The Last Week of School

School makes me forgot to blog. I SWEAR!

I am swamped with paperwork (which I despise), marking (ditto) and general yelling at the kids as many teachers are absent for various reasons.

The admins purposely put me and another female teacher on duty this week, this very last week of school this year. Why? As the Malay proverb would describe us as "chained tigers", very very fierce individuals. (I actually like to be labelled as thus). Together we deter chaos in school by being extremely bossy and general unpleasantness.

I am busy, will do much more later. See you all soon.


Abby said...

I was just wondering where you were!
Sorry about all the paperwork and marking, but at least you have the general unpleasantness to make up for up. Enjoy the last week and the rest after!

Ramzu Zahini said...

Hello Abby;
Thanks for visiting. I am busy yet I still find time to laze around and play... Like I always mentioned, I don't have high ambitions and want to stick being a teacher for the rest of my life. Hahaha!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

You surfaced! Well, at least we know you're okay :) Visit when you can. Post when you can. We'll drop in whenever you come up for air.

Ramzu Zahini said...

Hello Martha.
The thing is I am busy, yet I still have lots of time to play around and not blog about it. I try not to make it into an art form I promise.

LL Cool Joe said...

I never met a teacher who isn't extremely bossy. :O

Ramzu Zahini said...

Ah, you haven't met them all I see.
There are a few meek people who ended up being teachers. They would have a world of trouble trying to control students.

Tomoko said...

I can easily imagine how busy you are! Take care yourself.
My sons say busy and busy, and thatmakes me so worry about their health.Have a good day.

Ramzu Zahini said...


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