I Love You Ex-Granny In Law.

For those who know me and followed my blog, you should know already that I divorced my wife at the end of July, this year. I never met her since, but hell, this entry is not about that poisonous bitch.

Her grandmother, my mother-in-law's mother passed away yesterday... She was such a sweet old woman, one of the nicest I ever encountered. The first time I met her, she hugged and wished me to be one of the family forever. And I was genuinely happy to be accepted by the matriarch of the family.

The dear old lady was talkative and supportive. She laughed at my jokes, and always happy to see me around. It pained me greatly not to be able to attend her funeral, nor visit her when she was still alive after the divorce.

I knew she was heartbroken when knowing about the divorce. (I hope the slut of a girl who was once my wife got what she deserves).

I've shed some tears for you, and I hope you are in a better place. You will always be my favourite elder lady... Semoga aman Nenek di sana.


maximus alexius said...

hey there.dont be so upset.may Allah bless her.semoga roh nya tenang bersama yang beriman.

Radio Nowhere said...

Sorry for your loss, and that you didn't get to go to the funeral. That makes things just a tad harder, I would imagine.

Shadowthorne said...

maximus; I am upset because I was not able to be with her, for various reasons.

Shadowthorne said...

Radio N; I am not able to go to the funeral because I would not like to face her various relatives. Because of her grandchild, the rift between us is now huge.

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