Post Midnight Musings....

It's 12.26 am in a hot and balmy night.
A tea candle burning in an IKEA glass thingy next to me.... just because I enjoy the flame.
Why I was absent for 4 months?
Was it the infamous writer's block? Swallowed by the dastardly Void? Or just plain lazy?
I don't know, but I gave a reason like 'bad internet connection' to some friends / people.
Which is COMPLETELY true.

I did a lot of interesting things these past few months....
Might talk about it here, if people are still interested. If not? Ah, that's so metaphysical.

Am now watching several guppies swimming in a Japanese-made aquarium (small, yet very functional).
Love guppies, as they are so interesting to watch - colours and dynamics.
My love set this up for me this afternoon. :)

I am bored....
I'll wake my ferrets up to accompany me for a while.
By poking at their tummies, really.
They sleep like logs.
Oh, and I have another ferret, a female.
Will post their pic soon. :)

I might be back soon enough.

Wait for it.


Casey Freeland said...

Dude! (From California)
Nice to hear from you. But this wasn't exactly a blog post. It was more like a prelude to a blog post. Come on man, dig back in. I understand the need to take a break, for whatever reason, but really time is up.
Anyway, glad you're back... ish.


Grayquill said...

I am glad your back - watching Guppies? Hmmm...I can't picture in my minds eye a guppy image at the moment. Gee is this a bad sign?
It was good to semm M.A.M.B.A.N.G. back into the current zone.

Rock Chef said...

Good to see you back here!

Hope you share the interesting stuff you have been up to - and a photo of the new ferret!

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Hello you guys! (which is apparently true, as you all are males after all)
Thanks for the welcoming words.
Am thinking of something to type now....

TechnoBabe said...

You have matured just since I started reading your blog. Now that you are writing posts again, I am ready to hear every detail of what has been going on in your life lately. Break it down into several posts if there is so much to write. How is your mom? What got you started writing in you blog again? Did I tell you we have a Kia too? Great little car. Do you still have a housemate? How is that working?

Tenchi said...

Welcome back online brother!~

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