The School Was Burgled Last Night!! (yet again)

For the 3rd time this year, our school was 'raped' by some irresponsible individuals, which I believed to be some long gone ex-students of ours. I believe this to be so because the thieves knew which rooms to hit for maximum loot - mainly the school office, the staffroom and the coop. Let the pictures do the talking. 

 The door to the office. The aluminium panel pried and the door was open in force.
The steel grill of the office. The padlock was cut with a heavy duty metal cutter. See how enterprising 
our ex students can be?

The desk of a teacher in the staffroom. Those boys really sacked her place to look for spare change.

Desk of another teacher.... Those dastardly ingrates. This teacher was recently posted here a couple of months ago.

The desk next to me, a lady friend lost a laptop computer and some money she was saving for some students. The computer was placed inside a lock drawer under her desk and as you see, it was wide open (drawer now on the floor, far from the desk).

And last but not least, yours truly own desk. Nope, its supposed to look like that - messy. What irked me the most was, the thieves stole my Flash Scrabble set!!! I have cursed violently inside the entire day, hoping their legs to explode and their spawns born unbelievably dense. 

Now you see what a little education can do for some people. Sorry, I am still sulking over my lost toy :(


Rock Chef said...

I hate it when schools get turned over like this - one of the most pointless crimes imaginable, IMO!

Casey Freeland said...

Just awful. Very sorry about your school and your toy. Not necessarily ex-students though. Could be they just went where they logically thought they'd find something worth selling. Maybe. :)



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