...

That is not a healthy love and the girl some day will come to realize that she is worth more than that and will not let anyone abuse her. Until she either gets help or comes to terms with her abuse on her own, she is in danger.

Shadowthorne said...

TechnoBabe; Truthfully, I sensed that both girl and guy were not really loyal to each other. But the girl was willing to take the beating because she said she still love him.

Oh well. Not my problem anyway.

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