My Very Own Carpet Sharks :)

Look at my pair of ferrets. Be jealous / happy / disgusted / warm-inside / bewildered (chose your appropriate feeling, depending on your disposition).

The ferret on the left is Disco. And the smaller, yet older ferret is Kaos. Kaos is almost a year old, and Disco is younger by three months. Disco is a lot bigger because he's a glutton!

Both are males and neutered. I prefer my ferrets huge. Females (also called jills or sprites) are so small, yet cute. But I love bigger ferrets (males) as their bulky bodies make them look like cats.

Major chick (and kiddies) magnets :)


Radio Nowhere said...

Ferrets eat Kiddies, don't they? :->

Shadowthorne said...

Radio N; Oh wow! They eat kids from where you come from?! :)

Mine only live on kibbles.

Radio Nowhere said...

All sorts of things eat kids around here. Kids are good if you cook them right.

(I'm talkin' about goats...)

Shadowthorne said...

Radio; They were fed mutton when very young by the couple who rear ferrets. But too expensive for me.

So quality cat kibbles is the best alternative.

I give them meat once in a while.

Aizan Suhaira said...

None of the above. The right word is amusing. The owner, not the ferrets.

Oh well, maybe you find the act of me spending so much money on shoes amusing too.

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; I feel you. My younger sister moved in with us recently, and I cannot believe the many pairs of shoes she had!

TechnoBabe said...

Chick magnet, you say. How do you get the chicks to see the ferrets? These two are pretty cute I have to admit.

Shadowthorne said...

TechnoBabe; Chicks = Girls. Sometimes I bring one of the ferrets to an outing. When people see him, they'd come.

Most of them are girls and children. :)

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