Simple Mutton Soup

400-500 g of diced mutton / lamb
red onion and garlic (as much as you like) - thinly cut
a few celery stalks 
4-5 dried mushrooms
white pepper
oyster sauce
corn flour
1-2 tablespoon of oil

1.  Pour the oil into the pot and saute the onions and garlic till golden brown
2.  Immediately, put the diced mutton into the pot and keep on stirring to caramelize the meat.
3.  Pour in water (or even better, chicken or mutton stock), as much as you want, but I prefer to have the level just slightly above the mutton chunks.
4.  Put the mushrooms, oyster sauce, pepper and a bit of corn starch. And leave it to simmer (oh I don't know how long, it is really up to you).
5.  When you think it is almost done, put some salt for taste and the cut celery sticks into the pot. Stir everything about for a couple of minutes and serve. (I ALWAYS add a few dash of sweet soy sauce before eating)

Usually people eat soup with rice or whatever. I just enjoy the entire huge bowl of soup just like it is :)

p.s. - Had the mutton soup with a friend. And we finished the entire pot in one sitting :)


Rock Chef said...

Sounds great! I love oyster sauce, but my wie hates it :-(

I like soup served with couscous because it really soaks up the flavour. I often do a fish soup with couscous.

Aizan Suhaira said...

What... now you're a cooking blog?

Tenchi said...


Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Rock Chef; It must be weird to hear this, but couscous is not really popular this side of Asia, :)

But if you say its yummy, I'll give it a try soon. :)

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Aizan; Our friend has fallen, and that includes her food blog.... so I'll fill the gap for now.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Tenchi; Cook, Tuck Wai, cook!

TechnoBabe said...

You can come over here and cook any time. Thanks for the recipe.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

TechnoBabe; :)

Spencer L Casey said...


maximus alexius said...

why the pic aren't the same?
btw, the soup was delicious yummy!
thank u to chef ramzu! :)

brocasarea said...

looks good but am a veggie!!

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

SLC; Yummier with chopped children added. :)

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

maximus; Welcome :)

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

brocasarea; Unfortunately I love my meats so much. But I dig vegs too :)

The Dude said...

thanks buddy, will give it a whirl!

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

The Dude; :) Hope it wont get you poisoned!

Vyazz said...

Though I'm a veggie, non veggie recipes always delight to read through. Couldn't hurt to know rite??
Didn't know there was a chef stirring within you!!
PS: nice to return to ur blog!!! :)

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Vyazz; I do a lot of cooking, usually for myself. It's a calming and rewarding thing to do.

Miss you too ;)

SSQuo said...

I want!!!!

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

SSQuo; Get one!

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