Belated Birthday Party and Cold Cold Heart

We celebrated my birthday at Nani's house this afternoon. I arrived quite late and we started a fry-up; chicken nuggets, mini sausages and french fries. My cousin Pozi arrived later, bringing a large dish of baked curry-flavoured macaroni and some caramel cakes. He's VERY GOOD in cooking.

Aizan, a fellow blogger, bought a chocolate-cheese birthday cake for me. Well, this is the third birthday cake I got this week... well, I hope they keep on giving more :) I didn't wish for anything when cutting the cake because most of my wishes are rather private.

Anyway, the food was GOOD and the company was FUN too. We talked, we laughed, making vicious jabs at each other, stuff ourselves silly and there are a lot of leftovers. Nani and Aizan were joking when they said they want to bring the nuggets and fries while watching a movie later this evening. I thought the idea was fantastic anyway. Wish I got a larger handbag :)

Anyway, 4 hours later, as I was driving towards my aunt's house, I got into an accident. A motorbike hit the front right side of my car as I was turning right. Obviously the rider was too fast or didn't see my car's signal blinkers. He literally flew over the front hood, his motorbike made 2 somersaults before crashing by the road side.

Inhumanely, I was calm, only a bit irritated by this. I knew it was not my fault the stupid bugger hit me. I parked my car by the roadside, exited it, and calmly walked to the prone body by the roadside. I took him by the hand, and hauled him into a sitting position;

"Are you ok?"

The boy was still dizzy and fell on his back again. I shrugged and collected his stuff, which fell all over the place. Meanwhile, a car stopped and two Indian guys went to inspect the motorcycle (which was so weird, why they didn't even look at the boy first?) After stuffing the items into his bike basket, I talked to the boy again.

"Are you ok?" He said yes.

"Where do you live? Where are you from?" He is from Rembia (5 minutes away from my home) and just arrived from the capital city.

"Do you want me to call your parents?" No, he will call his mother himself. His father had passed away. And he is sorry because of the accident. But I can call the police if I want.

Apparently he realized it was indeed HIS fault.   

I just waved it all away and told the boy that I have things to attend to. Good luck and be careful next time. The size of the dent on my Kia is about a palm length. If it was a lesser car, the damage would be worse (viva Korean manufacturing quality!) Oh well. I left the crime scene.

I didn't feel bad for the boy. Emotionless. Just making sure he lives so I don't have to make a police report. How would you react?


Aizan Suhaira said...

We weren't joking.

And yeah, if I was in your situation, I'd check and see if the boy is OK. If he's just a little dazed and bruised and it is obviously his fault, then I'd just drive off too after it was made known that everything's ok.

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; So you DID it? Wow!! Let's do a lot worse next time. Bring on the nasi lemak!! :)

et said...

AWWW so it was your b'day that i missed! aww aww! sho shorry abt that!

B'lated B'day wishes shadow!! :)
And the cake looks awesome. I run in scarcity of good food. Wish i could be there! :|

Shadowthorne said...

et; You lazy alien you.

TechnoBabe said...

I have a Kia too, this is my second Kia. You did a nice thing asking him the right questions. He must have been okay. I want to know how to make the baked curry macaroni.

Shadowthorne said...

TechnoBabe; As a teacher I should make him realize that he was in the wrong, so he shouldn't create trouble later for me.

I have no idea how to make baked curry macaroni. I'll ask my cousin and put the recipe here soon. :)

Rock Chef said...

I see so many idiots in cars and on bikes doing stupid speeds that when I see a crash my normal reaction is that I am glad the asshole didn't hit me, and that if he survives, (I don't really care one way or the other) that he learns to drive better in the future!

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