The Hatchet Inside Your Head

I wish to bury
this heavy hatchet inside your pretty head
because of the lies
you've thrown my way

When your head cleaves
blood spurts merrily a fountain
I'll remember the many times you fail to reply
the messages I sent to you

In those dead eyes
empty of your petty emotion
you'd wonder why you want to play
with the fiery elemental that is me

I'd spit onto your prone body
if I can
but then.... FINALLY you replied a message, telling me what I wanna hear
Stupid bitch! This is our LAST business deal together.
Or the hatchet will find its target for real.
(prose is dully stopped when the sms arrived, sorry guys)

p.s. - In a very dark mood because a transaction deal turns sour. Among the reason why I cannot do well in business. It's the mafia boss in me, very impatient. And have zero tolerance for swindling people.


Tenchi said...

what deal was it?

Aizan Suhaira said...

Oh come on. The poor guy may have run out of prepaid credit!

Shadowthorne said...

Tenchi; One of my many dark deals... Oh you know what it is!

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; 1st, the guy is a SHE. And 2nd, she uses post paid.

Vyazz said...

Awwwww..someone's upset.....
nice to get back to ur blog again.....missed reading it....done with one of my exams 4 now :)

Shadowthorne said...

Vyazz; My man!!! I thought you were done blogging.

TechnoBabe said...

Good writing here in this post. Even if you are in a bad mood, you have talent.

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