The Angriest Day Of My Life (2009)

Anger is a daily emotion occurrence for me. Sometimes I could be constantly angry at things / people, busy plotting evil schemes for revenge, and I'd be blind to the big picture. It's petty, but I think I like to be angry. It drives me (maybe sometimes crazily).

Anyway, last night I was angry enough to commit murder or arson (maybe both). The previous entry poem stated that I was angry with a particular girl (NOT my significant other) and surprise, surprise, it's the same b**ch that stoked my inner fire AGAIN.

You see, she owed me some money and was REALLY REALLY tardy about paying back.

When someone wants to borrow money from you; he'd badgered you, sometimes stuck at you like a limpet to be close. He'd whine, wanting you to pity him, and of course always be in contact (via phone or email) asking when he can expect the help. This is the usual modus operandi and I was barraged such by this ex-girlfriend of mine.

And as a generous sucker, I gave her 70% of the amount she wanted, hoping she'll go away.

And that's what she did.

And when the time arrived for her to pay (two weeks ago), she made herself scarce. She never answered my calls or replied my messages. Every failed attempts to contact her made me angrier than ever. I just HATE people who lied to me.

And then yesterday evening, the BITCH suddenly called and asked me to come to town and get my money. I asked a friend to accompany me (who knows she'd sent hit-men to take care of me, this is a dangerous world after all) and I arrived on the designated place on time.

The girl wasn't there, and I waited half an hour, but she never showed up!

I called her handphone and NATURALLY I was introduced to her voice message. You can imagine my gargantuan anger for being played yet again.


I felt like driving to her house and slaughter her and her entire family with the hooked knife I have in my dashboard. My friend expressed his horror and asked me to just forget the whole thing and drive back home. He's asking me to just let go of the money.

That's what friends are for. To stop you from doing things you'd extremely regret later.

So I left a message in both her voicemail and sms. "I'd gut you like a fish if I ever see your face ever again. Your words are worth shit and you will die screaming, if you continue doing this to the wrong people. You are mud under my feet. Rot in hell."

After that, I do feel better. Cursing people is a special branch of talent for teachers who embraced the Dark Side of the Force.


Aizan Suhaira said...

Well they did say that when you lend someone money, never expect it back.

But then again, I have borrowed money before, and I have always repaid the required amount.

Anyway, that bitch of yours should have been honest and told you that she can't repay you the money, not just yet.

You being you, most probably you might still erupt, but perhaps not to the extent you are now.

Vyazz said...

Man I just hate it when ppl ditch u like that!!....I am used to lending money back in the hostel, but only to those in my close friend circle....and frankly have not been disappointed by them so far!!

TechnoBabe said...

Instead of putting yourself into the position of a lender of money, I think you need to be true to yourself first, and if that means telling EVERY person asking for money NO, then that is what you do. Or else have a contract drawn up.

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; I met the bitch yesterday with a couple of my cronies tagging along... she still cannot pay and she lost a lot more apparently.

Shadowthorne said...

Vyazz; Sometimes the bank also lends to the wrong people bro. I am human after all.

Shadowthorne said...

TechnoBabe; I did say no. But the bitch has no one to turn to (maybe because she is friendless).

It's not really about the money, it's the principle. Today $2.50, tomorrow $250.00 and maybe she'll swindle $ 2 500 000.00 next week.

I took care of her anyway. :)

Ampivia Woods said...

"I'd gut you like a fish if I ever see your face ever again. Your words are worth shit and you will die screaming, if you continue doing this to the wrong people. You are mud under my feet. Rot in hell."

Thats a good one.
I LIKE THAT.A lot~ :)

maximus alexius said...

let say that things is bitch...thats all

Shadowthorne said...

Ampivia; Why thank you Miss Woods.

Shadowthorne said...

Maximus; Bitchy, yes.

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