What I Have Been Doing October 2016

It has been some time and I was quite busy leading my life as a teacher. We are approaching the end of the year, hence school holiday is looming not far away. So everything must be documented, filed, frowned upon, shaken all about, maybe with some panicky screaming and sometimes a few sobs.
My students had finished sitting for their final exam and I must admit, on behalf of all the teachers on this planet or beyond, dead or alive, this century and before that...
This is my lab, which was fortunately devoid of students. So I can take naps and maybe play some online game with my new phone (oh yes I can. No more class as everybody has finished their final exam). Observe the pristine white tables (benches?). I had them all wipe, scrub and polish the entirety of the lab when I found out there were some writing on my table surface two weeks ago. I hate vandals. They should be kicked ceremoniously by the whole community as a warning to all. 

My table in the staffroom yet again... I only sit here for the air-conditioning, or when the rest of the teachers mumbled about how antisocial I was, staying quietly inside the lab. For the record, I don't consider myself to be socially inapt, I just treasure my alone time a lot more.
So much paper to mark... (they are not on my table still). 

My nightlife nowadays consist of playing games, watching tv or go outside for dinner / supper. Heck, when I was way younger I did go to the disco or any other inappropriate establishments. But I had decided that such places had no hold over me, and remember, I like to be alone by myself.
The restaurant above is near my house and we call it the 'purple' shop. The place has blue and purple lighting and chairs. The waiters, I admit to be a bit dumb (hey, I am a teacher. So when I acknowledge someone to be dumb, he is!) but the food was ok,
(My housemate was the one who labelled the waiter as an idiot when he forgot our order twice.)  

And this other restaurant is the one I frequented when I am on warden duty at school. The place is rather huge but not crowded, which I like. All the time I would bring a few of my students to have very late supper with me here (1100 pm upwards). Oh, and as you see in the photo, it is a seafood restaurant. But I refrain from ordering the seafood items because they are costly and maybe not even fresh (this place is far from the sea).
Do you have a favourite restaurant?  

And the picture above is of a typical Malay wedding community dining. Huge tents (or for those who can afford , huge banquet halls) are filled with people for a free meal, celebrating the wedding. Food nowadays are served buffet-style, for the great convenient of the host (less dishes to wash) and guests (no need to wait to be served). But I do remember when I was younger when people serve your meals at the table while attending a wedding ceremony. Good old days...
 Oh, and the wedding above was of my Vice Principal of Students Affair's son.
You can say most of the adults you see in the picture are all teachers or related to the call.

This is the other part of the wedding ceremony in the hall. The bride and bridegroom were on the stage, but surrounded by wellwishers and family members. Usually the tables near to the stage are special because they cater to the close family members of both party.
So non relations like me and sundry just keep to ourselves at the tents...
(MY own wedding was way bigger than this :P) 

I was in the city for two days, attending a science course for teachers. So during my break time, I wander around in my car killing time, and not people, mind you.
This is BSN, Bank Simpanan Nasional (or National Savings Bank). I snapped this pic after extracting my pay from its ATM. Several years ago this was the National Bank of Malaysia, Melaka branch, so the building was understandingly huge.
  The National Bank withdrew its business and BSN took over. This building is actually in the middle of the city centre. But hey! Where are the skyscrapers?!
We only have a few, so they do not matter much.

As Halloween is upon us already, how about a bit of spookiness?
Yep, above is an ancient Chinese tomb. They were a few of these tombs next to the General Hospital and I chose this one because it was in a open space for lighting.
[My Chinese friend told me that it was quite unacceptable to take photographs of cemeteries and my reply was thus.... This cemetery is exactly next to a VERY busy street. People can shout, scold, scream or even shoot at me if they want. But they didn't. And I believe the ghosts would feel pretty proud that someone is showing interest in their grave site.
My friend laughed at this]. 

Two stone lions...
There is a stone with a wad of paper above this gravestone. 
I am wise enough to let them alone.
(Have watched enough horror films about touching stuff you are not supposed to...
And some people said you never learn anything from horror flicks...).

They are two stone elephants. So I took a picture of one.

Another stone lion. Bigger. 
The old Chinese style depicted this lion to be roaring, but as you can see, it was almost like the thing is smiling. I don't find this creepy though. Even looks like a friendly puppy.
Only those with great riches and power put statues of noble animals at their grave.
(That's why I believe these graves were untouched, even by the city council). 

And here is Melaka Sentral.... my state central hub of public transportation, bus and taxis. This building have two wings, like an airport, one for domestic and the other for out of state travel.
I have stopped travelling on buses since I got my own car.
This palce is great for people watching though.

And last and not least. I bought a Zippo lighter today! 
For what you say?
I am not a frequent smoker, in fact I rarely smoke. But I can smoke like a locomotive if I want to, preferably if someone else is paying for it.
I just love metal stuffs, and this one is burnished copper, but not too shiny as I would be unhappy if it is scratched. Oh and did I ever told you good people I like to play with fire?
Mwahahahahahaha! I do like to see things burn :P
(Ok, enough of the pyromaniac confession).


LL Cool Joe said...

Your lab looks immaculate.

I love the lighter although I've never smoked, well for 2 weeks when I was at uni but I never inhaled so it doesn't count.

Ramzu Zahini said...

You don't smoke? Well good for you :)
This is the most expensive lighter I ever got, and I may wanna learn how to refill it soon.
Why two weeks?

Tenchi Loh said...

I hope that Chinese friend of yours is not me? I had my favourite restaurant as well...not crowded, food serve fast...but the food is so so only...I hate waiting...

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

HAHAHA! Yes, we do learn a lot from horror films :)

I like when you share photos from places you visit. It's fun to get tours like that.

What a job to mark all those papers! Did you finish? How did your students do?

ShadowRun300 said...

I agree. Marking papers is the worst part of teaching. And I also get wanting to have alone time. I am social for so many hours in the day, that I have to lock myself away for my own sanity. My family should thank me for it. :)

Abby said...

I love your pristine lab after cracking down on the vandals!
Grading papers was by far my least favorite part of teaching.
Zippos are the champions of lighters, just spare your lungs. After this post, I want to eat Malaysian food!

Ramzu Zahini said...

Hah, it is you la.
We did talk about it on FB.
You love your food walk very much. I dont.

Ramzu Zahini said...

Truth be told, I only marked 10 out of 88 papers. And they dont look good.
I was disappointed but heck, thats life. You ask them to read, they promise they will and then they dont.
Live and let live

Ramzu Zahini said...

Being alone makes me think about stuff like how I can do things my way. You can do what you want without being judged alone.
I have lots of alone time. But I am not lonely.

Ramzu Zahini said...

Malaysian food is the new trend in the US and UK.
Our dish are the amalgamation of Chinese, Indian and Malay cooking, fusion at its best.
Heck, throw in Thai and it is the taste of Asia (Thailand is right north of the country)
My German friend loved the curry so much he bought tinned stuff from the grocery.
But he cooks them properly nowaday, good for him.

Tomoko said...

First of all I say,those photos are beautiful! It is interesting to see the wedding ceremony in the hall. You must have been busy making papers.Your Zippo lighter is cool, and glad to hear that you rarely smoke. I hope the lighter is just a fashion item for you. Smoking, there won't any to be good. Have a good day.

Tenchi Loh said...

If next time I come across some nice shinning liao or qilin I snap for you to see. My wife love to enjoy good food...so must join along or find new food for her to try...I can survive with the same food for almost 3 years during our university time at an uncle selling economic rice at pekeliling there...food ia the source to keep me alive n kicking only....

Ramzu Zahini said...

I am indeed busy marking papers. In fact I am the teacher with the most amount of papers to mark in this state.
Its not good to be good, people just give you more work.

Ramzu Zahini said...

Same here. I ate the same food in uni for 3 years. At the campus and the kamsis cafe.
Not bored of mi goreng, sambal paru and milo ais.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love those stone lions and the stone elephant. I hope you have had a great weekend, sir.

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