I Used To Look Up To Matured People...

Earlier this morning, as I drove along a rather narrow stretch of road, in a part of rural area, Mr Accident suddenly decided to come knocking again. He came in the form of a senior citizen behind the wheel of an old red salon.

I moved my car to the left, with a few inches of my tires from the storm drain, waiting for the red car to pass. But it didn't.... Oh ok, this might be a lady, who is not sure about her driving skills... I thought.
So graciously, I reversed my Kia back, some 30 metres away to the front gate of a house. The road was wider and I hoped the red car's driver will have more confidence to manoeuvre there.

There was smoke raising from the engine of the red car. I heard gears clashing and the car moved forward and backward in front of me. Not wanting to be late to school, I raised my right hand out of the driver's window, beckoning the opposite driver to drive past - because the road was SIGNIFICANTLY wider and safer now. But what happened  next etched this day into my 'Special Day To Remember 2011' memory.

The red car lurched to the front and hit my right front bumper!!!!!!!

Did I scream? Cussed the dark morning blue with my colourful words? Went out of the car with a meat cleaver?

No, I didn't. Actually I am a veteran of many car accidents.... People hit ME on the road, not the OTHER way around. Seriously, my Kia was quite an accident magnet, and she still rolls on. FYI (1 van, 2 motorcycles, and now 2 cars). Before you people pointed out that I might be a dangerous driver.... happily you are wrong. I drive VERY defensively, even some people who knew me was surprised at this!

So (back to the story), I closed my eyes and sighed. The red car reversed and at last it managed to move next to me. But another surprise. Yippy ka yay.

The driver rolled down the window (oh, he's an old man, with very white hair), and as I expected him to apologize.... the guy suddenly cussed and cursed me for being an arrogant ba*****. He said I should know to give him more way. He said he lived around there, and he has more right. He said I am an arrogant bas**** (again). He said I was a terrible person and so on.

I heard these all with utter disbelief. And he berated me for more than 2 minutes (I checked my watch) and now four cars were queuing behind his red car, waiting. 

You wanna know why I waited for more than 2 minutes listening to his tirade? I wanted to see how silly people can be, and my late father once told me; No matter how an older person is wrong, DO NOT retaliate back just yet, wait for your chance. If it was a younger guy, I'd stepped out of my car and punched him in the face.

And I had to yell to stop him cursing, telling him that people have to go to work and have a nice day. I drove past (remembering his license plate MAA 9402) and I had no problem with the cars behind him, where the road was narrower. This speaks VOLUMES!

Reached school 10 minutes later than usual, and checked my front bumper for damage. As I predicted, only scratches.... (you should see the damage done to the car which hit my Kia hard at the back last year, it was a total wreck, and my car had a dented back bumper only. Korean cars rock!)

I told a few colleagues about this incident, not for pity, but just releasing steam because I couldn't believe an older person was capable of doing such act. More mature, and you should be wiser. Oh, anyway, the guy who hit my car from the back WAS ALSO an older guy!

Now tell me what you think.

- I returned very late from school this evening... as I drove VERY slowly along that narrow stretch, I looked up for the red car at the several homes along the way. What you expect me to do? Yes, Daddy told me to take my time, right?
But the car wasn't there. The senile guy might live deeper from the road... 
Nevermind, I have your plate number  :P 


Rock Chef said...

OK, older people deserve respect - UNTIL they act in a way that takes away that right! This guy crossed the line, IMO. Hope you find a way of sorting him out!

James said...

Hey, good to see you again! We have a Kia (Rio), too, and we love it. We forget sometimes how much we love it because we hardly ever drive it, maybe 30 miles a month, but when we do we totally love it! But it's red, hope you don't mind.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Rock Chef;The next time I encounter him, I'd turn around and follow him home. He might need help.... (insert Psycho theme here)
Mwa ha ha ha ha!

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

James; Gosh, and I have a grey Kia Rio! (the older, bigger, heavier version) This is built like a tank.
You should see its battle scars, ha ha ha.

Casey Freeland said...

Couple of ignorant westerner questions:

1) You don't have car insurance where you live?

2) What kind of car is a salon?

Glad to have you back!



Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...


1) We do have car insurance here. But all those people who hit me only left grazing marks on my car (except a palm sized dent - the motorbike flew OVER my front hood). All minor dents (although it would be colossal to lesser cars). So I would not be able to claim for damage. And yes... I am also too lazy to claim from those drivers too (as they have no money or too arrogant to pay - I had 2 police reports for these men)

2) My mistake, a typo - saloon. Or a sedan :)

Thanks, keep on asking dude!

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