Sometimes Love Is Not Enough

What's wrong with you
walking further away
ain't my love, deeper than the sea
is more than enough?

Is that it? Too hard to breathe?
Ain't it you who said you'll never leave me?
Come hell or high water.

Confused. Angry.
Why must we end this.
Though I try hard to keep us strong
You always destroy everything.

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day
a broken heart hurts so bad
but I am wishing myself now
All the best without you.

Good bye, my Bu.


Anonymous said...

people come and go, only a few will stay...really a few.

TechnoBabe said...

Sometimes it hurts but you can't make someone be with you. Wouldn't want to anyway. You can have a Happy Valentines Day and not just one day a year.

et said...

Broken hearts and occasional smiles
Life's like that.. get on with it..

Let's celebrate though! V day is 4 ALL!!

Spencer L Casey said...

"Wishing myself now, All the best without you."

Awesome line. Get drunk for V-day.



Rock Chef said...

"Though I try hard to keep us strong
You always destroy everything."

Better to call it a day. A good relationship should not be a struggle.

Aizan Suhaira said...

I hope the right one for you will come along soon. *hugs*

Chriss said...

Awww sad :-(

Anonymous said...

love u always...

Shadowthorne said...

Thanks guys :)

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